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  • Patch Notes 22/07/2021
    Live Event: A Stronghold Saga - Part 1 - Return to Ekrund


    Oh glorious Karaz Ankor, how you have suffered under the relentless tide of greenskins. A dwarf never forgives a grudge, he only settles it. The time has come for the dwarfs to return to Ekrund and settle the ancient grudges inflicted upon the clans of the Dragonback Mountains. The greenskins however will not back down without a fight. Mount Bloodhorn shall earn its namesake.

    The Dragonback Mountains have not seen this scale of bloodshed in nearly four thousand years. Join your realm in cleansing the mountains of the unlawful intruders who dare to claim Ekrund as theirs by right.

    Speak to your Live Event herald to begin.

    Weekend Warfront: Unforgiving Seas


    During one of the recent battles upon the Inner Sea, one of our vessels foundered upon the rocky shoals of the Isle of the Dead. What is worse is that our enemies have done the same. Now both sides scrabble for parts from the many other wrecks so that they may escape the island before their souls are lost. We must ensure that our allies escape that dreaded place.

    Two ships have run aground while moving through the storm-wracked seas of Serpent' Passage. One of these vessels belongs to the High Elves, while the other is of Dark Elf origin. Both ships carry valuable supplies that we must claim if we are to gain an edge in this war. At the same time, we must deny these resources to our enemies.

    This weekend Unforgiving Seas will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Serpent's Passage scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm
    Open RvR

    - Damaging enemies with oil no longer gives renown, XP or influence. This is to make the oil primarily a strategic weapon for defending the keep, not for farming renown at the cost of the keep defense.

    - The renown gain from various objectives in RvR has been decreased a bit. The value from kills at these objectives was increased when the Field of Glory buff was implemented a while back, which covers the same thing.

    - Supply Drop Flags have been added to warcamps in T2 and T3.

    Combat and Careers
    General Changes and Fixes

    - Challenge stacks are now only removed on direct damage hits. Before they were also removed on dot ticks and damage procs.

    - The pet position syncing, pathing during recall and movement speed during recall has been fixed. [18965]

    - Fixed issue with Flame Breath potions wrongly removing some other buffs on target.

    - Debolster now happens in any T1 area (except for Rank 40 Lairs). However you will still be chickened if entering an RvR area or flagging for RvR unless an event is on.

    - Bolster no longer suddenly drops from 48 to 40 after level 30 and now decreases over a few more increments.

    Bug Fixes

    - Rune of Cleaving: Multiple dots on same target from different Rune Priests now works

    Bug Fixes

    - 'Ey Quit Bleedin': Affects additional targets when targeting self [19078]

    - Fury of da Green: Healing others when you are targeting self [14857]

    Bug Fixes

    - Demon Spittle: Multiple dots on same target from different Zealots now works [19119]

    - Eye of Sherian: The buff stacks on character sheet display just like it does in .getstats [19138] (pending client patch)

    Bug Fixes

    - Wings of Heaven: You can no longer jump away when rooted [19331]

    Bug Fixes

    - Lambent Aura: Affects additional targets when targeting self [19065]

    - Energy of Vaul: Healing others when you are targeting self [16309]

    Bug Fixes

    - Force of Fury: Armor buff no longer stacks with other armor buffs. The critical hit reduction has been changed to flat reduction of 5/10/15% instead of previous values of 15/30/45%.

    It was previously meant to be a percentage based reduction, but actually worked like a flat reduction. However we feel that a percentage based reduction of a percentage based stat just complicates things, and when that stat is typically 0% for most players, it didn't really make sense. So we kept it as a flat reduction, but lowered the values instead. So this is both a bug fix and balance change combined.

    Bug Fixes

    - Shadow Leap: You can no longer jump away when rooted [19331]

    Bug Fixes

    - Resistance debuff on Chillwind + Shadow of Disaster no longer stacks with other resist debuff abilities.

    User Interface
    Old World Armory

    - The server now sends armory item info properly to the client. So you can view item sets in the tome of knowledge without needing to have the items in your backpack.


    - Bind on Pickup items are now displayed as Bound to Player after being picked up.

    Public Quests

    - Durak's Gate: The Bloody Sun Rock Lobbers are no longer champions


    - Repeatable dye quests in each chapter in T3 have been added/reworked. Each contains three different dyes to choose from. However, all dyes are not new though.

    Greenskin Chapter 18
    - Da Belcher: This quest has been corrected
    - Working Undercover: The whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Dirty Deeds: The whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Smashin' da Bony Stunties: The whole quest line is now available and reworked


    - Phoenix Gate: The middle flags drops have been moved to be at equal distance from the flags. Two statues have been added to mark the place of the middle flags drops.


    - Fixed connection issues (timing out) for players particularly when using a VPN, Virtual Machine or software like Wine to run the game.

    - Fixed issue which could sometimes cause you to not be able to respond to your own support ticket.


    [19334] Brauk no longer disappears if Skrot is killed first.
    [14288] You can now collect the "Humie Steaks" from every Drakk cultist in Cinderfall
    [14268] You can now kill Morg Skinripper to loot his map
    [18804] The gloves have their actual appearance back
    [19277] You can interact with the Mourkain Henge
    [19188] The Battle Squigs are less aggressive to their herders
    [19279] You are once again able to interact with the pelt to make spawn Krul'Tor
    [19312] You can once again summon Uthorin Informant from the well during the last step of the quest line
    [19305] The NPC is once again attackable
    [19288] The correct career has been set on these shoulders
    [19301] The PQ is once again fully completable
    [19300] The blood can now be recovered by clicking on the cocoon
    [14264] The quest marker now displays both objectives

    Hotfix 2021-07-23

    - Debolster will now reduce item stats and weapon DPS to match character sheet
    - Debolster and bolster now scales power of item effects and item procs.
    - Debolster and bolster now scales potions instead of removing them.
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  • QnA - Watch the rerun

    QnA Rerun is now available
    In case you missed it:

    You can now watch the Q&A with added timestamps on Youtube.

    We'd like to thank you for submitting your questions, watching the Live Q&A or its Rerun, as well as for engaging with us on Saturday during the livestream.
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  • Patch Notes 03/07/2021
    Weekend Warfront: Thunder Valley Rampage


    A battle's broken out down at Thunder Valley. Seems the greenskins have found the secret workshop where Dwarf Engineers are developin' new engines of war. Thunder Valley's importance to the war effort can't be overstated. Quick now, go join the fight. We need every warrior we can get down there!

    The Thunder Valley scenario is open again for characters of all levels! This weekend only join in the joy of slaughter as enemy forces clash in this legendary locale!

    This weekend Thunder Valley Rampage will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Thunder Valley scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks. Completing all tasks will grant the title: "Thunderous Veteran".

    Realm versus Realm
    Ranked Scenarios

    Some tweaks have been done to the matchmaking to try and strike a better balance between fast pops for all MMR ranges and balanced matches. The match maker adapts automatically to different population levels and will create wider MMR brackets during low pop hours or when players have been in queue for a long time. And smaller brackets when there's more ongoing games and shorter queues.

    Combat and Careers

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed Exhaustive Strikes to drain 40 AP in 4 ticks of 10 AP each. Previously it was draining 60 AP in 3 ticks of 20 AP each.

    Bug Fixes

    - Pack Hunting won't disappear anymore when summoning a pet, or stay when switching to a different tactic [18729] [18765]


    - Cows should be a bit more generous with their droppings.


    - Fightin' Infightin': The Epic Quest (long) version of this Greenskin quest line has been activated, corrected and reworked. The short version has been deactivated


    [19268] Ranked Empire mount is not sold by the vendor
    [19207] Requirements corrected
    [19232] Vendors updated
    [18593] Updated for a more pulverizer-esque appearance
    [18590] Minus 1 is a good use of time
    [18445] Requirement and appearance corrected
    [17111] Found the missing Fortress Cleava
    [16463] Polished some shields
    [19151] The Wood Logs have been enabled
    [19230] The CD on the Order and Destruction Capture points has been reduced again
    [19208] Some Khaine's Altar cloaks are no longer considered as two handed items
    [19220] You are once again able to interact with the Doctor Wirt's Clothes to continue the epic quest
    [19256] This NPC is once again attackable
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  • QnA - Live this Saturday!

    Live QnA
    Watch the Live QnA - Saturday at 19:00 GMT

    Join us this Saturday at 19:00 GMT on LoreMasterOfSotek's Twitch or Youtube channel, as we answer over 80 questions (split into long answers & short answers to save time). The QnA will be simultaneously live on Twitch and on Youtube, and the direct links of the livestreams will be provided on Discord before that it starts.

    Raffles during the QnA

    During the QnA, there will be several raffles in order to give away event items to the lucky winners. Join LoreMasterOfSotek's chat and participate using the designated bot's command. More info will be provided during the livestream.
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  • Patch Notes 24/06/2021

    Ranked Season 2 has started on Monday! With all the rewards revamped and prepared, you will be able to keep on battling your way to the top of the leaderboard until Monday September 13th. Once the season ends, the winners will be announced and the rewards will be sent out. It is important to note that we've made sure many people have a chance to win, not only the first teams/players. We've already teased some rewards, so let's dig deeper into them.

    Season Rewards

    All of these rewards will be available for both the winners of Ranked Solo and Ranked Group. Which means that both playstyles have been taken care of.

    At the end of the season you will receive Triumphant Emblems based on your total ranking on the scoreboard, but also additional ones if you are among the top four players within your class.

    The top players will receive additional Triumphant Emblems based on their leaderboard placement at the end of the season:

    #1: 1000 Triumphant Emblems
    #2: 950 Triumphant Emblems
    #3: 900 Triumphant Emblems
    #4: 850 Triumphant Emblems
    #5: 800 Triumphant Emblems
    #6: 750 Triumphant Emblems
    #7: 700 Triumphant Emblems
    #8: 650 Triumphant Emblems
    #9: 600 Triumphant Emblems
    #10: 550 Triumphant Emblems
    #11: 500 Triumphant Emblems
    #12: 495 Triumphant Emblems
    #13: 490 Triumphant Emblems
    # ...
    #100: 55 Triumphant Emblems

    The top players of each class will also receive additional Triumphant Emblems:

    #1: 1000 Triumphant Emblems
    #2: 750 Triumphant Emblems
    #3: 500 Triumphant Emblems
    #4: 250 Triumphant Emblems

    There is also a new vendor in Altdorf and the Inevitable City that will sell unique mounts, unique trophies and unique new titles! As for the top players, who ranked between 1st and 10th position within each class, more rewards will be available for them. Some of these rewards are unique to those who placed 1st within their class.

    New Purchasable Armor

    The Triumphant armor set and Victorious armor set now have a new jewelry piece added. This is a slot 3 Jewelry piece that is able to harness stalwart talismans, just like the Sentinel jewelry. This means these sets will now have eight pieces in total, however they will only have set bonuses up to seven pieces. That being said, you can pick which pieces you want to use.

    Each of these two rings will cost 2000 Triumphant Emblems and 50 Triumphant Insignias (new).

    Triumphant Insignias is a new currency, you will receive one of them for winning a match in the following situations:
    - Win a Ranked Group match
    - Have an MMR of 1000 or more and win a Ranked Solo match

    New Purchasable Reward Items

    Ranked Quartermasters have been added in Altdorf and the Inevitable City. They sell trophies, new unique cloaks, mounts and more for Triumphant Emblems & Triumphant Insignias.

    Some of the trophies and cloaks are unique and will be only available after the season if you place 1st to 3rd of your class in either Ranked Solo or Ranked Group.

    They also sell 90 day mounts for 500 Triumphant Emblems & 20 Triumphant Insignias. Which mount you can buy depends on your race and class:

    Greenskin: Wyvern
    Dwarf: Rhinox
    Empire: Imperial Heroes Warhorse
    Chaos: Juggernaut of Khorne or Nurgle Warhorse
    Magus: Midnight Arabian disc
    Dark Elf: Dark Steed
    High Elf: Unicorn or Strawberry Roan Charger

    New User Interface

    The ranked leaderboard interface has gotten a facelift thanks to Sullemunk and Halta. Apart from looking nicer, it also has the weekly ranked live event progress and rewards in the same interface.

    The search functionality has also been improved to match on partial character names.

    Improved Matchmaking

    To get more fair and competitive matches the system will no longer match double SM or BO as such setups are lacking a single target knockback.

    It will also avoid two DPS classes without access to incoming heal debuff on the same team.

    However, it will allow 2 x mDPS vs 1 mDPS + 1 rDPS combinations now. It will still prefer games with same amount of rDPS & mDPS on both sides though. And any combination with 2 x rDPS on a team is blocked.

    So the combinations it will create matches for are:
    - 1 mdps + 1 rdps vs 1 mdps + 1 rdps
    - 2 mdps vs 2 mdps
    - 2 mdps vs 1 mdps + 1 rdps

    Item changes

    The 6pc bonus on the tank Victorious sets have changed from +5% Critical Damage to +12% Critical Damage.

    The 4pc and 5pc bonuses on rDPS Triumphant sets have been swapped to match the order they are in on the Vanquisher sets.

    In case you missed it

    We've been steadily forging Season 2 for many months, while some of its mechanics have been already released in Season 1 and Pre-Season 2, here are the most notable changes:

    - A new rating system
    - Purchasable Stalwart Soulstones
    - Purchasable Event Slot items
    - Revamped weekly rewards with visible progress in the Tome of Knowledge
    - New potions purchasable for ranked currency

    Live Q&A - Saturday 3 July
    Submit your questions

    From June 24th till June 28th, you can share the questions that you have in your mind on this specific thread. You may submit more than one question, but please keep your questions clear and without any discussions.

    On the 29th of June, the thread will be closed and the questions will be filtered to cover as many questions as possible within a logical amount of time. Lastly, on the 3rd of July, you will be able to hop-in and watch the team answer tens of questions, clarify several stuff and possibly tease upcoming content.

    Weekend Warfront: Blood Basin


    The blackened environs of Black Fire Pass are home to one of the bloodiest battles yet seen. The clash of steel on steel does little to drown out the screams of the wounded as Order and Destruction forces struggle for dominance in the blood-mired snow.

    This weekend the Blood Basin will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 Friday to 12:00 Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Black Fire Basin scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm

    - The amount of drops of Invader Shards & Royal Shards has been increased.


    - Cow pies are back on the menu bois. You can find them as a rare surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Right where you would most expect them.


    Due to some players having difficulty securing all the pieces of Beastlord Set Gear required for the new Vale-Walker set, we've updated the repeatable failsafe quest and associated rewards.

    Be advised, each of the normal storyline quests will provide the gear and tokens you need for the set. This failsafe is only intended for players who have lost their gear or bugged out the storyline quests somehow.

    As a reminder, the questgivers and vendors for these tokens are

    Destruction - Druchii Beastmaster (21k 31.7k) in The Inevitable City at the Stables near mount vendors
    Order - Ellyrion Herdmaster (19.5k 48.3k) in Altdorf in the War Quarter near mount vendors

    Beastlord Hunt: Eternal
    - This repeatable quest now rewards two tokens for killing all 5 of the current Beastlord Lair bosses.
    - The cost for each piece of gear, along with the Beastlord Hunting Guide has been reduced to 3 tokens, down from 5.
    - There is an additional 50g cost for replacing a piece of the set gear.
    - The Beastlord Hunting Guide has no additional cost.

    At worst, if you (for some desperate reason) needed to purchase all 6 pieces of Beastlord gear, you would need to kill all 5 lair bosses 9 times and spend 250 gold. So I suppose you would get pretty good at that by the time you finish. The vast majority of people affected are likely only missing one piece accidentally yeeted into the aether, which would be two rounds of lair boss killin' and 50g.


    [19176] The Shadowclaw Terrors are once again attackable
    [19191] Spirit of The Vale is now unattackable
    [19192] This final PQ boss is once again attackable
    [19152] Jewels can no longer be dyed using the option "Apply color scheme to all items" at the vendor
    [18988] Bolster/de-bolster happening when entering/exiting BO/keep areas, which was causing a lag spike for players
    [18547] Tooltip values of abilities for high level characters in T1 zones fixed


    - Fixed issue causing far less ranked pops than it should create
    - Fixed issue causing item boxes to not open
    - Disabled pathing in Black Fire Basin for now due to issues on that map.
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