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General Rules for the BDF

For submitting topics for approval by the moderators for full discussion.

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General Rules for the BDF

Post#1 » Tue May 07, 2019 5:17 am

1. This area is intended for Class balance. Keep your proposals limited to abilities, tactics, and morales. Use the feedback section of the forum for anything else. We do not take item procs and set bonuses into consideration for class balance.

2. Creating a proposal and having it go through a successful Discussion period does not mean it will be implemented. The RoR Team will have the final approval as they actually need to do the implementation and may have insight into details of a proposal that make it undesirable or particularly difficult to implement as proposed.

3. To prevent players from making proposal threads calling for nerfs to a specific class, the Poster will be required to have the class they're suggesting at R40 RR40 on their main account. This should give you sufficient experience with the class to understand the reasons why the class is what it is. As a counter, any proposal asking for flat buffs to their class will be viewed with an appropriate level of scrutiny during the approval process. The bar will be raised significantly in this case where burden of proof and examples are considered.

4. The Poster of a proposal accepts responsibility for the following
a. They must be active during the Discussion phase to defend their proposal
b. They may request a lock of their thread if they feel it has succeeded or failed
c. They should report posters that are disruptive to the BDF in their thread
d. During internal review we may ask you to join the Balance channel on our Discord for further feedback, inability to do so may result in your implementation being altered to fit our own interpretation of the proposal and discussion outcome

5. Proposals and Discussions are to be held in English. I don't really do other languages aside from ordering beer and finding bathrooms. If you're not a native English speaker and feel your grasp of the language would not get across your message, work it out with someone beforehand to help you construct it. Be advised you will still be expected to defend it if you are the one posting it.

6. Please be aware of your own and others bias, as well as appropriate productive methods of discussion. Avoid fallacy to carry an argument that is not further necessary. The more noise you bring to a discussion, the less likely it is that we will pay attention to it, and if continually disruptive we may take further action. However, this sort of thing is often done unintentionally, no need to assume malicious intent when ignorance is a suitable answer. If you find yourself susceptible to this sort of stale discussion, feel free to review the following.

7. Causing disruption to any discussion on the BDF may be grounds for your removal from this particular section of the forums indefinitely. The general forum rules apply here as well as anywhere else. After some time, if you have come to terms with why you were removed, you may contact me for review of your status. I will be happy to do so on a case-by-case basis.
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