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  • [HALLOWEEN EVENT] Hallowed Moon - The Undead Arise

    Live Event "Hallowed Moon: The Undead Arise"

    "The air blowing through the Empire's provinces comes to a sudden halt; seeming as if time itself slowed down to an epitome... moments later, the long dead started to emerge from their slumber, crawling out of their crypts and graves into the sickly moonlight of Morrslieb, the Chaos Moon."

    Order questlines

    Tier 1: The Undead March (Level 1-11)
    From the start of the Norse invasion of Nordland, countless peasants and militiamen have perished in the fight against the Raven Host on their push south. Now, the undead have risen in the north, and are pouring down to haunt the crypts and towns of the Nordlanders. Investigate its cause, and expel this evil force from the fields!

    Quest starter: Gravekeeper Oswald
    Location: Arnholdt's Company, Nordland Warcamp (30k, 20k)

    Tier 2: A Power Rises (Level 12-21)
    The darkness that shrouds the north-eastern regions of the Empire grows even thicker, as the men and women of Ostland are besieged from their ancestor's ancient graveyards and harrowed crypts. Kinsmen that bled and fought to assure safety in these haunted woods have returned return, and turned against their own. This invasion from within must be swiftly stricken down, and the cause dealt with!

    Quest starter: Wolf Company Captain
    Location: Boshenfels, Ostland chapter 8 (30k, 27k)

    Tier 3: The Fall of Unterbaum (Level 22-31)
    Unterbaum, a former Talabecland district of immense wealth through market production during its grand harvest seasons, is once again suffering under undead corruption. Strange happenings indicate the fallen city is once again reliving its darkest days. Even one of Unterbaum's own revered Champions has been called from the grave, and through the penitence of a Priest of Morr, must be brought back to peaceful slumber, alongside with his cursed countrymen and women.

    Quest starter: Otto Sauer
    Location: Unterbaum Cemetery, Talabecland chapter 14 (44k, 43k)

    Tier 4: Dark Omen (Level 32-40)
    The Empire, beset on all sides, is now at it's breaking point! The winds of Death blow up from the lands of the dead, and as the twin moons shine full, it is Reikland that feels gaze of an ancient evil. What evil seeks to be unleashed, what darkness ushers this coming doom. Can the Forces of Order heed this Dark Omen?

    Quest starter: Andrya Von Carstein
    Location: Deathwatch Landing, Reikland Warcamp (24k 13k)

    All Tier quest: Deadstock
    Farms all across the Empire run dry, all the livestock either rotting away into the ground, or rising up out of it. A curious Scarecrow has taken it upon himself to investigate the zombification of these animals, and see if the process can be reversed, and it is up to you to assist him in creating a concoction to do just that.

    Quest starter: Cursed Scarecrow
    Location: Nordland (23, 47k) - Ostland (33k, 25k) - Talabecland (42k, 46k) - Reikland (12k, 20k)

    Destruction questlines

    Tier 1: Night of the Living Dead (Level 1-11)
    As the mighty hordes of the Raven God pursue the Nordlanders, something foul chases them out of Norsca, the lands from which the Norse invaders came. The Empire defenders that had been laid waste to and let to rot on the barren fields, have now risen again, and besiege the northern flank that the forces of Destruction had secured for years. It is time to fight back, and weed out the source of his corruption!

    Quest starter: Taryn Gravetender
    Location: Blessed Gathering, Nordland Warcamp (41k, 2k)

    Tier 2: Darkness Encroaches (Level 12-21)
    Tchar'zanek's forward advance into Ostland is in peril, as the forward position known as Felde is flanked by the failing of Morr's rites, thought secured by Ostlanders ahead of time. Now, in a deadlock position of the forests surrounding the men, a relief effort must be undertaken; investigate the Empire's darkest forests and crypts, and put a definite stop to the rise of undead corruption!

    Quest starter: Unholy Harbinger
    Location: Felde, Ostland chapter 5 (10k, 27k)

    Tier 3: Death and Decay (Level 22-31)
    Talabecland is within the grasp of Chaos. Nothing can stand in the way of glory, but on this auspicious occasion, it truly is time of triumph & treachery. Nurgle's sacking of Unterbaum has paved the way to necromantic manipulations through-out the entire province. The Skaven of Clan Pestilence skulk wearily in the shadows, seemingly aware of all the schemes unraveling. All this of this, and rumours of a fearsome headless horsemen are abound...

    Quest starter: Ichabod Poxworthy
    Location: Witches' Hollow, Talabecland chapter 11 (14k, 3k)

    Tier 4: Hellish Vigour (Level 32-40)
    The invasion of Reikland is under way but in the wake of glory arises something dark at work. Hordes of living dead descend from the northern flank, aided by mighty warriors and evil spirits summoned by the dark force. The deceased countrymen of the Kislev rise again, and push from the wracked plains of Praag, as the Empire's crypts of Morr have become breeding grounds for the most wicked of rituals. As unlikely allies appear, the machinations of the eternally patient are put into play as the full power of Geheimnisnacht is unleashed upon the world. Can the Forces of Destruction work together to stop a deadly ritual or are these indeed the End Times?

    Quest starter: Natalya Von Carstein
    Location: Darkstone Vantage, Reikland Warcamp (40k, 30k)

    All-Tier quest: Taking Time
    As the Raven Host marches on, they figure that all the towns and farms they pillage, are already bereft of animals to feed on. They have either decayed, or returned from the grave as horrid, zombified versions. The Eternal Imp Skeleton has been sent to find a way for these animals to retain their regular appearance, by making a brew to reverse the effects, and you are to help him.

    Quest starter: Eternal Imp Skeleton
    Location: Nordland (57k, 20k) - Ostland (11k, 26k) - Talabecland (14k, 5k) - Reikland (44k, 31k)


    Five unique titles: Graverobber, the Fist of Morr, Knight of the Dead, Champion of Morr and Morr's Chosen
    [*] 3 unique chicken trophies resembling both Order and Destruction chickens
    [*] All 8 Daemon Moon Rising masks
    [*] A selection of 5 unique, never-seen-before Vampire Count cloaks
    [*] A selection of various, never-seen-before Vampire Count weapons
    [*] A selection of 4 Jack O' Lantern vanity pets for Order and 4 Imp Skeleton vanity pets for Destruction
    [*] Spooky Concoction; drinking this has a mysterious effect on its user.

    Special thanks to Yaliskah for the amazing header, Gobtar for his tremendous assistance in developing the Warhammer lore behind this Halloween-themed project, Torquemadra for implementing item and NPC abilities, Ade for making the videos for the rewards and the entirety of the RoR Community and Team for allowing me to freely torment you with all the evil machinations nestled in my mind...


    A little extra; the two tracks I listened to on repeat while making this event, Halloween by the Misfits.

    Click here to watch on YouTube

    We hope you'll remember this Halloween...
    Happy hunting!
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  • Changelog 28/10/16
    This, for a number of reasons, is an unusually large patch.

    Expect bugs and gameplay calibration issues, especially with Open RvR, because this is the first revision.

    All changes are mine unless otherwise indicated.


    Fixed an issue which would cause ground-targeted abilities cast out of range to fire for no effect, blowing the cooldown. The server will now be able to issue a cancel when a ground-targeted ability is cast out of range, allowing you to retry immediately.

    Fixed an issue which would cause channeling abilities used by NPCs to continue to fire when a target was not in line of sight.

    Fixed an issue which would cause a dropped hold object (murderball, flag, etc) to lie invisible on the ground if moved too far away from its spawnpoint.

    Fixed some remaining incorrect AoE ranges. All fixed ranges have been reduced by 10 feet. Guard is affected in this patch.


    Fixed zone hotspots not being displayed on the world map.


    A player named Saccara noticed that warband crashes were linked to morale gain and reported his findings. Upon further analysis, morale was not being properly bounds checked, which was capable of corrupting the group and warband packets, which read the percentage of morale in a fashion which can cause packet corruption if the value is not within acceptable bounds. I have fixed the issue, and with any luck, the warband crashes will lessen or cease.



    Added Blood of the Black Cairn scenario.

    • Blood of the Black Cairn is a 5 capture point match. Try to capture and hold all the points, but in order to do this your realm must control the two areas nearest to your spawn and then capture The Crossroads. Once you control the Crossroads your enemy's capture points are yours for the taking! Beware, enemy players can sneak behind your battle lines and neutralize any areas you control!

    [General ORvR]

    Tier 1 will now lock when all battlefield objectives have been held by a realm for 15 minutes.

    Players will no longer earn rewards for kills made in a pairing that does not contain an open zone.

    Players tend to continue fighting in Nordland even when it's locked. Get out and see the world, Mount Bloodhorn is nice at this time of year.

    [Tier 2-4 ORvR]


    Each realm will now always begin with one keep in a contested zone.

    Keep Rank

    Keep rank has been reintroduced and controls the following:

    - Availability and caps for siege weapons, with the first access to rams coming at Keep Rank 3
    - The strength of the Keep Lord, with more Lord abilities available at higher ranks
    - The resistance of the keep door against attack. All keep doors, regardless of rank, will block any damage not issued by a siege engine, and the damage received from cannons will be reduced as the keep ranks up.


    To reach the next rank, or to sustain a rank, a keep requires that enough players are present on the battlefield and that supplies be returned to it at least once every 10 minutes, and that enough players of the keep's realm are on the battlefield. If these conditions are not satisfied, the keep will begin to consume supplies to sustain itself and it will derank if the supply level falls too low.

    Boxes of supplies will respawn at held Battlefield Objectives over time, with the usual border indicators on the objectives indicating presence or respawn progress of supplies. These supplies can be picked up by players and returned to the keep's Supply Drop flag to rank it up. The further a Battlefield Objective is from the keep, the greater the value of supplies transported there. The value of supplies will also increase as more players join the fight.

    The following apply to carried supplies:

    - Supplies may only be held for a limited time outside of the RvR area before automatically resetting. Players will be warned of this condition.

    - A player may mount while carrying supplies.

    - If a player carrying supplies is attacked, there is a 50% chance that they will drop the supplies. The probability of dropping the supplies is reduced by 50% if the carrier has Guard, and by 10% for every player in the carrier's group within 100 feet. Thus, the chance for a guarded player in a 6 man group to drop supplies on hit is 0%.

    Players carrying supplies will be indicated by a realm-colored beam of light.

    Active Front

    The first battlefront within a tier to have all its objectives controlled by a realm (i.e. to have no neutral objectives) will be indicated as the active battlefront, and the realms will deliver supplies to this front and this front alone. This means that while it is still possible to fight in other battlefronts, the keeps will be impossible to breach for lack of siege weapons.

    When the active battlefront experiences a zone lock, all objectives in other battlefronts will flip neutral and the realms will then redirect their supply lines to the next battlefront according to the rules above.

    With the greater distribution of players within a single zone, it no longer makes sense to allow players to duck fights by running to other zones. It's now one front or nothing.

    Keep Doors

    A door will no longer be replaced for no cost. Instead, when a keep ticks safe, the keep will consume supplies to replace the door. If not enough supplies are available, the keep will warn every 5 minutes of this condition, and the door will not be replaced unless the keep is resupplied.

    Returned supplies to a keep will first be used to repair a damaged door before being used to rank a keep.

    Siege Weapons

    Siege weapons are no longer consumable items. Instead, all siege weapon items have a shared cooldown of 3 minutes.

    All siege weapons are now deployed at friendly keeps and towed or carried to their location of use.

    Siege weapons will now slow the player down when they are being towed, but the player cannot be dismounted while towing a siege weapon. This will be necessary to allow a ram to be correctly positioned.

    Weapons which cannot be towed (High/Dark Elf siege and Greenskin Supa-Chukkas) are now able to be picked up. Interact with these weapons while mounted to pick them up. This will slow you down and indicate carrier status using the golden Murderball effect.

    Cannon will knock back all targets struck, granting immunity.

    The reload rate of cannon is modified by the user's Strength bonus. The maximum Strength bonus reduces the reload time for a cannon from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

    A bone for MDPS. Last thing I want to see are RDPS on cannons.

    All GTAoE siege weapons now use new RvR rules. These weapons inflict damage to any target struck and an additional 25% of the damage to any target within 20 feet of a directly struck target. This effect can stack up to 6 times.

    Anti-zerg safety - the "stick". The more players zerg, the more effective siege becomes against them, and the more siege weapons are likely to be concentrated in the same place to use against the zerg.

    GTAoE siege weapons will now perform arc of effect checks. These weapons will not fire unless there is an arc of effect to the target location.

    Players hiding artillery weapons behind walls.

    High Elf / Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Throwers apply a stacking 15% snare (max stack 4) for 5 seconds to targets struck. Other race GTAoE siege will knock back targets struck, with a 1.5 second immunity.

    Rams can only be deployed by players within a guild of rank (Tier * 5) or higher (i.e. Guild Rank 20 in Tier 4) and when a ram is deployed, relevant players will receive a region broadcast notifying them who deployed the ram and which guild they are in.

    I know at least one guy would have tried to sabotage a realm by wasting their rams. Be warned - if you do this, you will be banned.

    A towed ram must be positioned correctly in order to strike the door.

    The damage inflicted by a ram on a 4-man swing is now about 10% of the door's HP value, regardless of the rank of the keep.

    Tediously hitting a door for 5-10 minutes is not fun for anyone.


    - Restricted Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 deployable siege weaponry by level and renown rank.
    Conditions are as follows:
    • Tier 2 AoE/ST cannons and Oil: Rank 15, Renown Rank 10.
    • Tier 3 AoE/ST cannons and Oil: Rank 25, Renown Rank 20.
    • Tier 4 AoE/ST cannons: Rank 40, Renown Rank 40.
    • Tier 4 Oil: Rank 35, Renown Rank 30.


    Morale 4s

    While channeling a morale 4, the caster is immune to any effect which would interrupt the channeling.

    Channeled M4 effects are rare, and the general lack of desirability of spec M4 effects is further worsened by their being vulnerable to interruptions and CC from standard abilities and effects.

    Knight of the Blazing Sun

    The effect of the Encouraged Aim tactic will no longer apply unless the aura caster is wielding a great weapon.

    Bringing down S&B Knight and leaving 2H alone. I won't be entertaining any comments about how Knight is balanced, because it's not and you know it. We might possibly end up seeing double Knight as a result of this change, which will just be further reason to tackle the class.


    Energy of Vaul and Fury of da Green heal the group, regardless of whether the player is using new mechanics or old mechanics.
    Magical Infusion and Shrug It Off will increase the value of heals that a target receives by 25% when active.

    All these abilities are crap in standard spec anyway, so this becomes a formalized change.

    Warrior Priest/Disciple of Khaine

    Group cleansing will cleanse either your group or yourself, but not both, depending on the target of the cleanse.
    Because of this, Cleansing Power works in the same manner as Efficient Patching.

    Squig Herder

    Fixed an issue causing Goop Shootin' and Spore Cloud to have a cast time.


    Fixed an issue causing non-channeled Engineer turret and Magus daemon skills to have a cast time. Because the cycle rate for a cast time ability (but NOT a channel) is its cast time plus the cooldown, this should make the Magus Pink Horror significantly more efficient when compared with the Engineer's Gun Turret, as it will cast more often.

    Magus daemons will now correctly use the Magus stats as their baseline and not the Shadow Warrior stats. This is worth an additional 150 intelligence to the Magus daemons.

    The damage and range buffs are no longer experimental, and are now part of the classes.

    The maximum range bonus has been reduced to 40ft from 50ft.

    Fixed an issue causing the Blue Horror ability Warping Energy not to work at the correct range.

    The Engineer turret's range will increase by half as much as the Engineer's range per stack, resulting in final ranges of 140ft for the Engineer and 120ft for the turret. The Magus pet's range is unaffected.

    This is because the Engineer turret is outperforming the Magus daemon, and the Engineer itself is slightly outperforming the Magus.

    Please send any objections in the form of a balance proposal to the balance forum, not here.

    White Lion

    EXPERIMENTAL: The cooldown of Pounce is now 5 seconds, and it will increase your speed by 25% for 1 second when you land. Pounce will no longer function while airborne.

    The damage of Whirling Axe has been doubled, and it will increase your Dodge and Disrupt rates by 25% while active.

    The pet's range for use of Fetch! was missing the caster radius and target radius elements of the ability range check. This has been rectified and Fetch! should work more reliably.

    White Lion pets in Trained to Threaten stance will now prioritize applying the melee snare.


    EXPERIMENTAL: The cooldown of Thunderous Blow is now 10 seconds.

    Thunderous Blow forms part of the reason Marauder is overvalued - that being the deadly trio of Wounds debuff(TB), Armor debuff (CC) and 50% HD (DC + tactic), all on the same class. Not only that, TB is a 5 point ability and its cooldown is significantly shorter than other comparable effects. Thus, this change does not go through the balance forum, as I reserve the right not to.

    The damage of Wrecking Ball has been doubled, and it will increase your Dodge and Disrupt rates by 25% while active.

    Both 13pt AoE abilities were total crap. Some may baulk at the idea of a Marauder buff, but it's in the balance forum rules - underperforming aspects of any class are valid for buffs unless they further empower meta specs. Monstrosity isn't a meta spec.

    Witch Elf/Witch Hunter

    EXPERIMENTAL: The cooldown of Snap Shot and Throwing Dagger is now 3 seconds, and these abilities will snare by 20% when hitting the side of a target. Because the skills are 1s cast and the cooldown is invoked on cast end, the cycle rate is 4s, compared with a duration of 5s.

    The opinions of some players that this will do nothing for the WE/WH where they need assistance are noted, and this may well be true. However, if fixing these skills to behave as they were intended to (as a viable ranged snare) is of benefit to the class, we will keep the adjustment and look at other issues with WE/WH in future.

    In other words: these skills were always supposed to snare targets fleeing from you. That they can be strafed out goes against the design. Let's find out what happens when they work as they should.

    [Experimental Mode]


    EXPERIMENTAL: I'll Take That! and Balance Essence, when empowered by mechanic points, are standard heal type instead of raw heal. They can critically heal, will scale with Willpower, will proc onHeal and onDirectHeal effects and gain from heal modification abilities and tactics, but can now be heal debuffed. Because of this, both abilities will no longer critically hit when used with mechanic points.

    I will be watching this closely to see if it is a buff or a nerf. If it is a nerf, I will adjust it accordingly.

    [Other Changes]


    - Changed 3% Ranged crit chance on Engineer Merc Shoulders to 3% crit reduction chance, to balance it out against the Magus Merc Shoulders.
    - Made all Grimbraces (Blackguard gloves) tied to the Blackguard class.
    - Moved Johann Breuer (Order Chaos Wastes Warcamp killquest giver) away from the Helblaster Volley Guns.
    - Fixed the appearance of Aethyr Assistant mobs.
    - Removed two invalid dragon spawns in the Blighted Isle.
    - Added a bunch of Bestial Token unlocks to 1,000 mob kill unlocks.
    - Corrected the spelling of all Helblaster items and NPCs to use one L, instead of two.
    - All AoE and ST siege items are now Bind on Pickup and have fixed descriptions.
    - Amended all creature sub types - there should be no existing NPCs flagged invalidly as Snotlings anymore.
    - Removed various invalid spawns at the bottom of the Inevitable City.
    - Da Great Big Food Pot bind point fixed.
    - All Choppa 'Bellybuckle' belt items have an appearance now.


    - Rebalanced critical stat values upon weapons.
    - Swapped 4 and 5 piece set bonuses on Ruin, Annihilator and Mercenary sets.


    - Fixed T2 Empire PQ : Wayshrine of Sigmar


    - Stalker and Tracker quests once again count player kills in Scenarios for completion.
    - Reduced kill requirement for Stalker/Tracker quests from 20 to 10.
    - Talismans from Chapter Influence rewards have been removed, Potions are in their place for now.
    - PQ and Keep Bags are no longer able to be sold.

    [Addressed Tickets]

    - [8071] World: Fixed two terrain exploits in Logrin's Forge and Praag.
    - [8096] ToK: Added a Bestial Token to the 1,000 Ghoul kills tome unlock.
    - [7198] Item: Cracked Chargers appearance fixed.
    - [7297] Item: Swampstomper's Greathelm and Greathelm of Grudges appearance fixed.
    - [7631] Item: Casque of Unterbaum appearance fixed.
    - [7632] Item: Saperent Casque appearance fixed.
    - [7633] Item: Grudgejoining Casque appearance fixed.
    - [8095] Item: Gutslime Daemonstaff crit % fixed.
    - [7628] Quest: Time to Waaagh! objective fixed.
    - [7861] Quest: No News... quest marker added.
    - [7865] Quest: An Unholy Bond quest marker added.
    - [7866] Quest: Engineering Destruction quest marker added.
    - [7879] Quest: Turn It Up! quest marker added.
    - [7885] Quest: Bringing Down The House quest marker added.
    - [7900] Quest: Myrmidia Help Us quest marker added.
    - [8078] Quest: Making it Magic; Forgotten Shrine objective is now interactable.
    - [7250] NPC: Moved Scroggo of da Green out of Orytien Dawnbreak's aggro range.
    - [7258] NPC: Moved Chief Hallsteinn out of the Badlands RvR lake.
    - [7620] NPC: Grim Wolf and their cubs factions fixed.
    - [7741] NPC: Wrathglade and Ireshade Dryad subtypes fixed.
    - [7746] NPC: Grrlac double spawn removed.
    - [7899] NPC: Mekel Redfist double spawn removed.
    - [7991] NPC: Dragonclaw Bolt Thrower made killable.
    - [8081] NPC: Whiptail spawn added in Black Crag.


    - [8064] NPC: Siren Daemonettes are now correctly counted in Stage 1.
    - [8100] NPC: Dragonblessed Ferkath corrected faction, can now be killed by players.
    - [7909] Quest: Epic quest corrected, rewards tali slots corrected.
    - [7911] Quest: Corrected marker location.
    - [8099] Quest Marker: already displayed, closing.
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  • New Website
    As you might have seen (if not, change your goggles :)), website had a huge redesign.

    Yaliskah and I worked a lot to improve website and forum readability, and all the staff approved our work.
    We hope you'll enjoy it too.

    The main change is visual, but you'll see that who's online have been changed too, as well as about us page updated (missing images, but won't be long to be updated), and other things i've forgot. Ho yeah, for exemple, everything is responsive (except armory and who's online) :D !
    I've switch to another antispam system, hoping this will solve false positives.

    Don't hesitate to tell me if something is wrong somewhere, i'll kick your ass solve the problem with pleasure.
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  • Server crashed (?)

    No info to share. Calling Mulder.
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  • Patchnotes 14/10/16
    This patch will be applied at 01:00 British Summer Time.

    [Combat and Careers]

    - Fixed an issue causing some abilities to be mitigated by Toughness despite having no offensive stat contribution.

    Pet Careers

    - Fixed an issue in which the pet would fail to keep up with 60% movespeed mounts.
    - Fixed an issue in which the pet would attack targets, either in response to proximity or to incoming/outgoing damage, when the master was mounted.
    - Fixed an issue in which the pet would blink out on the client when travelling long distances without engaging in combat.
    - Fixed an issue in which a freshly summoned pet would not be in the advanced Follow state unique to pets, and would appear choppy when following.

    Squig Herder

    - The Horned Squig now receives a Strength bonus equal to the caster's Ballistic Skill from items rather than the caster's Strength.
    - Adjusted the HP pools of the Spiked and Gas Squigs slightly.

    [Experimental Mode]


    - Removed the 20% self heal penalty for using empowered heals on yourself.
    - I'll Take That! and Balance Essence will now heal for 250% of their base damage instead of 175% (plus the existing 150% of the damage that was dealt.)

    I will not be making any further unilateral changes to Archmage and Shaman for the time being until a full analysis has been performed of the whole changeset.

    [Other Changes]


    - Fixed a door in Dark Elf Chapter 15 in Caledor, allowing people to move from Saphery into Caledor's PvE Destro side.
    - Made Rats neutral to all, so they should no longer be getting insta-killed by surrounding NPCs.
    - Made Plague Priest Vharnal (Destruction side's Skaven end boss) a Champion like his Order counterpart.
    - Unified the size of RvR siege equipment, to an appropriate, logical size.
    - Removed all name tags above RvR siege equipment for the sake of consistency.


    Lair of Nerx Gutslime rebuilt +3/6 critical weapons in place as drops.
    Lair of Festitt fully functional.

    [Addressed Tickets]


    - [8055] NPC: Khorgash Maneater triple spawn removed.
    - [8031] NPC: Ungen Silentscythe double spawn removed.
    - [8029] NPC: Terissa Dreamweaver double spawn removed.
    - [8065] NPC: Frostmarrow Deadraisers are now targetable.
    - [8063] NPC: Doctor Zumwald is now targetable.
    - [8041] NPC: Kraethia the Undying is now targetable.
    - [8040] NPC: Brother Groeker is now targetable.
    - [8039] NPC: Brother Juton is now targetable.
    - [8038] NPC: Gervault Feuer is now targetable.
    - [8070] NPC: Removed a sneaky Orc using rock camouflage to his advantage.
    - [8061] Quest: Authun to Turaanos quest objective fixed.
    - [8026] Quest: A Bear Nuisance quest marker added.
    - [8072] ToK: Title unlock for Hydra Tamer added to Deathclaw.
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