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[BG] soul killer

For proposals that have been rejected.

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[BG] soul killer

Post#1 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:10 pm


1-it's redundant with other outgoing heal debuff on destru, due this is not taken a lot unles you dont have any we or 2h choppa
2-differently from ib version which add the tactic to the alredy skill use (incipit "will also") the bg version axed the skill effect and only apply the tactic effect (incipit "will now")
3-argumentably there are better options for bg tactics (aka this mstery is not specced for st utility and especially this tactics; ib is different for this and have a diff sich due bg need parry tactic from mid mastery or 15 pt channeling on left mastery; so is either dumped in general for left + mid mastery).


Since the skill mind killer have not 1 but 2 effect directed one to healing classes and one to offensive casters, soul killer should also allow an upgrade to the second effect since atm it replace only 1 effect instead 2 from mind killer "OR" either be changed to add the tactic effect with out replace the skill eff.

modify soul killer A
"mind killer now reduces all heals cast by the target by 50% and his magic dmg by 15%", this way the tactic became a complete upgrade for mind killer instead an axed one.

modify soul killer B
change the incipit (and effect ) from "will now " into "will also" (as IB), this way the tactic became a simple additional effect as other tactics in game.

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Re: [BG] soul killer

Post#2 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:54 am

Soul Killer is fully functional as a spammable outgoing HD. It is incredibly potent in certain situations and, unlike the Choppa variant, does not have a CD: this means that in certain situations (Eternal Citadel, Isha's Temple, Gates of Ekrund), a BG can keep the outgoing HD up on SEVERAL healers at once.

Going to decline this for now, but I do appreciate the effort you put into your proposals.

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