[BO] You Wot/THC + SnB

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[BO] You Wot/THC + SnB

Post#1 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:56 am

[BO] You Wot/THC + SnB

Issue: Currently there is general agreement between most knowledgeable players and some of the Dev team that SnB is under performing and lacking in small scale when compared with 2H. We have seen that rather than making sweeping changes to things such as Guard on 2H tanks, we should be looking more closely at the classes themselves and making tweaks individually to each class with how they perform and what utility they bring with their 2H/SnB role. This may come in the form of changes to what skills can and can’t be used while in 2H/SnB. Regardless of this, I think any massive sweeping changes (such as the recently reverted 2H Guard change) should be avoided and players should try to come forward with ideas for making SnB more appealing to take in small scale – Small scale being 3v3, 6v6, 6vX, 12v12 but not quite 18v18 to large scale RvR/WB play.

Proposal: Tree Hit Combo returned to being usable with SnB. In conjunction; You Wot should be given a 2H only requirement.

To get the ball rolling, I propose giving THC back to SnB users. Alongside this change, You Wot would also be given a 2H only requirement. With this change 2H BO would still have access to GaBC and You Wot which provides them at least a 20% damage increase over SnB. This would be adequate (or at the very least a good first step) to make SnB more appealing to take in small scale. BO could then fulfil their role as an offtank bruiser while SnB in small scale too. Making You Wot 2H only would stop SnB BO from overtaking 2H effectiveness in small scale by not allowing them to be ridiculously tanky as well as doing good damage + the utility SnB BO brings (Block, HtL, YMM).

With these changes, SnB remains unchanged in larger scale fights since THC is not taken while 2H remains relatively unchanged in how they perform in large scale WB environments. 2H BO would maintain a niche in being able to deal more damage than SnB but I foresee there still being room for improvement for 2H BO so they may offer something a bit more than just damage while 2H – but that would be for another proposal and mainly to avoid changing too many things at once.
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