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IC GvG instance

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IC GvG instance

Post#1 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:03 pm

So this might have been the first teaser of what Guild vs Guild instance fighting looks like, and oh boy am I hyped!

Granted this was a test, and played like a test. Both realms probably had bugs, pugs and mistakes were made. Some fights won by one side, and next clash going in the other realm's favor. Already saw some interesting tactics, strategical moves by the shotcallers, creative flanks and long clashes (while the pve mobs wander by lol)

But last by not least, I want to give a big wholehearted shoutout to Pain and Pleasure guild on Destro!
During stage 3 Order's 4 Champion players got ported out while the rest of the troops couldnt enter the Throneroom, PNP respectfully waited for the issue to be fixed and Thanks to Max he started manually porting players out, so we could brawl is out for a few rounds in stage3.

Thanks for the fights, the result doesnt really matter as we got some valueable feedback to help the Devs finish of Citysiege and hopfully get more clashes like this in the future!
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Re: IC GvG instance

Post#2 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 12:38 am

Those PnP guys really do have class. Had the pleasure of running with them this past Friday. Can’t tell you how many times we were told to stand down and watch 2v2s, 6v6s, and WBvWB fights. Every single member of the WB stopped and watched. Zero interference. Awesome to see!
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