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Quick Question!

Post#1 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:54 am

So I loved WH:O back in the day, and tried this private server a few years ago but it was pretty unfinished when I tried it (Level cap of like 20 and such), but I recently checked in and saw most things are now in the game and I am excited to get back into the slaughter!

That said, when I played I played a Shaman back in the day, but I am now just looking to play whats MOST needed in 6v6/Group/WB play (Not really a solo dude). So what classes are lacking in numbers/really wanted by groups/guilds? Thanks!

EDIT: I also would obviously like to stay Destro, as I played Destro before and lets be honest its much cooler.

I also noticed I posted this in the guild forums, oops! Thought it was a general Destro forum, my bad!
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