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  • The Feast of Shoika
    We have made the decision to extend the double XP / influence / renown bonus through to Sept 26th 12:00 Altdorf time to coincide with the end of the Feast of Shoika event.

    Live Event: The Feast of Shoika


    The summer sun has reached its zenith and Dazh smiles down upon his worshippers below. All throughout Kislev pyres are lit, from the smallest village to the largest cities, in honor of Dazh who gave the world the gift of sunlight and fire. These pyres are fueled by sacrifices of mighty beasts, and small scraps of paper upon which the faithful write their prayers, hoping the flames will carry them to the heavens and reach the generous hands of Dazh. The summer season in Kislev is not only the celebration of Dazh, for it also honors Shoika, the powerful Tsarina who established Kislev. It is a time of celebrating in a manner most fitting of the Old World, with fire and blood.

    The Feast of Shoika is celebrated beyond the borders of Kislev. Its festivities reach Altdorf as a sign of the lasting alliance between the Empire of Sigmar and the Bear Kingdom. The Feast of Shoika is a dual celebration of the founding of Kislev and the start of the Kislevite New Year, and the onset of summer and season of the harvest which rely heavily on the blessings of Dazh. Kislevite Boyars, Priests of Dazh, and mysterious hag mothers celebrate in Altdorf. Meanwhile, Dolgans and goblins from the east join the Raven Host as the forces of Chaos seek to raze Kislev and turn its lands into one massive pyre honoring the Lord of Change. Head to Altdorf and the Inevitable City to learn how you can help during the Feast of Shoika.

    The Feast of Shoika will start on September 16th at 12:00 Altdorf time and last until Sept 26th 12:00 Altdorf time.

    The Feast of Shoika is a new live event for Return of Reckoning, which will be added to our annual rotation of live events. We've saddled up some new mounts for you (and learned a thing or two in the process) and didn't forget about the magus; we have two new custom capes for the live event; and retextured an npc model to introduce a new big-bad-lady for this live event. Our thanks to our artistic contributors for their continued dedication to RoR.

    Basic reward: [Kossar's Helm] or [Feast of Shoika Alcohol Sampler]
    Advanced reward: Your very own orphaned [Oblast Elk Fawn] or [Lynsk Bear Cub], or [Feast of Shoika Dye Satchel] containing four random dyes from the Feast of Shoika
    Elite reward: [Potion of Acclaim], the [Oblast Elk], or [Lynsk Bear] mounts
    Completing the Event Quest - An event slot item; and depending on the path you take/choices you make the new Kislevite capes: the ermine-fur-lined [Druzhina's Korzna] , or fur cloak fit for winter - the [Kislevite Kozhukhi].

    We are happy to use this live event to introduce twenty new dyes, available only during this live event, for those who wish to expand their colorful horizons. Dye previews are available here, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. These colors were drawn from the Warhammer Armies: Kislev 6th Ed., WFRP The Realm of the Ice Queen 2nd Ed., and other sources such as Warhammer Online's Praag assets. We hope to continue to introduce new dyes based on inspiration from the source material in the Live Events to come.

    Feast of Shoika Epic Branching Quest
    During the Feast of Shoika, players will have the opportunity to take part in a new questline built with our new branching quest system, The Tainted Child for Order, or Death On The Steppes for Destruction. Each questline has three endings, depending on the path you took and the decisions you made - and don't worry, there is a route focused on PvP for the PvE-shy players.

    Pyre Blessings
    Journey to Altdorf or the Inevitable City to speak with your local pyromaniac, the Priest of Dazh or Cultist of Flames respectively. Slay Kislevite bulls and be rewarded with Prayers to the Pyre, which you can write your most sincere prayers upon before casting them into the pyre and waiting for your god's reply. Be careful, for the gods know the value of your prayers, and not all are worthy of a blessing.

    The Ancient Widow ORvR PQ
    A spirit as old as the land of Kislev has reappeared in Kislev during this Feast of Shoika, a powerful being bent on cleansing the land of all those who do not respect it. Needless to say, that is everyone. Join your realm in battling the Ancient Widow in the streets of Praag, while you hold back the opposing realm. This PQ will include a handful of rewards exclusive to the PQ.

    Live Event Shoppe
    Collect Pyre Offerings by killing players in ORvR or Scenarios and trade them in with merchants in your Empire/Chaos capital cities - Baba Tsvana in Altdorf or the Dolgan Bloodrider in the Inevitable City. Note: the Pyre Offerings are a BLUE currency, so check your auto-rolls. These merchants will offer you foods and drinks from the northern lands, and some of the new dyes. Feast while you can, because after the feast comes the famine.

    Hotfix - 18/09/2022

    - Death on the Steppes - The Spiriter Meets Death : Attempt at fixing the respawn of Bodric Greyhand.

    - Death on the Steppes - East Meets West : Fix to Grain Wagons so players can interact with them.

    - Death on the Steppes & Tainted Child PvP path : The step to require kills in Nordland or Nordenwatch has been changed to simply kill players anywhere you please. The Nordenwatch requirement, an its infrequent pops, was throttling progress for lvl 16+ players.

    - Death on the Steppes - Yako's Blood-Drive - fixed an issue preventing you from selecting a reward. This quest should now correctly be set as repeatable.

    - The Tainted Child - The Harvest Comes : this quest should now correctly be set as repeatable.

    - Heart of Stone : This quest will now count kills in all T2 maps instead of only the Shadowlands/Ellyrion. As these maps are not always open, it was difficult to complete this quest in only one pairing.

    - Feathers in the Wind : This quest will now count kills in all T2 maps instead of only the Ostland/Troll Country. As these maps are not always open, it was difficult to complete this quest in only one pairing.


    - Koumiss has been adjusted and the amount of AP/s decreased. The original AP regen was too high and had unintended side-effects.

    - The Kossar Helm has been added to the live event shop for those players who didn't read the event tasks before selecting their reward. The reason there were two basic rewards was that some players already had the helm from previous events and it did not make sense for them to get a second helm; however, the helm is required to complete all 10 event tasks.

    - Mount Note: We are aware that the tooltip for mounts are incorrect. They should say 60% speed increase and we will try to fix this tooltip in the future.
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  • Twitch Drops 16/09 Weekend.
    Twitch Drops Feedback & Overview:

    It's been a while since we last did our Twitch Drops and we have listened to feedback in regards to watch times vs rewards. As a result, we have made a change to the cumulative watch time required to get the day-specific rewards available through this campaign, making those items more accessible for individuals with limited time across the weekend.

    The drop campaigns are scheduled for the following times:

    Day One: Friday 16/09 - 11:00AM UTC to Saturday 17/09 - 11AM UTC
    Day Two: Saturday 17/09 - 11:00AM UTC to Sunday 18/09 - 11AM UTC
    Day Three: Sunday 18/09 - 11:00AM UTC to Monday 19/09 - 11AM UTC

    We have tried both renditions of 'eligibility' for streamers. Either invite-only, or free for all. Both had their pro's and cons. In all truth, as this is the first campaign I'll be managing and with short-notice on creating the campaign for this event, we've made the decision to allow drops to be enabled for any streamer streaming Return of Reckoning during the above times. That being said, if we see any misuse of this system then it's a flick of a switch to bring the whitelist back on and we'll manually add streamers to that in real-time.

    To clarify, everyone streaming within the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning category (the one we use for RoR players) will have drops enabled on their channels.

    Detailed list of the rewards:

    Everyday, you will be able to claim up to 4 rewards by watching one or more eligible streamers for a cumulative total of up to 2 hours.

    If you'd like to read more about Twitch Drops and how they work, please checkout this thread.

    Live Event Box - 15 minutes watch time
    This box will drop everyday.

    - A selection of Live Event themed goodies.

    Potion of Acclaim (72hr Renown Potion) - 60 minutes watch time
    This box will drop everyday.

    - 72h Renown Potion

    Crate of War Crests - 120 minutes watch time
    This box will drop everyday.

    - 20 War Crests

    Day-Specific Rewards - 60 minutes watch time
    This box will have a guaranteed reward for each specific day, previous rewards cannot be claimed if missed.

    Friday 16/09: Gold Bag (50 Gold)
    Saturday 17/09: Stalwart Soulstone
    Sunday 18/09: 30 Day Aegis.

    To claim your rewards, please visit
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  • Patch Notes 14/09/2022

    New Player Journey

    Two new quests have been added to the Chapter 1 Rally Masters. The 'Scenarios of WAR' instructs new players how to queue for scenarios. 'WAR's Battlefields' guides players to the RvR lakes to dip their toes in PvP. Many new players start the game doing quests and following the green quest icons over NPCs heads. Our hope is that by having quests guiding players towards PvP content from the start of their experience, that they will learn quicker about Warhammer Online's PvP scene.


    - Fixed an issue which caused some items to display "This item cannot be used yet." when you should have been able too.

    Public Quests

    - Now if you enter a Public Quest and you are too low level you will be told that instead of appearing to join but having a bugged User Interface.

    Auction House

    - Fixed an issue which caused people to disconnect when someone nearby was using the "Guild Only" feature of the auction house.


    [20412] Dwarf Keg Handler can be summoned once again.
    [20404] White Dye icon should finally be working again.
    [20395] Imperial Hunting Hound can be summoned once again.
    [20373] Quest information has been updated.
    [20364] Radulf the Elder can no longer be killed by the enemy faction.
    [20348] Quest chain should be working once again.
    [20071] Missing text has been added.
    [19215] Quest text has been updated.
    [19003] Quest text has been updated.
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  • Patch Notes 10/09/2022
    Weekend Warfront: Factory of War


    The Reikland Factory is one of the most important manufacturers of arms and ammunition for the armies of the empire. Without it they will be forced to fight with sword and shield alone!

    Take the Warehouse and the Machine Shop for your realm! Carve a bloody swath of destruction through your enemies and emerge victorious from the Steamtank Plant!

    This weekend Factory of War will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Reikland Factory scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    State of the Realm

    - State of the Realm is now included in the base game. State of Realm is a User Interface enhancement that shows you where the action is by zone, updates Battlefield Objective, Keeps, and Keep Lord status.

    - Following a short client patch you should be able to remove the addon from your AddOns folder at your own choice.


    - The Guild Recruiting panel now shows correctly for unguilded players when logging in.

    - Fixed an issue which caused new order characters to leave their guild every server restart. Players who were in "The Forces of Order" will find themselves part of the guild once again after this patch. You will now be able to leave and continue your WAAAGH!


    - Fixed an issue which would make it look like you had unopened mail in your inbox if you had logged in from a character who had unopening mail to a character which had none.


    - Fixed a few mounts which allowd you to mount them while carrying a scenario objective.


    - Siege Weapon levels should now be their correct level. This was causing an issue where the starting area siege weapon quests would be very hard to complete.


    - The map for Hunters Vale once again shows you your position on the map.


    - The armoury should now be showing gear icons and items again.


    [19029] Guilds now show in the recruiting panel.
    [19862] Arixxis' name now shows above their hear.
    [20008] Quest should now work.
    [20078] Not being able to mount with objectives has been corrected.
    [20295] Guilds are no longer lost.
    [20340] Fixed in a previous patch.
    [20346] Fixed in a previous patch.
    [20347] Fixed in a previous patch.
    [20350] The mail icon has been fixed.
    [20355] Guilds are no longer lost.
    [20387] The mail icon has been fixed.
    [20402] The mail icon has been fixed.
    [20404] Dye icon has been added.

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  • Patch Notes 03/09/2022
    Weekend Warfront: Scurvy Dogs


    The seas run with blood! Dwarf ironclads, streaming out of Barak Varr, carry legions or blood-mad Slayers to raid and plunder the enemy's ships and ports. Meanwhile, Orc sea-hulks, loaded with Choppa freebooters, have ambushed the Dwarfs in the Black Gulf, and the sea is choked with the carcasses of the dead!

    Shiver me timbers and call me matey, prepare to set sail on the high seas of bonus renown and experience for participating in the scenario, The Ironclad! Also, you may notice that you're pillaging more booty when participating in the Weekend Warfront in the form of +50% XP and Renown. So get out there are keel haul those Scurvy Dogs and let your enemies know that you are, without a doubt, on a boat!


    Completing all tasks grants the title "The Dread Pirate".

    Realm versus Realm

    A new scenario queue "Discordant Skirmish" has been introduced. This replaces the currently selected Pick Up Group scenario. Queueing for Discordant Skirmish will randomly select a scenario from a curated list.

    Currently the Discordant Skirmish pool contains the following scenarios:
    - Gates of Ekrund
    - Nordenwatch
    - Pyramid of Settra
    - Reikland Factory
    - Lost Temple of Isha
    - Mourkain Temple

    Non Discordant Skirmish versions of senarios may be selected to be in the normal scenario rotation.

    City Siege

    - Fixed an issue which caused flags in City Sieges to not change to the attacker realm when captured.

    Combat and Careers


    - The logic of Neverending Agony has been reverted to it's previous implementation and the tooltip has now been updated to reflect that. The effect on Infernal Wave does not stack with other cooldown reducing abilities. The change in behaviour of this was originally due to us cleaning up a mixmatch of data in our systems.


    - The "Return" button has been disabled for unreturnable mail, such as from the Auction House or other system mail.

    - The "Report" button has been disabled for system mail.
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