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Pounce dmgback/range reduction

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Pounce dmgback/range reduction

Post#1 » Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:14 pm


Following the Squigherder class overhaul of many of its abilities, tactics, some morale shuffeling and a dev push to make kite-careers a thing again. I think the core issue that needs to be tackles, or atleast debated first, needs to be gabclosers.

The careers with standard ability pounces:
Morale pounce:

SM m2

As long as these pounces have their current range, any backline class have a different zone they need to be aware of, and this will tecnically play into how shorter range abilities are way more risky to pull off. If you have a masteryspec built around shorter range abilities (less than 100feet) You are constantly in danger of getting swapped to with no visual warning and close to no reaction time to pre-detaunt or use an escape tool cooldown.

The same kind of goes for 100feet classes, either healer or standard rangeddps. You can stand at range have the overview see the melee dps and have in the back of your mind to look out for sudden charges, or a tank moving towards you to snare and cc you to set you up for a following melee dps with a brief Charge followed by a snare(ability break on charge)
Now with pounces there is the arguement of you see the tank guarding the pouncing mdps moving earlier than the pounce and giving the play away, or the mdps is pouncing out of guardrange exposing himself.
On top of these two standard pounce classes, they also have either short ranged M1 root or unclenseable m2 snare giving the classes an other extra layer of stickingpower.

A few suggestions if people agree with the core issue making kiteclasses and ranged play unballanced:
a) Give the damage scaling back to the pounce abilities, but reduce the range to skirmish range-ish
b) Reduce the range of pounces to skirmish range but make them all (apart from SM) iframes(unable to take damage while flying to your taget) and you now land next to your target instead of where your target was when you press the ability.
c) Keep pounce range as it, but put baseline knockdowns on a 5sec cooldown after using pounce.
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