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  • Patch Notes 20/5/2017
    French Translation
    Spanish Translation

    [Class Changes]


    Various abilities now require being on the ground in order to be activated, these include -

    - Pounce (No more mid punt pounce)
    - Fetch (No more fetching people over obstructions)
    - Kaboom (No more being able to cancel out a punt)

    The Following pet CC abilities are now properly defendable -

    - Brutal Pounce
    - Throat Bite
    - Drop That!

    Careers - Shaman

    Increased Stacks of 'Ere we go to 3

    Careers - Warrior Priest

    - 2h Hammers now carry additional parry strikethrough for WP only
    - Hammer of Sigmar requires a 2h hammer to use
    - A successful hit from Hammer of Sigmar grants Accelerated Intimation, a blessing which cuts cast times in half for its duration (Ideal for getting off a Soulfire in an appropriate time)
    - Absence of Faith now has a cooldown of 10s and debuffs incoming healing by 50%

    Careers - Shaman/Archmage

    - Fury of Da Green/ Energy of Vaul now does regular healing type as opposed to raw healing type
    - Fury of Da Green/ Energy of Vaul now tap for less and area of effect of heal radius reduced - Hotfix


    - Pet and ability cooldowns now reset when flying to another map or joining a scenario.

    Notes :
    - Squig herders and White Lions will now be able to summon pets immediately after zoning.
    - The cooldown of the Runepriest and Zealots self rez will not reset.


    -Backend work to enable limiting of pounce-like abilities to not allow casting when in the air
    -Backend work to enable some buffs to get removed on miss as well (so some pet abilities are not undefendable)



    - Reworked battlefronts code for incoming changes
    - Fixed kill quest bug preventing debolstered players to get kill count
    - Fixed flags tooltips in capture the flag scenarios

    [Public Quests]


    - Updated Macbre Fervor (CH ch3) to space mobs a bit further apart.
    - Boarding the Seahammer and Grundadrakk's Wharf (GS ch8) are now fully implemented.
    - Gassy Mines (GS ch10) is now fully implemented
    - Updated Mud Flats (CH ch10), clicking portals is no longer required to increment stage 2.

    Epic Quest:

    Added 10 new spawns of Shallya Priestess for Annihilation Destruction Epic Quest around the Reiksguard Training Grounds PQ.

    Public Quests:

    Mutant Exiles T3 Greenskin PQ is fully operational.
    Deathwind Pass T3 High Elf PQ is fully operational.
    The Falls of Renewal T3 High Elf PQ is fully operational.


    [9697] - Magus Obliterator Chest
    [9635] - Debolster issue
    [9634] - Squig Herder Death From Above
    [9582] - Dissolving Mist scaling
    [9529] - Malachia
    [9467] - Pet proc damage
    [9118] - Pounce mid-air
    [8018] - Gork's Tooth proc
    [8216] - Terrifying Roar
    [7501] - Mind Killer
    [1430] - Runic Shield

    [9694] - ToK Hidden Scrolls
    [9673] - ToK Temple of the Damned
    [9643] - ToK Shining Guard
    [9630] - ToK Cannons
    [9614] - ToK Valdred Kaltenbach
    [9613] - ToK Constable Luidheim
    [9612] - ToK Tough Meat
    [9611] - ToK Celanar Orithwyn
    [9610] - ToK Hithandror Oakbrow
    [9609] - ToK Gamira Odinadotr
    [9605] - Festering Plaguebearer
    [9604] - ToK Hanri Raudson
    [9603] - ToK Gav Hallmundr
    [8897] - ToK The King's Flying Corps and Gyrocopters
    [8751] - ToK Oath between Men and Dwarfs
    [8637] - ToK Defiled Life-force
    [8586] - ToK Matter of Scales
    [8443] - ToK Soulblight Stone
    [8437] - ToK Very Large Telescope
    [8427] - ToK Superstition
    [8425] - ToK Militia
    [8399] - ToK Dark Rites
    [6985] - Brenard the Alchemist
    [6511] - Gnoblar: Cull of the Weak
    [6335] - Picked Clean
    [6130] - ToK Wolf
    [5558] - ToK Dwarf T1
    [1445] - ToK Estelle Meyer

    [9688] - Squig Herder Havoc gear
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  • Balance Discussion forums are now Open
    Gerv will be re-taking lead of the Balance Forums, he is responsible for addressing proposals and moving them to discussions if they are deemed worth pursuing.

    Torquemadra will generally be the one implementing the changes, as he has the most complete knowledge of the ability mechanics and what is possible to change at this time. Developers will be involved as needed to provide underlying mechanics to any changes that require them.

    As a reminder for players wishing to pursue balance threads, these forums are strictly moderated. Stay on topic, present evidence, and avoid any personal attacks or biases. Posts must be made in competent English. As a refresher on what is expected of new Proposals in the balance forums, the following is still in full effect.

    Azarael wrote:This subforum allows topics to be made but not replied to, and is a vetting area for moderators.

    This forum is for class/archetype/combat proposals ONLY.

    The rules within this post must be read before posting within this subforum. In particular, not following the prescribed format will now result in an immediate decline due to failure to read the rules. This topic will serve as an example of one that follows the formatting rules.

    A note about Experimental Mode:

    • When making a proposal based on a class that has an experimental mode active on the server, you must accomodate for changes within that experimental mode as if they were an actual part of the class.

    Topics formatted appropriately and supplying evidence for a particular viewpoint should be moved to Discussion regardless of the moderators' personal opinion about the topic. Their role is only to ensure that the likes "omfg sorc op pls nerf" don't make it to a discussion. If rejecting a topic, a post should be made.

    Moderators are entitled to delay moving a topic if doing so would overwhelm the Discussions forum and their capacity to moderate it. When this happens, they should advise of it.

    Both our ability to make changes and the scope of issues we're willing to address are restricted at this time, as the path we have set out within the balance forum's rules is still the one that we intend to follow. If I am unwilling to act on something because we don't have enough power over the client or because it would conflict too much with the spirit under which that path was proposed, I will tell you why that is.
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  • Patch Notes 13/5/2017
    - Debolstering will no longer cause issues with Kill Quests in the Mid Tier zones.

    [Class Changes]


    Careers - Blackguard
    - Moved Force of Fury to 5 points (note this is PERCENTAGE based critical reduction, not a flat reduction)
    - Moved None Shall Pass to 13 points, reduced the cooldown to 10s.

    Careers - Chosen
    - Crippling Strikes now functions off critical damage from single target attacks only.

    - Updated the BG text of .ab changelist to reflect Torques changes above
    - Abilities will no longer move you if falling or knocked back (still does damage and skill goes on CD)


    - Updated T4 Keep Lord Conqueror quests, they now turn in at Battlefield Objective guards instead of at captured keeps. Several Keeps are not spawning mobs after being captured which led to several quests being unable to complete.

    - Reworked the Tier 3 kill quests which reward seals, they now give more seals per hand in and players between 16-40 can take them.

    Destruction Quests are -
    The Gifts of WAR!
    This is WAR!

    Order Quests are -
    The Gears of WAR!
    WAR is Upon Us!


    - Updated the Scenario handler to fix crashing that causes scenarios to stop working.

    - Reduced costs on Imperator and Overlord set.
    - Added Potion of Acclaim to Imperator and Overlord vendors.


    [9626] - Replaced with the correct GO.
    [9575] - Corrected NPC's, and clothed them.
    [9564] - Killing Rathaur should now finish the quest.
    [9513] - Doublespawns removed.
    [9491] - Killing Shiftclaw Wolf should now advance properly.
    [9488] - Either altar will work now.
    [9465] - These were set to RvR quests instead of standard quests.
    [8554] - Updated quest reward.
    [8347] - Mobs were all flagged for the same harpy. They should be split up now.
    [8319] - Corrected quest requirement.
    [8289] - Set drop chance to 0 for these quests.
    [8155] - Updated description
    [8118] - Wrong NPC was flagged.

    Link to French Translation

    Spanish Translation

    [Cambios en las clases]


    Carerra - GuardiaNegra
    - Force of Fury movido en 5 puntos (ten en cuenta que este porcentaje es reduccioón del crítico, no reducción plana)
    -None Shall Pass movido en 13, reducido el tiempo de enfriamiento a 10 segundos.

    Carerra - Elegido
    - Crippling Strikes, ahora funciona en un solo objetivo marcado

    - Acualizado el texto de los cambios realizados por Torque en el Guardianegra al usar el comandoo .ab changelist
    - Las habilidades ya no te moverán si te caes o eres derribado (aún lo hace el daño y si la habilidad está en el tiempo de enfriamiento)


    - Actualizado T4 Misión del Señor del Castillo, ahora se convierten en los Objetivos de Batalla en vez de capturar keeps.
    En muchos castillos no están apareciendo los mobs después de ser capturados, lo que lleva a que muchas misiones no se puedan completar.

    - Rehecho las misiones de T3 que dan como recompensa los seals, ahora dan más y los jugadores entre 16-40 pueden cojerlas.

    Las misiones de la Desru son:
    The Gifts of WAR!
    This is WAR!

    LAs misiones del Orden son:
    The Gears of WAR!
    WAR is Upon Us!


    - Acualizado el manejador de escenarios para arreglar el problema de que los escenarios dejan de funcionar.

    - Reducido el coste en los sets de Imperator y Overlord.
    - Añadida una poción en los vendedores de Imperaor y Overlord (Potion of Acclaim)


    [9626] - Reemplazado con el correcto GO.
    [9575] - Corregido los NPC´S, y están vestidos.
    [9564] - Matar Rathaur debería finalizar la misión.
    [9513] - Dobleres removido.
    [9491] - Matando Shiftclaw Wolf debería avanzar adecuadamente.
    [9488] - Either altar funcionará ahora.
    [9465] - Estos eran para las misiones de RvR en vez de las estandar.
    [8554] - Actualizada la recompensa de la misión.
    [8347] - Los mobs estaban marcados todos iguales ahora deberían separarse.
    [8319] - Corregido los requerimientos de la misión.
    [8289] - 0 oportunidad de que suelte algo la misión.
    [8155] - Descripción actualizada
    [8118] - Erroneo NPC marcado
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  • Adblock message
    Yaliskah posted a message a few weeks ago related to adblocker usage on Return of Reckoning.

    As all of you know, this project is free for everyone, and we want it to stay like this for a lot of reasons (legal mainly, but not only).
    Nowadays, this project is hosted on 2 servers : 1 for app/database which costs every month, and 1 for web part offered by Yaliskah and I on our server used for other projects of ours.

    The previous message asked you to disable adblockers on Return of Reckoning, because the only way to pay servers is ads. Nowadays, we don't earn enough money each month for that, and Yaliskah have to pay from his pocket (yes, he's a good guy :)). This situation can not continue like this.

    No, we won't make a shop or anything like that, nor ask you money for this project. No we won't put intrusive ads like other websites does sometimes.

    We only want you to disable your adblockers, and it seems that only a post isn't enough. That's why starting from now, if you have an adblocker on RoR, you'll receive a message once a week (we'll check if it's enough) asking you to disable it. I my personal opinion, it's not a huge effort for every player to disable an adblocker to play for free to this game.

    If it really annoys you, sorry, but i'll stay like this :)
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  • Patch Notes 6/5/2017
    Added Kill quests at each Keep Lord in T4 which reward Conqueror Medallions.
    - Hotfix should have corrected these quests.
    - A few Keep Lords are not spawning after an enemy keep is taken, this is a separate issue that is being looked into.

    Fixed a bug that allowed bolstered players to kill mobs for double xp.

    Removed spell from blue AP pots till properly resolved.
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