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New to the game, couple questions

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New to the game, couple questions

Post#1 » Sat Nov 05, 2022 7:13 am

So I played the game like for couple days earlier this year and didn't have the chance to really get in. Im starting it back again.

Most efficient way to level up is scenarios and world pvp or what is? Can you guys help me out?

How do I gear my char up while leveling?

Is there any guides to builds for classes or something like that?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: New to the game, couple questions

Post#2 » Sat Nov 05, 2022 10:32 am


All you have to do is participate in PVP. Either in scenarios or open world pvp. You are getting crests from doing that and allows you to buy stuff like armor sets and weapons with it. But there are also PVE sets. You can do e.g. public quests for pve tokens and also buy gear with it.

You shouldn't try to rush to 40. There are 3 tiers for scenarios and 2 tiers for open rvr:

lvl 1-15:
scenarios 1-15, open rvr 1-15

lvl 16-39:
scenarios 16-39, open rvr 16-40

lvl 40:
scenarios 40, open rvr 16-40

So if you are e.g. lvl 16-39 you are still in the midtier scenarios without lvl 40 people but you are already in the high tier for open rvr with all the people from 16-40. Once you hit 40 you gonna meet all the decked out lvl 40 players in scenarios - which can be frustrating as fresh 40 without gear. There is no need to rush to 40. Once you hit lvl 16 you can access most of the high tier orvr content except cities and land of the dead.

Take your time. Equip for your level as best as you can. The bolster system will increase your stats to have a fighting chance vs higher levels. The better your equip for the level is the better the bolster effect will be because it increases your stats by a percentage. Put talisman into your gear. Either buy them from auction house or craft them yourself.

I usually take my time in t1 until I hit lvl 16. Then do SCs to lvl 20-25 and then starting to do orvr.

It depends a bit on the class you play. For healers and ranged dps it is easier to play orvr without good gear. For tanks and melee dps it is harder.

Good luck :)

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Re: New to the game, couple questions

Post#3 » Sat Nov 05, 2022 12:52 pm

There are different ways, the most recommended way is to do RvR/SC from 1-40, but this is slow and will take awhile. But you earn crests for later gear and rank up your Renown Rank quickly.

The other way is to PvE grind to 40 in a few days. But you'll have no Renown Rank and the gear difference will be a lot worse. But it is quicker.

I'd recommend level via SC/PvE to 16 then do RvR/SC afterwards. Don't spend your crests. Save them for later gear. Do PvE public quests and dungeons for early gear as it also unlocks the equivalent next tier of RvR gear.
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Re: New to the game, couple questions

Post#4 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 1:47 am

I would check out wiggle's channel. She has a handful of guides built for new players.

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Re: New to the game, couple questions

Post#5 » Thu Nov 24, 2022 12:05 pm

welcome to RoR! Use /advice for ingame question - the server is nice

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