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Twitch Drops: Rewards List

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Twitch Drops: Rewards List

Post#1 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:30 pm


The third Twitch Drops event is coming this weekend, starting from Friday noon till Monday noon, Altdorf time.

As I mentioned in previous posts, replies and chats, we're still testing the potential of drops; changing rewards, methods, streamers, etc. For this event, we're going to share the list of rewards prior to the event, so all of you could see what are the rewards, evaluate them and see if it's actually worth participating in. The rewards have a deadline of 7 days, claim them on time or lose them forever.

After this Twitch Drops event, we will pause such events until Christmas or New Year. A clearer roadmap will be available in the future and when the time comes, we'll surely announce the event again. But for now, you can check the Twitch Drops FAQ if you have questions and the Twitch Drops eligible streamers list in order to spot your favorite streamer.

We decreased the hours needed to get this type of rewards by 3 hours. We also placed the quests within the first few hours and made them competitive/interesting enough, as requested by many of you. There will be three quests, one for RvR, one for SC and one for PvE. All of the quests will have a deadline of 7 days, enough time to finish them and get their own enhanced rewards.
20 gold - 15 minutes.
Quest 1 - 1 hour.
30 Guild Scrolls - 2 hours.
Quest 2 - 3 hours.
Event slot item - 4 hours.
72h Renown pot - 5 hours.

We decreased the hours needed to get this type of rewards from the last and first event by 26 hours and 10 hours respectively. You can watch the same streamer for 14 hours, or you can give a chance to other streamers.
Quest 3 - 6 hours.
Appearance item - 8 hours.
Box of Liniments - 10 hours.
Permanent Pet - 12 hours.
Crate of mounts - 14 hours.


The feedback regarding handing out valuable rewards were split, some were saying that simply watching streamers shouldn't give rewards worth hundreds of gold while others were complaining that the event should give such rewards. Here comes the final test for us; we increased the value of all these rewards and added them under fair RNG. The fair RNG does not mean that you'll get the drop, it means that a fair percentage of all of you will get it. RNG rewards start rolling the moment you start watching. If you dislike RNG or consider it a waste of time, please do not feel obliged to keep on watching after the 14 hours reward, again you should have evaluated the rewards and made your own decision.

The personal RNG means that every 5 minutes, Twitch will make a roll for each of the current viewers. Each individual who wins a roll will be awarded the drop.
4 Armor Potions (660 armor) - Dropped up to 10 times.
20 Armor Potions (660 armor) - Dropped a single time.
Talisman Box (+24) - Dropped a single time.
Crate of valuable dyes - Dropped a single time.
Aviator Goggles (increased rate) - Dropped a single time.

The stream RNG means that every 5 minutes, Twitch will make a roll for all the current live channels. All viewers of the channel who wins a roll will be awarded the drop.
10 Gold - Dropped up to 10 times.
2 Guild Tokens - Dropped a single time.
4 Heal Pots (2748 heal) - Dropped up to 10 times.

Thank you for participating and good luck everyone!
For feedback, suggestions or cooperation with the project, please contact me:

Discord: GamesBond#2976 | Email: [email protected]

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