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Choppa 2H it's available?

Black Orc, Squig Herder, Choppa, Shaman
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Re: Choppa 2H it's available?

Post#11 » Fri Apr 19, 2024 10:44 am

2h was gud wiv Wot Rules while detaunt zeroed rage. Now 2h is worse than dw on everything except super-glass-canon-kamikadze build.

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Re: Choppa 2H it's available?

Post#12 » Fri Apr 19, 2024 1:08 pm

I am not BiS gear, grinding for more TRI and SOV pieces. I got the TRI jewel first because that is most daunting to me. ... 285/armory

I will switch weapons based on situation:
Blood Bane 113STR,40WOU,84WS, dmg proc, and AP regen proc (with +23 STR and WS tali) for max stats
Anethma 89STR, 48WOU, +6AP, +4% crit, 34MP, 23WS (with +23 STR and WS tali) for max AA (slowest speed weapon)
Bloodlord to maximize ability damage and damage over time...makes you even MORE squishy though and less WOU overall

Max STR/WS: - Choppa

I will remove +160WOU for Flanking when I have a guard

I will remove +160WOU and +160STR for Flanking and +25%crit for max burst potential

I will also switch out "No More Helpin" OUT-HD for "Furious Choppin'" channel damage+heal.
Stinkyweed SH.86
Prowl WE.85
Blob Chop.82
Babaganoush Sham.7x
Negative Creep Z.5x
Motley Crue WH.5x
Scratch WL.3x

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