[Chosen] Advice about set mixing

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[Chosen] Advice about set mixing

Post#1 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:53 pm


I'm in the process of gearing my Chosen. Was hoping to get some advice on a good mix of armor/jewellery and weapon to get to the desired stats of about 800/800/800.

My goal is to rvr mostly in small scale with a 2-hander. Some solo as well if i know myself.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: [Chosen] Advice about set mixing

Post#2 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:39 pm

This is RoR, so your knowledge base of what to expect from 2-hander Chosen is incorrect.

I do not play GW Chosen, but there are several players who are very skilled at it.

If I was looking for solid advice from a better-than-most GW Chosen, I would /t Thargrimm in-game or PM him here on the forums under the name of Skullgrin. Tesq here on the forums is very knowledgeable as well as SmellyBelly.

Hope this helps.

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Re: [Chosen] Advice about set mixing

Post#3 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:51 pm

Whelp, this won't help you hit those stat goals so sorry if this is a waste of time but my 2h Choosen does amazing in smallscale/solo IMO so figured his setup is worth sharing. If you are tanky enough HP regen is the king of stats in small scale encounters, you will be able to outlast almost anyone if no healer is around. I actually stack 5 piece conq + annihilator chest piece, 5 piece conq bonus self heal is like a free potion every time it procs and absolutely worth being forced to take some useless +block from the set, and then the Hp regen from annhi chest is icing on the cake. Combined with my self heal aura, 2-3 fleshrenders, +toughness genesis stuff and a whole bunch of toughness talis I end plenty of small scale encounters at full hp and can usually run about half a zone with a small group on me if I get into a fight vs a setup I can't take.

Even with 0 str talis I do decent damage, 2h choosen does a ton of spirit damage and can debuff it on his enemies which is very handy. 120 str from maxed 2h tree is a nice dps boost. I also atm have ~39% crit rate I believe after CS procs so tons of crits help make up for my lower base damage and makes me useful in large scale RvR since I can easily proc CS with my AoE and am tanky enough to survive on the frontlines with my SnB buddies.

When I join a group with good heals I usually switch to full dominator (still with toughness talis) and offensive instead of defensive genesis jewel for a large increase in damage (taunt proc is no joke when channeling relentless on a squishy with CS applied). I didn't think it would be as effective as it is when I was gearing up for this setup, I highly recommend you give it a shot at some point if you got the gear/talis, and conq with tough talis easily doubles as SnB set for when you wanna switch it up which is convenient.
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Re: [Chosen] Advice about set mixing

Post#4 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:10 pm

Im noy very expert in 2h but for stat min max i think you may prefer mix anni/merc instead going full domi, yes domi give probably more dps output but if what you are LF is a hybrid build anni/merc is probably better for ya.

Tought for max stats you will need for sure genesis and for speed proc 2h subj. Keep in mind that for a 800x3 stats you will need to sacrefice way too much probs 700x3 is more achieavle, actually cut out wouds to 600 and you can do as me for 2h a 700 str/tough builds without sacrefice initiative or res. Keep in mind im also rr73 so unless i miss some strange set mixing this is more or less what you can expect from stats.

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Re: [Chosen] Advice about set mixing

Post#5 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:02 pm

Hiya! Well, for what its worth, here's my advice on endgame gearing-up.

Initially you are going to need to get some Ruin gear, however I don't know if that is as important now as it was before Merc/Anni gear was added. At a minimum tho I would recommend 2 pieces of Ruin (in order to get the +630 armor bonus) with the main piece being the Gauntlets for the 2% parry bonus, you can never have enough parry when going 2H. I originally got the full set but that was before the next tier was added - and full ruin can be a huge slog to acquire, so if you can skip to Merc/Anni I'd probably go that direction.

With Merc/Anni i went with 2 Merc / 3 Anni with the two important pieces being the Anni carapace (for HP regen) and the Anni shoulders (for 3% crit reduction). Beastlord is also an option, as I have seen may solid builds around it. At this level I tended to mix sets rather than go for the full set bonus - the full set bonus just didn't make up for the loss of stats that you get from mixing sets.

As far as jewelry goes the Winds Impervious is probably the best starter set, however almost all of the Tome Jewelry can be of use against specific opponents. You can find more information on all of thosee in the RoR wiki here.
https://wiki.returnofreckoning.com/inde ... _(Rewards)

As far as endgame gear goes, I would recommend getting Conq over Dom at first - it tends to be more defensive in nature and you want to stay tanky as much as possible. Also the 5 piece Conq bonus (10% chance for +100 wounds on being hit) is pretty much a must for solo roaming. Dom armor is great if you have a good healer around, or if you are playing against undergeared/underperforming opponents. The problem that I have using it is that I tend to make my build too squishy, maximizing damage over protection.

As for jewelry at endgame I went for the Genesis Warrior set. I have also heard good things about getting 4 of the Fleshrender Pain Link and Dark Band rings (https://wiki.returnofreckoning.com/inde ... leshrender). The only problem with them is the fact that you will either have to invest a lot of time or money to get them.

Oh, and on a final note - at this point in the game I don't think that your goal of 800str/800tou/800wnd is possible. In the build that I run most of the time I'm at 800str/700tou/800wnd and that is with tactics and potions added in. Those stats may eventually be available (or available now if you sacrifice some of your secondary stats like Initiative and Weapon Skill), however the Devs have been very careful in watching out for power creep. It might be possible once the next tier of armor is released, who knows!

Hope this has been of help. :)

Edit: Forgot to add that The Imperator 2 piece set is lots of fun at endgame - the only problem being that you can't get the 5 piece bonuses for Conq/Dom. There's always some sort of trade-off...
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Re: [Chosen] Advice about set mixing

Post#6 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:14 am

At rr61 I run with the following armor/stats as I normally solo/pug/small man:

Skullcase of the Overlord
Dominator Shoulders/Chest/Belt
Redeye Gauntlets/Boots/Cape
2x Genesis Remnant/Aspect of the Warrior and Everlast

With a 80 toughness Pot cause I'm cheap and a 660 Armor pot, Str/Resist Aura and Rugged I have the following stats:

Strength - 683
Toughness - 700
Wounds - 864
Weaponskill - 270
Initiative - 253 (5.8% chance to be crit)

Armor - 4527 (102.9%)
Parry - 28.3
Dodge - 21.6
Disrupt - 17.6
Spirit - 770 (41.9%)
Corp - 761 (41.8%)
Elemental - 742 (41.4%)

Melee Power - 72
Crit - 24%

Most renown going forward will be in Melee Crit. I tried to keep it fairly balanced through all stats. I don't know if this is the best gear set or not but it's what works for me currently. Curious what everyone else runs with stat/gear wise.

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