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(BO) SnB Black Orc here, how can I be of best use to my team?

Black Orc, Squig Herder, Choppa, Shaman

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(BO) SnB Black Orc here, how can I be of best use to my team?

Post#1 » Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:17 pm

What is says on the tin basically, I'm very new to tanking and was just wondering if anyone with more experience can share some tips / tricks on how to be the most useful I possibly can be in RvR and SC's? Currently level 18.

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Re: (BO) SnB Black Orc here, how can I be of best use to my team?

Post#2 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 12:28 am

Your job is to take damage, if you are afraid to die, you shouldnt play black orc as its a fairly aggressive class. You will get some nice cc skills later like a stun, a punt, and some silences. Learn to use those well. In RvR you will be leading charges. You will use challenge a lot, and hold the line a lot. Mix in some well timed stuns, silences, and punts and you have basic BO rvr play.

In SCs I like to sit and fight on flags. They will want to kill you, but also know if they try your dps will gun them down. If in a good group its a lose/lose for the enemies.

You need to always be guarding someone. Mdps are first priority, but dont be afraid to swap guards. Is your mdps fine but the healer or sorc being harrassed by an enemy? Stand near them and guard them for a bit.

Your damage will be ****, you should be attacking to stack buffs/debuffs/cc not to kill. I will attack healers to harrass them though, if they freak out and waste heals on themselves its a win. Lets my dps gun their dps down easier.

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Re: (BO) SnB Black Orc here, how can I be of best use to my team?

Post#3 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:01 am

Have the right spec to do your job .Usually if you run in a wb you want to aim at something like this once you reach the proper rank : ... ,4462,4481
    Have the right renown spec: aim to futile strikes until your chance to hit is 0 or lower (i usually run 3 point of futile strikes depending on gear) , full block and rest in parry and dodge disrupt.
      Have the right addons that lets you have situational awareness (enemy and tether is what i suggest at a very minimum ,those two addons let you swap guard easily and let you know the position of your guarded group member)
        Guard your dps and stick to him no matter what,if another party member is being focused switch guard to that party member and move close to him.
          Always have a melee dps targeted as your friendly target to boost his weaponskill by using Follow me lead ability.Boost your party defences against magical damage by using Savin me hide ability.
            Use waaaagh ability paired with the tactic to get rid of slayer shatter limb debuff on allies and whenever your team is pushing t o deliver damage to the enemy.That ability is one of the reason any wb wants a good bo and let you decrease the cd of your party abilities by 5 seconds allowing your dps to spam their abilities and your healers to spam their cleanse , heals and so on.
              Dont aoe knockback like a stupid givin away free immunities to your enemy.Aoe knockback is a situational ability that you must save and use when called by your wb leader.Using this ability without connecting your brain is one of the most stupid thing a bo can do.
                Use deflect oil ability when sieging a keep to reduce oil damage.
                  Use the right war bellow.Most of the time you want to run the stat steal one (Da Biggest) BUT if you dont have a chosen with resist aura or you dont have a shaman with resistence buff you may want to use Da Greenest (if you have a zealot you most likely prefer to have the initiative buff and not the resistance buff from him)
                    Use the increase cd abilities Not in da face! to increase cd on enemy healers and dps.A good use of that ability can screw up an entire team healing and dps for a short period.
                      Run armour pots and have ready absorb and healing pots to relieve pressure from your healers.Use Hold the Line to protect the squishies behind you and when **** hit the fan use Cant hit me to increase your block chance when you are focused big time.
                        Have your Shatter enchantment ability ready to shatter slayer rampage buff or any enchantment buff that can hurt your party.
                          Use taunt to interrupt raze drops,channeled abilities ,resses from enemy healers and use challenge to decrease the damage of enemy dps.
                            If your team use discord be vocal and call when you have your morale ready.I generally run M1 Champion Challenge M2 Distracting Bellow M3 Deafening Bellow and M4 Immaculate Defence

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                            Re: (BO) SnB Black Orc here, how can I be of best use to my team?

                            Post#4 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 7:21 pm

                            Thank you very much for your replies gentleman, some really useful stuff, especially the addon reccomendations! Seems like I've been doing things mostly correct, I am guilty of the occasional brainless AoE knockback though :( thank you once again guys, see ya on the frontlines, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH

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