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*Proposal* Chosen Dread Tactics Rework

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*Proposal* Chosen Dread Tactics Rework

Post#1 » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:16 pm

With the change to Daemonclaw and the new Discordant Winds tactic (spirit Damage conversion) there seems to be some oversight on existing tactics and how they work with each other.

Discordant Winds now makes most of the Dread tree tactics obsolete and if you are doing damage Dread is the tree you want and now Discordant Winds is very much a part of doing as much damage as you possibly can as a chosen.

Starting at the bottom of the tree.

Current version of "Feed on the Weary" Withering Blow Drains 40ap and gives it to you. This tactic is really not worth a slot being only a 10ap gain on the drain and is only a net gain of 5ap after you use the skill on a 10sec cool down. This version just flat out sucks.

Proposed change - "Feed on the Weary" Withering Blow Drains 40ap and all group members gain 40ap. This doesn't change anything for the solo chosen but gives it much better group utility.

Current version of "Oppressing Blows" Increases your crit chance by 15% while using a great weapon and also changes Relentless to spirit damage. Discordant Winds makes the spirit conversion of relentless redundant.

Proposed change - "Oppressing Blows" Increases your crit chance by 15% while using a great weapon and Tooth of Tzeentch will effect your allies next 2 attacks.

Current version of "Daemonclaw" When you parry your str and ws is increased for 10secs and it doesn't refresh itself. With the loss of the 3rd stat and the new spirit conversion tactic the weapon skill is very much wasted because armor pen is not needed from it and the parry gain is minimal for rvr. The small str gain is hardly worth the slot.

Proposed change - "Daemonclaw" When you parry Dread Auras become 50% more effective for 10secs this doesn't refresh itself. So str aura would increase by 50%, Damage aura would do 50% more damage, AP aura would increase to 30ap every 5secs.
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