StackingBombs @ Skaven WarpbladeTunnels @ Altdorf- BUG or Feature?

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StackingBombs @ Skaven WarpbladeTunnels @ Altdorf- BUG or Feature?

Post#1 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 9:39 am

Yesterday we came across a bomb spam and increased ranged detonation issue @ the right boss of the Skaven Warpbladetunnels.

Instead of replaceing each bomb after a new spawn, they cotinue to stuck up to 8 bombs at the same position.


Due to the stuck of Bombs its a 1hit for all group members which causes sudden death.

Further we realized that the area of detonation hs been incresed. even at 10 feet away the bombs still kept exploding. Actually it should only detonate if the blue electric circle hits them.
Yesterday it felt like it has a radius of 25feet to cause an explosion.

Has anyone made similar expierences? I rember they didnt stuck last month when we last hit the dungeon :( i thought they were supposed just to spawn 1 bomb to kick players around.

Dunno if its a bug or a wanted feature. If its wanted: please remove. its unplayable.


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