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The Balance between the mirror class of WP & DOK

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The Balance between the mirror class of WP & DOK

Post#1 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 4:41 am

This is my post in balance discussion:


As we all know, DPS DOK did far away well as WP, cause the shield tree of DOK got 2 more dmg skills, the prayer, dual weapons, tactic of -healing%, AOE lifetap skill, RF/essence gaining skill and etc.

let see the last morale of grace and dok's, dok's 30ft, wp 10 ft.......wt an unfair!

However, if u say wp got more powerful in defensive build. it's not.... just a 80 wound buff, a hit to healing 300 prayer, mitigation of 150 and etc. It's not as powerful as a DPS play in DOK....

if u say wp should go to dps... as I mentioned, DPS WP is not as powerful as DPS DOK

So the path of WP should go for more defensive if we want to make a different characteristic between WP & DOK!

WP defensive play hasn't as much better than DOK when we compared the difference of DPS builds.......

MY suggestions:
I want wp can be more powerful in defensive play, otherwise, u should buff the dps build of WP.....

1. SIgma radiance and transfer essence go for stack with defensive status instead of dps, str.

2. the shield spec equipment/set should go for more powerful in defensive status (even ws and init), instead of str and dps, if we go for str and dps we can use warlord set already.

3. buff Grace tree of wp such as the sigma shield healing amount (150 consume 10 RF) is not effective.

4. buff Sigma's grace to add more wound or +armor or resist of grp (can be cover the potion).

The above suggestions are just a piece of advice.

The main point is buff the defensive play of WP!


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