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2H Chosen in Large Scale RvR – Build and WB Use

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Re: 2H Chosen in Large Scale RvR – Build and WB Use

Post#11 » Sat Apr 13, 2024 3:28 am

Uchoo wrote: Sat Mar 02, 2024 1:04 am I run 3 d sov, 3 o sov, 3 triumph on 2h bg for rvr. Chosen I would prob do roughly the same. softcap toughness and wounds easy, not much crit tho.

You can do other stuff like 3/3 with regen chest and fleshrenders as well.

I do, however, think that 2h chosen is kinda pointless in rvr atm. Likely you won't have CDR buff to spam rending blade because no chop fasta and it's Corruptive Power vs Morale Pump with shield, guess which is more useful? :D
Yeah there's a range of set ups you can run, I had a warlord mixed in with a siphoned build I liked but in the end, I just find the triumph too good to pass up. If I gave in and spent the gold on order to swap another tali to initiative, I wouldn't even need FS on my knight and the chosen is going to be similar. The flat crit reduction and ini is just too cost saving I find. But I do sacrifice damage way more than most.

My knight is now done and for wb play I came to the same conclusion, running 4 triumph 3 warlord and 2 off sov. This gave me the best stat mix for my limited objectives of living, guarding and landing the debuff. Its all the same but the knight is just way more useful and easy to fit into any comp anytime sadly.

The crit I never found a need for. with base plus tactic your at an easy 21 and one rending blade and your done. I still stand by corruptive power IF your entire party builds for it then it can contribute to a party with massive burst and then there's no need for morales. We saw this in august last year like I mentioned, everything was dead before bellow even on the snb's and that was before procs were as bad as they are now. But that's obviously also the issue, if your party doesn't build for it, its kinda **** and what's the point. your just a worst guard doing medium damage.

Having now played the knight in bis and in proper rvr its a joke how much better it is in both specs at wb level. No one gives a **** if you do a few hundred thousand or so more damage when they have boosted healing, 10% crit and the usual knight goodies along with the valuable wounds debuff in trade. If a melee dps has an ib guard and snb kotbs in party, with a 2h kotbs in the wb, he can get 25% crit added. Enjoy your -10% and other possible reductions that may or may not line up. Also join any wb and any party, sure a sm is nice but if you know when the move is coming you can easily handle a 10 sec cool down and do all you need to do.

Sorry but I am bitter about the disparity between the 2.
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Re: 2H Chosen in Large Scale RvR – Build and WB Use

Post#12 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 1:49 pm

Love seeing an 2h chosen on RVR running like William Wallace, my fingers thanks to you for 8 less buttons to press xD

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