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Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

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Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#1 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 1:57 pm

I know ppl was excited for this new Influence weekly RvR and so was I. Its much easier, u can pick and choose anything counts even time spent in the lakes it seems. What I didnt expect tho and proberly should have is the complete lazyness from playerbase to do the bare minimum for that weekly.

It went from Sieges to WC-Farming each other killing same players over and over again with NO progress thro the zones at all. Players tend to do the least tehy can to get there reward and now Rams arent spawned, sieges happens due to boredom rather then pushing the Zones. I like killing ppl in RvR aswell but standing outside a WC with a Zerg for hours arent fun. 3-4 days and I already want the old back.

I know this is the new but its way to EZ, stupid and all u get is WC-Farms

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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#2 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 2:10 pm

I worried about this honestly, although there is no real reason to push the campaign anymore. They need to introduce a big carrot for the campaign again.
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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#3 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 3:06 pm

no game must be better for new players! lets focus all attention on that

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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#4 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 4:18 pm

new weekly is amazing in my opinion.

Carrot to push campaign? please revert previous city model. This scheduled one is much worse. (again in my opinion). In the previous state i was doing city 1,2 per week. Since changes i was in city twice.

Anyway good job Devs, keep it up.

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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#5 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 4:59 pm

Give it time, zerging to one faction seems less prevalent already, but only time will tell

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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#6 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 5:08 pm

A won siege gives a nice inf bonus, so why wouldn't you take it? Not all have strong groups to farm kills like mad.
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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#7 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 5:19 pm

I like the new system. It's fair and fits every opvp play style. Pre pvp influence patch I have seen also 4 start vs 4 start keeps and nobody spawns a ram. It's not a new phenomenon
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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#8 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 5:25 pm

Revert old city system, and remove weekly entirely. Game was fine 1-2 years ago, now I feel like everything lost it's purpose and incentive to play :

- every gear set can be gained through any activity = dungeons are now useless, nobody run them anymore

- For same reason, and scenarios and rvr being on same level = even if everyone can play as they want to (wich is a good thing), it means there is more population shift occuring, also less scenarios or less balanced ones.

- All RvR lost its meaning : no incentive to push campaign and fortress since City will happen eventually. Now way to push multiple cities a day anymore = less motivation to actively play campaign. Why bother to defend or fight anymore, if nobody got anything to fight for ?

- Less realm pride, barely any defense anymore, because everything except forts and cities are worthily rewarded, renown gains butchered half a year ago, and you defend keeps only for rp gain since all zone contribution is wiped (loss of tokens for zonelock).

To me since my debut about 6 years ago, I never felt the game being so bland and meaningless, and I'm not even speaking about many, many people already quitting because of boredom, amongst them many guilds and/or famous WB leaders.

The urge to casualize this game is only leading to a loss of good players (the ones who actually care about improving and play for the "good play"), wich in turn leads to a global loss of quality for everyone around.

Previously RoR was more "hardcore", and I feel like it was much better than now ; you could have found good dungeon runs with skilled people, and being led by competent wb leaders pretty much everywhere was a real pleasure, not to mention friendly community and real sense of faction pride.
Now it's more of a casual zergfest, where everyone feel the need to be carried and/or babysitted because they dont know how to improve by themselves, and will prefer rant ingame or in forums instead...

Of course the weekly event is not the only thing to blame here, but I feel too much changes in the casual way is doing more hamr than good, actually.
And I deeply regret that.

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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#9 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 5:33 pm

Not sure what you all are going on about. Zones and campaign are moving just like they always did and solely depend on a few PUG leaders and/or various guilds pushing them.

And, yes, there is WC farming going on. Guess what? There was WC farming before too when the campaign was "the goal". And there will be WC farming after because the guilds doing the WC farming don't need gear anymore.

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Re: Plz bring back "old" weekly RvR

Post#10 » Thu Jul 21, 2022 5:49 pm

Whyumadbro wrote: Thu Jul 21, 2022 3:06 pmno game must be better for new players! lets focus all attention on that

Without new players eventually you have:

A) No game at all


B) The server existing for 30 or so guys playing ranked - See A

But hey! I hear DOAC is getting a new server...
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