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Propopsal for CIty Sieges

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Propopsal for CIty Sieges

Post#1 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:06 am

Hello there!

Here is a proposal for Destro and Order.

There are pairings open after a City Siege took place.
Why not start to do something like this? Whole main WB leaders to discuss before entering the zone and to see who si pushing what. since you need 2/3 to open a City, why not trade in zones?

Here is an example.

Order will push entire Empire Campaign. 1/3 zone locked
Destro will push entire Dwarf Campaign. 1/3 zone locked
Both will go in Elf and fight. Here will be decided who will go for attacking the City.

i Saw yesterday in Eataine. 300 people fighting for same zones while the other 2 were opened. No one was there. So this means that people do not want to switch zones. if they do not want to do that, why not agree for someone to push any of these without problem?

Maybe it will work, maybe will not. but for some time to let people relax a bit and not being swarmed by zergs.
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