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Dance of Doom Witch Elf Morale 1

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Dance of Doom Witch Elf Morale 1

Post#1 » Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:27 am

Dance of Doom is a morale 1 that when activated does a 3 second channel, hitting 1 time per second for 300 damage. This also cannot be used while moving as it will interrupt it. If your target is stationary, you deal 3 hits of 300 over 3 seconds while not doing anything else.

Option 1: EIther up the damage as it doesn't even do as much damage as sever nerve and that is an instant and you can also AA and use 2 other moves in the time it would take you to complete the Dance of Doom, while this is also a terrible option since its a channel that breaks whenever the caster moves, its something.

Option 2: Tie some kind of CC in with it.. maybe make the person being hit dazed while receiving damage as they are watching the dance and are mesmerized by it, this gives it SOME utility and you don't have to move to cast it then. Also, it kind of ties in with the hot chic succubus type, luring you to your doom with her tantalizing moves. Also make the CD on the CC timer short like with the stagger from the self punt.

I feel as is it is COMPLETELY useless and no one would take it. All other morale 1 are better in every way shape and form. It needs some sort of rework.


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