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PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

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PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#1 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 8:59 pm

Public Test Server

Drakwald, our Public Test Server is online again to provide testing ground for our newest content additions and the balance changes that are currnetly planned to be released for the Live server.

You can join our Public Test Server through the launcher:

If the Test Server does not appear for you please download this launcher for it: ... uncher.exe

We would like to ask the community, if you have time, please try to test the newest additions we have added to minimize the chances for bugs or unintended consequences, by playing a little bit on the Public Test Server and try out the things you're most interested in.

On the PTS, you can select Templates for new characters to help you start fully geared and level 40, ready for testing!


The major content that requires testing for us is :

- PvP Balance Changes

Please note, that the Patch Notes below might not be final and might still be changed until they get updated to the Live server, based on Feedback or further Development.

The Patch Notes below are NOT Full or Finished, and we have a lot more exciting news to share with you - these are merely the Career Balance Changes we are testing.

Thank you and have fun testing!

Combat and Careers
General Changes and Fixes

- AoE ability target selection is changed to prioritize the closest targets.

- Hate generation from healing has been reduced by 30%, to help in both PvE and RvR Sieges.

- The cone of the Challenge ability is increased from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.

A slight increase of the cone of Challenge to strike a better balance between being able to affect a targeted group, but not being able to challenge full warbands with just one challenge.

AoE radius changes

The following abilities have had their radius reduced from 30 to 25 ft.

This is a compensation for the new ability system calculating the radius of abilities that hit all around the player differently than the old ability system. The old system calculated distance in different ways for circle AoE, cone AoE and single target, while the new system uses the same method for all of them. This led mostly to problems with abilities that already had large radiuses, hence for now we only change abilities with a 30 ft radius. We will continue to look at the strength of all AoE abilities and their ranges.

Tanks - Distracting Bellow
Magic Ranged DPS - Unleash The Winds
Healers - Rampaging Siphon
Bright Wizard - Fire Cage
Bright Wizard - Annihilate
Bright Wizard - Backdraft
Bright Wizard - Scorched Earth
Bright Wizard - Explosive Force
Knight of the Blazing Sun - Shackle
Knight of the Blazing Sun - All Battle Commands
Knight of the Blazing Sun - Staggering Impact
Warrior Priest - Repent
Warrior Priest - Divine Amazement
Warrior Priest - Martyr’s Blessing
Warrior Priest - Soulfire
Witch Hunter - Get Thee Behind Me!
Engineer - Self-Destruct
Engineer - Barbed Wire
Engineer - Extra Ammo
Engineer - Lightning Rod
Engineer - Bugman’s Best
Engineer - Electromagnet (Slow part)
Engineer - Steam Vent
Engineer - Static Discharge
Engineer - Fling Explosives
Ironbreaker - Grip of Stone
Ironbreaker - Earthshatter
Ironbreaker - Blood of Grimnir
Runepriest - Rune of Ending
Runepriest - Rune of Battle
Runepriest - Rune of Might
Runepriest - Oath Rune of Warding
Runepriest - Rune of Sundering
Slayer - Distracting Roar
Slayer - No Escape
Slayer - Shatter Limbs
Slayer - Inevitable Doom
Slayer - Even the Odds
Slayer - WIld Swing
Archmage - Dissipating Energies
Archmage - Funnel Energy
Archmage - Walk Between Worlds
Shadow Warrior - Instil Fear
Shadow Warrior - Whirling Pin
Shadow Warrior - Whirling Rage
Sword Master - Aethyric Grasp
Sword Master - Gusting Wind
Sword Master - Wrath of Hoeth
White Lion - Echoing Roar
White Lion - Whirling Axe
White Lion - Blade And Claw
Chosen - All Chaotic Auras
Chosen - Petrify
Magus - Instability
Magus - Tzeentch’s Grasp
Magus - Lasting Chaos
Magus - Chaotic Rift (Slow part)
Magus - Coruscating Energy
Magus - Warpfire
Marauder - Wave of Horror
Marauder - Wave of Mutilation
Zealot - Breath of Tzeentch
Zealot - Suppressing The Fragile Unbelievers
Zealot - Chaotic Agitation
Zealot - Wind of Insanity
Zealot - Mark of the Vortex
Zealot - Rite of Agony
Black Orc - Where You Going?
Black Orc - Big Swing
Choppa - Outta My Face!
Choppa - Wot’s Da Rush
Choppa - Furious Stompin’
Choppa - Git To Da Choppa
Choppa - Wild Choppin’
Shaman - Breath of Mork
Shaman - You Weren’t Using Dat
Shaman - Stop hittin’ me!
Shaman - Steal Yer Thunder
Squig Herder - Sticky Squigz
Squig Herder - Farty Squig
Squig Herder - Wind Up Da Waaagh
Squig Herder - Spore Cloud
Squig Herder - Bad Gas!
Squig Herder - Big Bouncin!
Black Guard - Chains of Hatred
Black Guard - Furious Howl
Disciple of Khaine - Terrifying Vision
Disciple of Khaine - Chant of Pain
Disciple of Khaine - Khaine’s Refreshment
Disciple of Khaine - Fell Sacrifice
Sorcerer - Grip of Fear
Sorcerer - Shatter
Sorcerer - Disastrous Cascade
Sorcerer - Surging Pain
Sorcerer - Piercing Shadows
Witch Elf - Enchanting Beauty
Witch Elf - Blade Spin

Additionally the following abilities have their radius reduced:
Witch Hunter - Dragon gun from 30-35-40-43-48 to 25-30-35-40-45
Witch Elf - On Your Knees! from 30-35-40-43-48 to 25-30-35-40-45

AoE line width changes

The following list has all abilities that function as a line in it. Several adjustments have been made:

Tanks - Raze from 25 to 30 ft.
Witch Elf - Web of Shadows 20 to 30 ft.
Ironbreaker - Axe Slam remains 35 ft.
Engineer - Strafing Run from 25 to 30 ft.
Squig Herder - Shoot Thru Ya from 25 to 30 ft.
Knight of Blazing Sun - Nova Strike remains 30 ft.
Witch Hunter - Divine Blast remains 30 ft.
Witch Hunter - Reversal of Fortune remains 30 ft.
Bright Wizard - Wall of Fire from 20 to 30 ft.
Marauder - Mouth of Tzeentch from 20 to 30 ft.
Magus - Daemonic Scream from 20 to 30 ft.
Shadow Warrior - Lileath’s Arrow from 25 to 30 ft.
White Lion - Flying Axe remains 30 ft.
Sorcerer - Ice Spikes from 20 to 30 ft.
Sorcerer - Infernal Wave from 20 to 30 ft.
Engineer - Friction Burn from 20 to 30 ft. Additionally, the Cone Angle increased from 120 to 180 degrees.
Magus - Infernal Blast, now also functions as a line ability with the same range and width as Friction Burn.
Bright Wizard - Flame Breath from 25 to 30 ft. Additionally, the Cone Angle increased from 120 to 180 degrees.

Proc Changes

To allow for better understanding of game mechanics we aim to have all procs function the same. Last patch was a first step, but now we tackle a couple of weird exceptions.

From now, all damage procs can no longer crit or proc other procs. This affects the following procs:

Slayer - Retribution
Sword Master - Wall of Darting Steel
White Lion - Hunter’s Strike
Black Orc - ‘Ave Another One
Black Orc - Can’t Hit Me!
Choppa - Bring It On

Last patch damage procs were changed to no longer be affected by damage increasers. While this was a very necessary change to some procs, there is also a group of procs that were already weak before this change. With the following adjustments we aim to make these tactics and abilities more viable and in some cases give some compensation for the previous change.

To allow for better balancing certain procs now scale the player's Damage Bonus (DB).
The following numbers are based on maxed out Mastery Tree values!

MDPS - Jagged Edge - from 3 x 202 to 3 x (149 + 0.5 x DB) damage
High Elves - Centuries of Training - from 3 x 84 damage to 3 x 101 damage (fixed tooltip to “with direct damage”)
Chaos - Backlash - from 5 x 50 damage to 5 x 74 damage and now procs when you are being attacked, like tooltip says, instead of when taking damage.
Bright Wizard - Lingering Fires - from 5 x (50 + 0.45 x DB) to 5 x (75 + 0.45 x DB) damage
Bright Wizard - Playing With Fire - from 375 to 500 damage
Knight of the Blazing Sun - Biting Blade - from 5 x 70 to 5 x (60 + 0.45 x DB) damage
Warrior Priest - Guilty Soul - from 4 x (150 + 1.0 x DB) to 4 x (175 + 1.0 x DB) damage
Witch Hunter - Blessed Bullets - from (337 + 1.5 x WDPS) to (375 + 1.5 x WDPS) damage
Witch Hunter - Fanatical Zeal - from 262 to 352 damage
Engineer - Tangling Wire - from 6 x 41 to 6 x (44 + 0.25 x DB) damage
Engineer - Hollow Points - from 5 x (81 + 0.45 x DB) to 5 x (90 + 0.5 x DB) damage
Archmage - Dispel Magic - from 225 to 247 damage
Sword Master - Potent Enchantments - from 4 x 135 to 4 x (88 + 0.35 x DB) damage
Sword Master - Wall of Darting Steel - from 150 to 187 damage
Chosen - Tainted Wound - from 337 to 498 damage
Magus - Infernal Pain - from 3 x (82 + 0.75 x DB) to 3 x (99 + 0.75 x DB) damage. Additionally changed to deal Spirit damage.
Marauder - Gift of Savagery - from 5 x 168 to 5 x (81 + 0.45 x DB) damage
Marauder - Touch of Rot - from 187 to 352 damage
Marauder - Touch of Instability - from 348 to 390 damage
Zealot - Waves of Chaos - from 150 to (150 + 0.75 x DB) damage
Black Orc - Loudmouth - from 225 to (172 + 0.5 x DB) damage
Shaman - Mork’s Touch - from 225 to 250 damage
Disciple of Khaine - Khaine’s Imbuement - from 3 x 151 to 3 x (151 + 0.5 x DB) damage
Sorcerer - Shades of Death - from 150 to 200 damage
Witch Elf - Kisses - from (150 + 1.5 x WDPS) to (180 + 1.5 x WDPS) damage
Witch Elf - Witchbrew - from 450 to (224 + 1.5 x DB) damage
Witch Elf - Vehement Blades - from 187 to 277 damage
Witch Elf - Treacherous Assault - from 262 to 352 damage

Balance Changes

- Grudges - Internal Cooldown of building Grudge when you are being attacked reduced from 1.0s to 0.5s.

- Heavy Blow - Damage Bonus scaling initial hit changed from 0.75 to 1.0. Damage Bonus scaling of DoT changed from 0.75 for all Grudge levels to 0.25 - 0.50 - 0.75 - 1.0 for 25+ - 50+ - 75+ - 100 Grudge.

- Oathstone - Now additionally gives 6s of Immovable to you and your Oath Friend if they are within 50 ft.

- Avenging The Debt - Now additionally grants 3s of slow and root immunity.

First, Heavy Blow is now changed to scale better with Grudge. This is a buff if you are above 75 Grudge and a nerf in damage if you are below.

Additionally we aim to buff the middle tree as Oathstone was quite an underwhelming ability. Giving yourself and your Oath Friend immunity to roots and knockbacks can be extremely valuable if timed correctly in fights.

Balance Changes

- Down Ya Go - Now requires da’ Gud Plan! and leads to da’ Best Plan!

- Git Out! & Fly Gits! - Now requires da’ Best Plan! and leads to No Plan after dis!

- Less Stabbin’ Me - Reworked to give 10% Parry with an additional 5% Parry in da’ Gud Plan! and 10% Parry in da’ Best Plan!

- Arm Breaka - No longer needs da’ Gud Plan!, instead now leads to da’ Gud Plan!. Base damage increased from 112 to 150. Now additionally gives the drained Action Points to your allied target.

- You Wot!?!!! Removed and replaced by Chop Fasta!.

- Chop Fasta! - New 13 pt ability in Path of Da’ Brawler: Blessing. 35 AP. 5 ft range. Instant. No CD. Requires Great Weapon. Needs da’ Gud Plan!. Leads to da’ Best Plan!! - You hit your target for (225 + 1.5 x DB + 1.5 x WDPS) damage and increase your auto attack speed by 50% for 10 seconds. If you are behind the target, you will almost always deal critical damage.

Similar to the Sword Master, the knock down and knock backs trade stances. We believe that having knock down on the second stance will allow for more playmaking possibilities.
Less Stabbin’ Me is reworked to be less reliant on your stance. As Black Orc already has a 10% block tactic, it is changed to parry and is a possible replacement to regain some of your passive defenses lost with the removal of You Wot!?!!
Speaking off, we felt like You Wot!?!!! just did way too many things at once. No class should need such strong buffs with such high uptime. In its place is a new ability with a familiar name. It is a strong second stance ability increasing your auto attack speed.
At last Arm Breaka is changed to first stance ability and now gives the AP removed to your allied target.

Balance Changes

- Furious Stompin’ - Initial Hit base damage increased from 125 to 150. The second, third and fourth hit have their base damage reduced from 125 to 100 and their damage bonus scaling reduced from 1.0 to 0.75. Overall this is a nerf of roughly 14% in total damage.

An adjustment to Furious Stompin’ to slightly reduce the AoE burst damage potential of this particular skill.

Balance Changes

- Staggering Impact - Cooldown reduced from 30 to 10 seconds. Base damage increased from 50 to 74. Weapon DPS scaling increased from 0 to 0.45.

By buffing this very underwhelming ability, the KotBS now has three strong options as 13 point abilities in their mastery trees, giving them maximum specialisation variability.

Balance Changes

- Warrior Priest - Guilty Soul: Can now be procced by any damaging ability. The damage increase now additionally increases the damage of your auto attacks. The player now only gets the damage stacks when wearing a Great Weapon.

This change allows DPS Warrior Priests to use more abilities in their kit without running the risk of losing their Guilty Soul stacks. SnB Warrior Priests can now use the tactic for the damage over time component, but won’t get the extra damage stacks.

Balance Changes

- Oppression - Now additionally reduces damage taken of group members within 100 ft by 15% for 5 seconds.

- Tzeentch’s Reflection - No longer buffs your willpower and initiative. Instead it gives the following effect: Group members within 100 ft become surrounded by a magical barrier for 10 seconds, which will absorb up to 1162 magical damage for each person. Action Point cost increased from 20 to 35.

While overall Chosen is still in a decent spot, their 13 pt abilities feel rather weak. With other tanks getting buffs, it makes sense to take a look at these abilities as well.

Oppression can now be used to reduce incoming burst damage on your group.

Tzeentch’s Reflection is now an ability allowing you to counter magical ranged damage for your group.

Balance Changes

- Touch of Instability - No longer triggers on Heal over time ticks.

Balance Changes

- Crashing Wave - Now knocks down on the initial. The initial hit is now fired instantly on pressing the ability. Now counts as direct damage. Also no longer gives Unstoppable (bug fix).

- Crashing Wave - Now requires Improved Balance and leads to Perfect Balance.

- Mighty Gale - Now requires Perfect Balance and leads to Normal Balance.

- Hoeth’s Tempest - Now further increases the power of the knockback.

- Redirected Force - Now deals (150 + 0.67 x DB + 1.0 x WDPS) damage to all targets in front of you within 20 ft (220 degrees) and interrupt any spells they are casting. Cooldown increased from 5 to 10s.

- Crushing Advance - No longer interrupts. Instead Block chance is increased from 5% to 10%.

- Perfect Defenses - Reworked to give 5% Block with an additional 5% Block with Improved Balance and 10% Block with Perfect Balance.

- Calming Winds - Reworked to give 10% Disrupt with an additional 5% Disrupt with Improved Balance and 10% Disrupt with Perfect Balance.

- Ether Dance - Moved to 9 points in Path of Khaine

- Phoenix’s Wing - Moved to 5 points in Path of Khaine. No longer requires Improved Balance, instead now leads to Improved Balance. No longer requires Great Weapon. Action Point cost increased to 40.

- Sapping Strike - Moved to 13 points in Path of Khaine and reworked to: Hex. 35 AP. 5 ft range. Instant. No CD. Requires Great Weapon. Requires Improved Balance. Leads to Perfect Balance. - You deal 5 x (112 + 0.67 x DB + 0.67 x WDPS) Spirit damage over 10 seconds, increasing your chance to critically hit by 10% for the same duration. If you are behind the target, you instantly deal (187 + 1.5 x DB + 1.5 x WDPS) Spirit damage.

Crashing Wave now instantly knocks down the target when pressed instead of having a weird delay.
We swapped the stances of knockback and knockdown as we believe this can lead to better CC rotations into your own burst damage. This change will be closely tracked to see if it has the effect we aim it to have.
For the middle tree, Redirected Force now has the AoE interrupt, allowing both SnB and 2H specs to gain access to this tool. The block of Crushing Advance is increased as compensation.
Perfect Defenses and Calming Winds have been reworked to rely less on your current stance.
The knockback of Mighty Gale when using Hoeth’s Tempest is increased as we felt like the knockback was too weak to warrant a tactic.
At last several changes in the Path of Khaine. Sapping Strike is reworked as the new 13 pt ability. With two great utility options as other 13 pt abilities, this ability is focused purely on buffing your own damage. Ether Dance is moved to 9 pts, which will make it easy to combine with Vaul’s Buffer or Whispering Wind. At last, Phoenix’s Wing takes the 5 pt spot in the tree and is changed to Stance 1 ability and has the 2H requirement removed.

Balance Changes

- Hatred - The Black Guard now builds 10-5-3 Hate when being attacked (0-29 Hatred; 30-59 Hatred; 60-100 Hatred) instead of always 5 Hate. The Black Guard now always builds 5 Hate when attacking instead of the 10-5-3 Hate based on Hatred.

- Feeding On Pain - Reworked to: Reduce the AP cost of abilities based on your current Health level. With 76-100% Health: Reduce cost by 5 AP. With 51-75% Health: Reduce cost by 10 AP. With 26-50% Health: Reduce cost by 15 AP. With 0-25% Health: Reduce cost by 20 AP.

- Crush Vitality - Reworked to: Crush the Weak now additionally lowers the target’s auto attack speed by 35%. Now available at lvl 39.

- Simmering Anger - Now available at lvl 21.

A small change to buff some previously useless tactics of the Black Guard. Feeding On Pain is now a proper AP tactic and Crush Vitality a potential counter against physical small scale groups.

Some of the Bug Fixes

[22608] - Marauder arm mutation's are now visually corrected, they will display properly now.
[22531] - Creeping Death and Sapping Strike now properly apply the correct immunity.
[21498] - Inevitable Doom expiration incorrectly syncronizing
[22026] - Inevitable Doom won't work if you already have two up
[22602] - Lotsa Choppin + Extra Choppin' Tactic not functioning properly.
[22556] - Slayer Flurry + Accuracy Tactic not functioning properly.
[22630] - Ensnare + Flames of Fate ignoring immunities.
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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#2 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 9:30 pm

Nice. Thanks Devs.

Will try to find something to cry about and go test it with my nerd friends to see if the crying is justified or not.

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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#3 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 9:39 pm

To clarify- do the procs which now get extra dmg from DB will also be mitigated by toughness?
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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#4 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 9:40 pm

Engineer: Bugmans Best reduced to 25ft.
So it is back to Heal everyone and not only party?

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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#5 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 9:47 pm

Glorian wrote: Mon Apr 29, 2024 9:40 pm Engineer: Bugmans Best reduced to 25ft.
So it is back to Heal everyone and not only party?
if only.... but I believe that we can always dream again
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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#6 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 10:09 pm

Bring back keg parties!

Cool changes. Keep it up, devs!
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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#7 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 10:10 pm

Furious stompin' change was warranted and seems fair on paper, we will see how it goes.

Any word on Choppa Extra Choppin' tactic getting fixed, alongside the corresponding tactic for Slayer? Or did i miss something there?

SNB BO losing You Wot hurts, but the ability was indeed a tad bonkers. The points can now be invested somewhere else, which isn't a bad thing.

Changes to MDPS jagged Edge and High Elves Centuries of Training both...gonna be interesting to see how those will impact WL dps.

My WE isn't high enough level to really be able to form an opionion (cr30rr46), but i wish the finishers (for WH as well i reckon) would get some love.

Overall the changes seem fine for the most part, we will see how it goes.

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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#8 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 10:40 pm

Interesting, will see how it all ends up.

The interaction between the 3 magicarchtype close range Channeled aoe abilities;
- Brightwizard Annihilate
- Sorc Disastrous Cascade
- Magus Warpfire

(oRvR roaming perspective)
All 3 channeled aoe closerange abilities which requires you to stand still compared to psyical melee damagedealing classes who can manuver around while unloading. As a fight moves on second by second, the players will move around too, and so will the kill-zone and counter messurements such as Hold The Line. Have this been taken into account when reducing these 3 along with all other spamable aoe 30ft abilities?
These 3 channeled abilities will have to deal with Challenge debuff, same as all other aoe damagedealers, but on top of that the 3xHold the Line stacking effect. Being on immobile cloth casters at high risk in closerage combat its already a struggle to reach the killzones same time as mdps classes with snarebreaks and Charge, but also fighting the minigame of possitioning according to enemy HTL stacks make for these 3 channeled abilities being not as easy to possition, and the wide 30ft range helped the damage reaching the killzones of a fight by reaching a little wider if the killzone moved further than your mobility could make you keep up to the melee-ball with short stop-killzones before the movement continued.

Since the overall warband aoe killzone will shrink from 30ft to 25 now, keeping these 3 abilities on 30ft still shouldnt matter in terms of the overall damage intake but just keep the mages still be able to possition in close range fights and unload while the mobility of a fight natureally will flow back and forth and not just be in the same spot.

Just asking if this was kept in mind and still deemed not an issue, but if not just raising the point atleast.
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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#9 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 10:45 pm

Some really positive changes on the current patch notes. AoE and Proc changes look excellent, as do most of the class balance changes.

Some feedback:
Sorcerer - Ice Spikes from 20 to 30 ft.
Sorcerer - Infernal Wave from 20 to 30 ft.
Bright Wizard - Flame Breath from 25 to 30 ft. Additionally, the Cone Angle increased from 120 to 180 degrees.

I think every sorc would rather have the cone angle change as both skills are almost useless in anything but a funnel at the moment, and there is already a tactic to increase the range of both. Or put the cone increase on the tactic?
Similarly, I believe Mara interrupt would be far better off having a wider cone but shorter range. Especially as Order has 3 AoE interrupts (SM, Engi, WL), and Destro has 2 (Magus, Mara). Potentially add a 3rd one for destro if the mara one isn't adjusted?
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Re: PTS Patch Notes 29/04/2024

Post#10 » Mon Apr 29, 2024 10:52 pm

Pls let blork and sm punt at will. I dont use cd in snb build, and perfect balance is 2 gcd and lost posibility of angle.
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