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[Engi] Why is Engi base Weapon Skill so low?

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[Engi] Why is Engi base Weapon Skill so low?

Post#1 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 8:37 pm

This chart on the wiki shows the base stats of all the classes:

As you can see, Engi at 40 has a base weapon skill of 108(I have confirmed this as accurate in game). Engi has the lowest base weapon skill of all classes in the game, despite having a spec that's reliant on maximizing both ballistic and weapon skill. Even a class like Magus that, to my knowledge, doesn't utilize weapon skill at all has a higher base.

Every other class that uses weapon skill has a more appropriate base stat distribution.

While this is not some kind of catastrophe, it does have an impact and the base stat being so low doesn't make any sense to me. Adjusting the values to closer match what engi itemization actually is would potentially yield ~70 more weapon skill - not an entirely insignificant amount.

A change like this seems like a good and simple way to give Engi a minor dps buff while fixing this peculiar discrepancy in the stat distribution

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Re: [Engi] Why is Engi base Weapon Skill so low?

Post#2 » Tue Apr 16, 2024 1:08 am

You only need weapon skill for sniper (rifle) tree, both grenadier and tinkerer use ballistic with range crit.
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Re: [Engi] Why is Engi base Weapon Skill so low?

Post#3 » Tue Apr 16, 2024 6:49 am

You can reach pretty vile levels of WS/armour pen with some creative set mixing, Thunderer tactic, and Fighting Chance, particularly with Onyx event rings - and all this while still being at or near the Ballistic softcap. But yeah it is odd that their base WS is so much lower than most, particularly given the issues Engis already have with poor itemisation due to the issue of WS being an almost wasted stat for Tinker/Grenadier.

Engi has quite high base toughness and wounds to compensate, but that's another symptom of the class trying to itemise and distribute stats for a WS/BS physical spec, a BS corp spec, and a tank spec. It's quite a lot for a single class, so something is inevitably going to suffer as a result
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