[Bright Wizard]Ruin and Destruction. 2nd morale.

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[Bright Wizard]Ruin and Destruction. 2nd morale.

Post#1 » Thu May 17, 2018 11:42 am

It was an issue since the open beta of WAR.
2nd morale of BW "Ruin and Destruction" that at the beginning was also rooting was nerfed once on live. Root part was removed.

How does it work?
BW has career mechanics that gives +35% crit chance on 100 Combustion.
When "Embrace the Flames" tactics is equipped it requires 4 crits to build up 2nd morale. Tactics has an ICD of 3 seconds, that's why 2nd moral build time stretches out to 12 seconds in perfect conditions. Regular case scenario, regular AoE shot into a crowd gives you at least 1 critical -> +200 morale points, unless you're loser like me, so your 2nd morale build time will be about 15-18 seconds.

Current situation and the gameplay of BW in warband is all about R'n'D.
The problem is that it's morale -> It can't be mitigated. You can't disrupt/block it. Its damage output is not affected by anything, not even by defensive morales. Literally it is about BW of lvl40 and RR0 (yes, zero) that has green underlevel equipment acquired through mob grind can deal instant 1200 AoE damage to any target regardless of toughness and resistances within average of 15 seconds of an encounter.

Most guilds play as coordinated warbands with voice communication. Most warbands have at least 2 bomb parties. That means that raid leader gives command to flush morales at about 20 seconds from the beginning of the encounter (just to make sure losers like me are also ready). And after that everything within 30ft range get instant death, because 4 x 1200 = 4800 undefendable damage + minor assist of tanks and other useless DPS classes. Right? This game has no other classes that can provide any damage?

Proposed solutions:

Solution 1: Stretch the damage. Make it 6s DoT with ticks of [200 per second] or [400 every 2 seconds].

Solution 2: Reduce damage and add defensive/healing component like:
* Rampaging Siphon (healers 2nd morale) - [600 AoE damage] within 30ft and healing party for the damage dealt.
* Modified Wind-Woven Shell (Sorceress 2nd morale)- [600 AoE damage] and reducing incoming damage to [80% for 10 seconds] or [90% for 20 seconds] for the group.

Solution 2 in my opinion would add utility for BW.
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Re: [Bright Wizard]Ruin and Destruction. 2nd morale.

Post#2 » Thu May 17, 2018 12:16 pm

OP has a level 2 BW.
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