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3rd Bitterstone Thunderers RPRvR Dwarf Guild

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3rd Bitterstone Thunderers RPRvR Dwarf Guild

Post#1 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:13 am

*Updated August 2018*


Click here to watch on YouTube

The Bitterstone Standard:

Greetings beardling! Welcome to the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers Regiment. So you´re thinking about joining our ranks? Well lad, sit down, pour yerself some ale and read on. You didn´t expect this would be a short "we´re cool, join us" pamphlet like many others around here, did ya? We aren`t as short lived as other races, we have time and we enjoy stories. So, let us begin:

Für deutschsprachige Zwerge:
Im Kern sind die 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers eine EU-lastige englischsprachige Gilde. Englisch im Chat, englisch im Sprach-Chat und englisch wenn man Zwergenzeug im /say brüllt. Wir haben aus so ziemlich jedem Land oder Region einen Zwerg in unseren Reihen.
Dennoch haben wir über die Zeit eine große Anzahl an deutschen Zwergen akkumuliert von denen einige englisch lesen und verstehen aber denen für längere Diskussionen oder klären von Fragen einfach das Vokabular fehlt. Mit zwei Gildenführern die deutschsprachig sind ist auch fast immer ein Ansprechpartner vor Ort.
Für diese Zwerge haben wir einen deutschen Text-Kanal im Discord eingerichtet. Hauptsprache im Voice-Chat ist immer noch englisch. Außer ihr erwischt mich mal alleine. Meistens geht es in den Warbands oder 6er Teams eh nur darum, dass einer vor oder zurück brüllt, oder sagt alle sollen den Dok plattmachen. Dafür benutzen wir eh das Enemy Addon und auf dem Ziel taucht ein Marker auf.
Ziel ist es die deutschen Zwerge besser zu inkludieren und nicht die anderen Mitzwerge mit dauerdeutsch abzuschrecken oder auszugrenzen. Deshalb wenn es in der Gruppe oder Warband überhaupt nicht klar ist und ihr eine Frage habt wechselt zu Deutsch oder fragt mich direkt.
Also gebt euch einen Ruck und sprecht mich Lesti (Balin) im Spiel an. Wie im englischen Teil nachzulesen gibt es folgende Voraussetzungen um mitzumachen:

• EU Prime als Hauptspielzeit
• Zwergen Karriere
• Zwergiger Name, oder etwas nordisch Wikingermässiges, oder aus irgendeinem Fantasywerk.
• Trag die Uniform, immer.
• Erwachsenes Verhalten in öffentlichen Chats
• Bitterstone Discord zum Zuhören wenn wir in einem KT laufen
• Teilnahme an dem Gildenevent am MITTWOCH um 20:00 Uhr Altdorftime. Es gibt ein Altdorf in der Schweiz, aber auch nahe Frankfurt wo mein Schwager wohnt. Also ist Altdorftime immer Deutsche Zeit. Ihr müsste nicht jeden Mittwoch Zeit haben, aber wenn ihr Online seid, dann seid ihr im Kriegstrupp.
What we are lore wise:

"I mean, it makes an awful stink, for Grungni's sake, and smoke everywhere, stings your eyes something rotten it does. Still, they're better than those contraptions the Manlings cart about these days..."
—Durgrim Redmane, Hammerer

Thunderers are those Dwarfs that have been trained in the use and maintenance of customized handguns or firearms, forming into their own regiments of armor-piercing missile infantry. It took many, many years after the Dwarfs had discovered the revolutionary use of black powder before the handgun became widely used as a weapon. Indeed, in these earlier times, these handguns were held with great suspicion by the highly conservative Dwarfs, with the earlier prototypes usually being only given to Dwarf Engineers. Now, however, nearly all the Dwarf Holds within Karaz Ankor can field whole regiments of Thunderers -- the name given to handgun-equipped units. Standing in closely packed ranks, Thunderers take aim and then discharge their handguns — unleashing a thunderous fury and a cloud of gun smoke. Although not quite as long-ranged as a crossbow, the sturdy Dwarf handgun packs an even deadlier shot, its bullet fired with such velocity it can tear through armour and better take down more heavily protected foes, such as Black Orcs and Chaos spawn.

The 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers regiment is such a military unit hailing from the mines of Ekrund. If you look at the Dwarf Chapter 1 you will see some NPC Thunderers guarding the mine shafts and hanging out in the tavern. These are our NPC cousins and brothers, standing strong versus the sheer endless hordes of greenskin invaders. Meanwhile the Bitterstone regiments are spread all over the contested lands, dwarfs from different strongholds bolster our ranks and our main gathering and deployment zone is the Kadrin Valley warcamp.

What we are in Game:

We are an Dwarf RP-RvR Guild which has came to some prominence due to our Gunline events. Meaning we meet every Wednesday for our main T4 event fighting in what could well be described as an actual Warhammer Fantasy Battle style formation with lines of ironbreakers and slayer and Thunderers. Pictures, classes and much more information you can find in the links below. We try to maintain a military structure with a captain as highest rank followed by two Sergeant-Majors who act as guildmasters. Our officers are ranked as Sergeants and Corporals. Meaning that I'm currently in command and issuing the marching and engagement orders, leading the formation in open RvR. Also sometimes other officers of our guild take over the leading position.
By the way Lesti's favourite Collour is green.

Where we’re from?

The guild's origin dates back to the year 2015, when the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers were founded here on the Return of Reckoning server. Being inspired by the Warhammer Lore and the old 226th sharpshooter regiment some of us participate in the original Warhammer online game, the founders stumbled upon each other on the hills of Nordland. Their shared love for 18th century line infantry and the dwarvish race led to the decision to base a guild on a small regiment of Dwarf Thunderers hailing from the T1 dwarf region of Ekrund. Following the regiment's expansion and growth, the original concept of Thunderers slowly was becoming too restrictive for a wide range of different characters at that time. Prior to the release of Tier 2, the guild reconstructed itself into a full blown regiment with melee fighters and healers, a guild for EVERY dwarf. The regiment was in due time relishing in prosperity with dedicated members and newcomers alike. In the months to follow, the Bitterstone Thunderers strived to extend and improve their reputation and have taken a key role in shaping the history of the Dwarf community of Return of Reckoning. With large scale events like the muster of the regiment in Altdorf with High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, our weekly gunline events for the dwarf community (and indirectly for destruction too!) and our reputation of not backing down from a fight, despite the numbers! Not only the Dwarf-only guild setup has always been something what made the guild stand out it. Another unique aspect of the Bitterstone Thunderers in the past and present is our uniform. Blue clad Thunderers remain a familiar sight in the battlefield or in scenarios, and thus we look upon continuing the legacy!

But these are just words. See what it means to be part of this guild for yourself.

Our Youtube Videoplaylist.

Or some examples right here:
Full warband back in Barrak Varr – Kiss My Axe
Defending in Praag – Children Of The Stone Scenario Sniper action – Angus McGotrek
Server Event: The High King vs the Warlord.
Video of the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers parade in front of the High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer. What you can expect:

We are aiming to establish a firm-standing, united and friendly dwarf RP-RVR community while continuing our welcoming tradition towards players new to the game or roleplay. We also aim to engage to cross-guild Roleplay with allied guilds like the Eternal Host and the Averland Greatswords and build and maintain a friendly relationship with them.

As a regiment, we hope to cover various interesting aspects of Dwarf life, ranging from the military life to boozing in taverns. On any other day we are online as real life permits it, leveling, looting, doing PQs and grinding. Most of us have a busy private life that can and will sometimes overrule ingame time. Don’t worry, we understand. We´re an international English speaking guild with most of us living in the European timezones and our main events take place in that timeframe, usually starting at 20:00 CET. We are a proud member of the “Grand Alliance of Order” alliance with some amazing guilds like CNTK, Serp & Molot, Tilean Warlords and others and we often communicate and coordinate our efforts in each others warbands. Outside events the Bitterstone Thunderers usually engage in light RP chat. You don’t need to have a 5 side long background story of your character, just enjoying dwarf cursing, grobi smacking and making fun of Elves. And if you don´t like roleplay, no one is forcing you.

At the moment – June 2018 – we hold our famous T4 gunline event in which we ask the Dwarf community to join our warband(s) on Wednesdays assisting and fighting together with our allies. For the early up players I run the Sniper Squad from 08:00-09:00 CET. On most days you will find fellow dawi setting up roam and scenario groups.

And from time to time there are our “special” events like playing a Goblin only mob in T1 with our alt guild the “Red Eye Tribe”, swordwielding madmen with the Averland Greatswords, a Harry Potter spinoff event with magis only or a mad rush by crazed Slayers in Nordland.

As Dwarfs we do not back down from a challenge! For example fighting with (meaning against) the well-known, and feared, Destruction guild Phalanx (mostly a nice bunch of people just playing on the wrong side of the equation :D )in a racial based event where two full warbands duke it out. Great fun though we received some kicks into our behinds :lol: But we ´re members of a quiet sturdy and stubborn race, so that doesn´t keep us from coming back and doing it again.

What do you bring into the guild?

You are a playing a dwarf character and because one of our main goals is to add some roleplay flavor to our gameplay we expect a proper Dwarf name. This means your name is not the dwarf version of Leegolaas14 or any other strange creation, just a normal Norse/dwarf sounding name and surname.

You are an Engineer, Runepriest, Ironbreaker or Slayer. Yes, let us make that 100% clear again: though we are the Bitterstone Thunderes we welcome ALL dwarf classes! We don’t have any restriction on level, you can join in with your freshly made level 1 dwarf or your longtime veteran level 40 toon. We clear out non-active characters from time to time to shorten our member rooster – which doesn’t mean you can´t enlist anew at a later point.

You have to be willing to follow the warband leaders commands. To maintain the appearance of a military unit, fighting together, marching together aso we all sometimes have to leave personal priorities behind and do what is expected from us. The High king demands it! Of course you can play like you want outside of the formation, and no one is expecting you to cower before some officers – though for the sake of roleplay some “Aye, Sir”, a /salute emote or some other phrases let you easier embrace the Warhammer spirit.

You play a dwarf! And we expect you to act like one! We DON`T retreat and flee the battlefield like many other order players seemingly do often. We stand and fight. And if we get beaten down… we stand up and come back again. We´re Dwarfs, we are the children of stone, we will hold our ground when others despair! We fight on even when the odds are against us and the endless waves of Greenskins don´t seem to end. Speaking of…

…we personally have no problem at all if you have toons on destro side, we enjoy playing there too from time to time. BUT… we will not accept xrealming by our members on the same evening! It takes the fun out of the game for everyone else. Also, no cheating, bug exploiting, disrespect to other gamers or devs and bs talking in the channels… we mean it! As a BT member you represent the whole guild, not only yourself. Adult behavior and social cooperation in a multiplayer game shouldn´t be that difficult. Of course we will try to kick destros into their ugly behinds… but we always can differentiate between the toon and the player behind it.

If you think you can´t follow these rules and ideas, our guild is not the place for you.

Voice Chat

We are on Discord now for communication. Also for text channel communication and basic dwarven news.
Bitterstone Discord
We don´t enforce this, but in RvR it helps a lot to hear wb leaders commands.
You´re not required to talk a lot there, but listening really helps our game style and you really should consider this.

Classes and Uniforms:

As we are representing members of a military unit, a uniform is of course mandatory. Engineers are expected to wear their uniforms at all times once they get passed level 10. Ironbreakers, Slayers and Runepriests are more free to select their own items. Check below for the requirements for your class.



The engineer class often forms the bulk of 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers. There was once a time when Dwarf powder weapons had not been invented and Dwarf Quarrellers reigned supreme with their crossbows. Over time, as the Dwarf Handgun came into common usage, the crossbow lost its dominance. As Dwarfs we are naturally methodical and slow to panic; and so are suited to reloading and firing our rifles calmly, even when the enemy is right on top of us. The competition between various Thunderers is such that in the efforts to make increasingly better and more reliable weapons Dwarf Handguns have become the most effective weapons of their type in the world. Most Thunderers have crafted their own weapons and over the years add many augmentations and improvements; and are as a result very proud of their weapons.


• T1 fluffy cap
• Uniform to be worn at all times. No exceptions.
• Most items can be bought in Empire Chapter 3 at the Merchant called: "Merchant"
• The Fluffy Hat can be bought in Empire Chapter 4 at the Merchant called: "Merchant"
• No cape at the events, but we do allow the brewpack as it fits our theme.
• We use the basic T1 body armour appearance (“…of vengeance”), same as the gloves, boots and shoulders from T1. We represent the basic grunts and we are easily recognized through uniform and colours by friends and foes alike.
• The choice of rifle or spanner is completely up to the Dwarf in question, though pistols are mostly worn by officers. In line with the guild theme we would prefer a rifle. Also Belt and Accessoirs are free for you to design and use.

Color Scheme on the Engineers:
All colors you get from any Merchant everywhere in the game.

Body and Boots: Main Color Norscan Farmer Blue (Bottom line in the middle). Second Color Graveyard Earth.
Gloves and Shoulders: Main Color Graveyard Earth. Second Color Graveyard Earth.
Helmet: Main Color Norscan Farmer Blue. Second Color Light Grey.

Bitterstone Engineer Uniform Guide with all the items, where to get them and how to dye them.

Runepriests work spells with their staff, binding the Winds of Magic into mighty runes of power with greater potency for healing wrought by any other mortal race upon the world. In battle, Runepriests aid their side by dampening enemy magic - earthing spells harmlessly away before they can wreak havoc amongst the gunline. As a Runepriest his main priority is healing, it’s what he does best and he is eager to show their comrades exactly how effective he can be.

The ideal position for you to be in as a Runepriest is behind the front line and nearby the thunderers, allowing you to be in range of any ally that may need healing. Not only will you have to watch health bars, but what buff each member of your group needs. Being the lifeline of RvR equates to being one of the first targets enemies will look for, being able to act quickly can be the difference between failure and success for the regiment. Are you up for it?


• Free to choose items.
• Norscan Farmer blue robes as Main Color. Second Color you can try different Options. Light Grey, Blue, Red. It should look not to flashy.
• Be loved by the entire regiment.
• Cape allowed.
• No bright 2nd colouring like pink robes.


Our Ironbreakers are the guardians of the lower deeps. They are experienced tunnel fighters and often fight against Skaven and goblins attempting to tunnel into our holds. Without their efforts, the majority of dwarf holds would have almost certainly fallen to enemy attacks. Ironbreakers in their powerful gromril armor, which can protect a Dwarf from enemy blades and arrows, are therefore our first line of defense. Ironbreakers also find themselves fighting battles on the surface and they form a bulwark against enemy attacks, keeping the line of Thunderers out of harm’s way.


• Free to choose a two-handed weapon or shield and one-handed weapon.
• The regiment prefers basic dyes, blue or metallic for a proper looking Ironbreaker.
• Capes or brewpack are allowed.
• Avoid bright colours.
• We encourage the use of the appearance with the red B-rune on shields. You can buy it at a merchant in the empire chapter east of the T3 warcamp in High Pass.



Slayers are dwarves who have lost their honour, brought shame to their families and clans or have broken an important oath. Such a hideous crime can only be solved by death, but because Dwarves see suicide as a waste, slayers seek glorious death in battle against the strongest of opponents and redeem their honour dying. Upon taking the Slayer's oath, a slayer will often sever all ties from home and travel to the Shrine of Grimnir at Karak Kadrin. Spotting a Slayer on the battlefield isn't difficult. They have mohawks which are put up with pig grease, and beards dyed orange along with the Mohawk. They refuse to wear armour of any sort and are often next to naked except for the exotic tattoos that cover their body. In battle they carry an assortment of axes, typically a pair of axes or a large two-handed great axe, which they can alternate between.

No uniform settings for Slayers. Troll Drengis are a mad kind and don’t give much for uniform code, even when they are part of a regiment. If you would seek your doom in battle, would you care for a uniform style of clothing? Nah…didn’t think so. Please stay away from to bright and non roleplay colors. Like Pink, Neon, Iced Blue and so on. If you want to resemble some kind of uniform you could change the colors of your trousers to Gotrek Grunisson style.


• Free to decide on your looks. Within reason.
• Option to add some minor Norscan Farmer Blue lined trousers.
• Capes allowed.

Below you can find an example of our uniforms:

All guild members:

You surely have heared or seen our battlecry “Dwarfs of Ekrund” in the battlefields.
We highly recommend to make yourself a short macro like: “/say Dwarfs of Ekrund!”


When joining the guild you will start as a Recruit. After two successful event participations you will be promoted into the rank of Thunderer or Warrior.

If you want to take further responsibility in the guild please contact me or Noergl/Finvjer and we will determine if you got the right attitude and leadership ability to lead the lads into glorious battle.

Requirements in short

• EU Prime Shedule
• Dwarven Career
• Dwarven Name
• Wear the Uniform
• Mature behaviour
Bitterstone Discord for listening on Warband Days
• Join the Guild Warband Day on Wednesday 8pm Altdorftime
• Lesti's most liked collour is green.

How to contact us?

As we are a familiar sight on the battlefield, finding us won't be a huge challenge. A recruitment process can simply be triggered by contacting one of the guildmasters or officers. Our Guild Website is aviable as well. However, we don’t use it to often. Reason is, we´re very active in a BT whatsapp group, so the usual jokes, pictures, stories and banter aside it’s the easiest way to communicate outside the game.

Look out for one of these Characters:

Lesti, Drengk, Bor, Thorin. But you can whisper any BT member you find online to help get into contact. Or write a forum mail (Glorian, Kragg). Or contact us in this thread, or throw us a message in our Discord.

See you out there, recruits.


Bitterstone Thunderers! ... Advance on my Position!
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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#2 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:49 am

Looks like we're in business! Attention! Prime and load! Aim! FIRE!
Sergeant-Major Drengk Burloksson, RR 85 Sniper
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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#3 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:45 pm

Are you guys still active?

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#4 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:45 pm

What do you mean with still? The Last Post is 3 days old. :)
Next Event is on 01.07 at 8 pm gmt+1.

If you are interested Contact Lesti in Game or come to the event.

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#5 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:40 am

I just created an Engy, but she's only R8. I'll grind and get her ready for next Wednesday.

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#6 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 8:21 am

From the Event Thread:

Good, good.
Best to make you an at least lvl 11 Engineer or any other dwarf profession for the event. We have at least on set of Bloody or equivalent lvl 11 Gear to bring you up to date. If you havent made an dawrven character please take a lore friendly name. Or something from the novel "The dwarves" from Markus Heitz. Every german dwarf fan will be you friend in an instant. Image

Yesterday I made some ad hoc gunline in RvR. Well three dwarfs are hardly a Gunline, but the first reaction of one of the orcs was:

"Frak stunty gunline!"
or something like this. I will post the screen later. This tells me that it works at least in the way of harassing destros. Image

So please tell me your ingame name.

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#7 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:35 pm

Still making late hours but I am online in the mornings!
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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#8 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:47 pm

Looks like we made it to the RoR twitter!
Sergeant-Major Drengk Burloksson, RR 85 Sniper
Hulfdan Irongrip, Ironbreaker
Proud Founder of the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#9 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:52 pm

Aye, recruiting numbers should be skyrocketing on the next Event. :)

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#10 » Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:58 am

We where last night in the RvR Lakes and made an ad hoc 3 Engineer Gunline.

It was some good Action, and I learned a lot what to do, and what not to do with the Gunline.
Also I used the situation to talk some other Engineers into in joining us on 01. of July.
And I geared up Drengk and Bartrima and we colored our Uniforms into a consistent Style.

The thin Blue Line. ;)

@Drengk, Bartrima, when you outgrow your Gear, please collect it for further use in the guild and next Event.

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