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[SH] Tweaks

Structured balance proposals should be posted here. Posts in this section will be taken into account during class balance reviews.

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[SH] Tweaks

Post#1 » Thu Jan 21, 2021 7:03 pm

Last couple of weeks there has been a bunch of threads open in regards to SH in general, complaining about all melee and range specs. Even though most of it is noise, there are a few points that I have caught that do warrant look at.

My proposal is not calling to nerf certain aspects, but to re-adjust accessibility of CC meant for melee or ranged.

Things that require adjustment:
- M1 ‘Squigbeast’: As it stands, under the right circumstances it does a massive amount of damage for an M1. I am proposing to change the increase damage to +100% instead of +150%. This could go in combination of lowering the duration to 10 secs down from 15 secs. Given the new time frame of the morale players will have to coordinate their pet skills, CC’ing the target and blasting M1 to maximize damage.

Reducing melee viability on 1v1 and keeping it as an AOE spec for WB:
- ‘Tastes like stundite’ moved to core. Change skill from channeling to a 1 hit attack that heals 100% of the damage.To offset maybe (MAYBE) make it undefendable, after all it is now a 5 hit within 5 sec skill.bLower to 20 sec CD down from 25 sec as it was to offset the channeling time.
- Sharp toofs: Besides giving AP reduction and AOE capability to Git Em!, Give the same AOE capability to ‘Tastes like stuntie’ and lower the life tap to 50% of damage done. This will make the tactic more appealing yo use.

Removing access to CC:
- mKD moved to 13p bouncin’ (taking ‘Tastes like stuntie’ spot)
- Shrapnel arrer range debuff removed and add a DoT ailment after normal hit. 10 sec duration
- Remove KD from pet (squig) and give it a snare or a damaging/defensive skill of some kind.
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