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[Proposal] [Magus] Demonic Scream baseline M4

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[Proposal] [Magus] Demonic Scream baseline M4

Post#1 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 1:21 pm

My proposal is to make Demonic Scream (selectable M4 for Path of Changing) the baseline Morale 4 for Magus, instead of Unleash the Winds (which is rather terrible and useless, since if you're going to morale bomb a group, you're going to get destroyed anyway from having to get surrounded by Order)

Make Unleash the Wind the electable M4 for the Path of Changing which is the AOE tree.

To me it just makes more sense, and would increase the viability of Magus in Sieges/Defense, and give those of us who aren't wanting to be (clunky, nearly worthless one trick pony, low DPS) RIft spec more utility in those situations.

Thanks for listening.
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