[choppa] GTDC choppas after rework

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[choppa] GTDC choppas after rework

Post#1 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 4:36 pm

After adding Furious Stompin' and increasing GTDC dmg at the same time, there is often a situation where a single sc destro has 4-7 choppas :).
The new skill is very beneficial and it gives the equivalent of SL ID. It does not require a target - this is its advantage over ID. 20 sec cd FS vs 5 sec cd ID is ID advantage.
I consider that the skils are balanced.
As a result of these changes choppa now has two mastery tree aoe dmg abilities vs one SL. SL has Shatter Limbs.
In my opinion, choppa now has two skiles that it can use simultaneously making too much aoe dmg in a short period of time still adding Bring It On.
Both skils don't require thinking (about giving away free immuns choppas haven't even thought about for a long time).
I think increasing GTDC dmg was not well thought out.

How to change the situation a bit?
1. let GTDC dmg remain as it is but remove the pull component.
2. Keep It Comin' tactics should be converted to - GTDC gets a random pull component (as it is now).

This would heal the situation a bit where choppas would have to sacrifice at least a slot on the tactic to do what they do now.

I would hate to see that soon on destro (my main site) 90% of the population dps were choppas, which is where it's headed.

I will add at the end that my main char is Choppa.
By the way it would be nice if the 2h spec came back.
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Re: [choppa] GTDC choppas after rework

Post#2 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 4:50 pm

I agree with Alubert and yes, my main is also choppa rr80+. Having a pull even random is too much if u include a speed boost ability gives. Let engies/maguses do a mass pulls. Maybe that will help them being included in the warband compositions.

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Re: [choppa] GTDC choppas after rework

Post#3 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 5:08 pm

Agreed please get rid of the pull from gtdc. How many scs have you seen a choppa use the speed boost to run into every order player and tag them with 1 hit to give them free immunity. It's like they can't help themselves. Getting rid of the pull would actually be a buff to destro!
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Re: [choppa] GTDC choppas after rework

Post#4 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 10:24 pm

Yes remove the pull, buff gtdc to be finally be an aoe channel ability. If you do that, slayer needs a second aoe channel aswell.

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Re: [choppa] GTDC choppas after rework

Post#5 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 11:44 pm

Choppas can stack 4 instances of AoE dmg at the same time with 3 GDCs, by himself.

Yer All Bledding Now + Stomping + Jagged Edge + Lotsa Chopping/GTDC/Bring It On.

Add in some minimal care for team comp, and you can get two procs (Sorc and DoK) on top of that, which will be triggered by two of those spells. Nerfing GTDC (or partially buffing it in small scale by just removing the pull component) will do little to change that.

Despite all that upfront dmg a Choppa can bring, I don't think the answer is in nerfing Choppa's dmg. The problem, imo, is how the whole current Destro setup is being managed that nullifies whatever downside having a bunch Choppas would have.

It would be fine if Choppa were a Big Dmg Big CD class (when compared to Mara, Sorcs, mSH that needs buffs to be a real class again, and WEs that should have a WB build again) while also not having a proper M2. But nowadays you can decrease the CD problem with For The Witch King and better CC/Speed Buffs to kite during your downtime, and the morale problem doesn't matter when your Maras and Sorcs can cover that. It gets worse when you remember that Destro can Bellows + M2 at the same time while Order is just reaching their M2, which is an IWIN button. So you can bring the biggest DPS (Choppa), all the procs you want with Sorcs, all the AoE CC you want with 1 Mara, all the speed you want with We'z Bigger and GTDC speed buff, and every play you wanna do is still available to you.

Its gonna take a lot of changes to make the game more balanced and rewarding to creative team building.

Bonus Slayer angle:

Also OP, Stomping is equal to two IDs, not one. The skill itself is 1.5x more dmg, but to able to get 2 IDs nowadays you have dmg costs. SLs have to get in closer (more risk), WWs got nerfed so you either lose Vaul's Tempering for a spell 50% weaker or you miss an instance of dmg (Jagged Edge or Flanking, which makes Stomping equal to 2 IDs) to slot in Short Temper, to be able to apply 2 IDs (and only when in Red). So you can either go thru all that trouble to almost do what a Choppa does on contact, with less risk and no cost, or you can run a WL.

Thats why you don't see many SLs anymore.

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Re: [choppa] GTDC choppas after rework

Post#6 » Tue Apr 16, 2024 9:29 am

Earlier I did not write about the fact that, in my opinion, the dmg aoe ability should never be so strong.
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