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Kobs/Chosen tactics: Dirty Tricks, Corruptive Power

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Kobs/Chosen tactics: Dirty Tricks, Corruptive Power

Post#1 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 3:00 pm

Dirty tricks currently has no buff for the knight
My idea:
Buff "Dirty Tricks" to boost crit by 5% for group and 10% for knight

Corruptive power curently is too strong and buffs the whole party including the chosen
My idea:
Nerf "Corruptive Power" to everytime chosen suffers a critical hit his chance to be crit will be reduced by 10% for him and 5% for his group

I think these two tactics are more balanced like that.

Dirty tricks seem stronger but it requires a shield. For Corruptive power a tank can focus less on reduced chance to be crit as both 2h and SNB, and the value is down-adjusted from 10 for all to 10 for the chosen only, and his group gets only 5 or else it's unbalanced compared to his mirror.

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