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[BG] Pitiless feeding tactic (rewamp)

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[BG] Pitiless feeding tactic (rewamp)

Post#1 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:57 pm

The tactic prolong the duration of other 3 buff by 10 sec; of these 1 is uselss per see since it's redundant with ch/bo one + cost hate+ is st (toughness debuff only meaning is proc crit tactic when in sc not even debuff toughness...), 1 is useless unless slotting a tactic (which also remove the buff this tactic would then increase lol which is the outgogin heal debuff on midn killer) and the then toughness +45% which is another tactic....

2-not needed :
All these buff/debuff last 20 sec....meaning there is plenty of time to refresh em; seriusly i dont think any bg will ever have problem keep up debuff lasting 20 sec

Any debuff lasting more than 10 sec is subject most likely to be cleanse in we also have 2x on each side helaer that can g-cleanse making so long debuff are even more unlikely to remain up for the full duration (so useless over 2/3 of your stuff) take this tactic dont serve any purpose.

4- bg is the only tank which dont have any viable s+b build for wb and thats a fact; either all his Tools are redundant or not enough to cover for what either ch/bo can bring to the table:
-woudns debuff ( redundant ch and require crit specialization...)
-ap regain (redundant zealot)
-AA debuff (requrie a tactic and dont matter really much in wb)
-aoe block/parry debuff ( it's bring by 2h bg aswell and anyway is not warranted per se to make s+b viable)
-self/dp absorb bubble ( is bad in wb )
-FoF ( is bad as bg babysitting is not usefull as IB , the downtime of FoF dont allow a stability in group construction; if you have a dps that need stay alive you buid rest of group to take lesser dmg and he will stay up. FoF should be something panic button for both you and dp not base babysitting like Ib is able to do)
-aoe punt (it require waste morales while 2-3 bo punting no cost achive the same results in wb, plus 2h cna have it too)

we need to buff this in a way that only s+b wb builds can benefith from it, therefor

(rewamp into )

Worthless effort tactic:
Every time you block an attack, the attacker chance to crit is reduce by 7%

-Since it debuff only the attacker it can only work in wb with aoe going on; so it's not dumb mode like kobs dirty tricks and can hardly work in sc.
-iF you want to make it worth even in sc, just make the debuff apply 30 feets around you when you block
-the value taken is the sw crit tactic one (which i wanna point work on healer aswell while in this case it work only on damges dealer aoe you in the face, definetly at least in line and therefore balance)

built as i said the tactic is in line lorewise for warhammer online with bg being a "debuffer" (focus on debuff enemy) and as much it goes with crit from 2h, bg remain a effect multipler for whole wb instead a party buffer.

make sure it dosent debuff atk from guard...

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