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[Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

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[Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#1 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:40 am

Here will be a thread for all the tactics and feedback on Bastion Stair Dungeon.

Remember: ALL bugs go to Bugtracker.

HERE you post only TACTICS and FEEDBACK (if necessarily).

How to structure your tactics and feedback:

Reply to the three questions posted below before proceeding to share your thoughts.

1. What was your group comp? List the classes, their gear and your level of communication (no communication / in-game chat / voice chat).

2. What was the name of a boss? Or how it looked like if you don't remember?

3. Your tactics:
- Our group has done A,B,C steps.
- We have achieved X,Y,Z results.
- It took us N amount of time.

And if necessarily:
4. Your feedback:
- What were the problems?
- On what stage have you failed?
- Why have you failed (EXACT REASONS, for example, we didn't get the strategy at all / we couldn't find/interact with an objective / "those adds wiped our ***" and etc)
- What would be the real solutions so fix the issue? Add more clues? Weaken adds? etc

Please keep your tactics and feedback restricted to one comment. If you have more to add, then simply edit your post instead of making a new one.

All the posts which will ignore this structure, derail the thread, troll and etc will be deleted/moderated and users may get warnings for such actions.

Last thing: this is not a discussion so you post only your tactics and feedback and don't criticize/comment on posts of the other users so no replies with quotes -- only devs: in particular, Grunbag and Hargrim are allowed to do this if they would like you to elaborate/explain/make something clear then you can start a dialog with them here. They also may give you friendly advices/clues how to fight some bosses. If you ask them kindly, of course.

Good luck!
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#2 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:28 pm

If you were a tester testing this thing please refrain from explaining everything at least until start of the July :). Thank you.

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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#3 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:01 pm

Last night we cleared the left wing, and the right wing boss,

Left wing group make up was 1 slayer, 1 Witch hunter, 1 Sword master, 1 Ironbreaker, 1 Warrior priest, 1 Archmage .

First try we got him to 2 % and bad position cleave killed the WH, and he healed to 26, then we lost 1 healer and reset it, on second and 3rd try we lost a tank at start , so reset him each time, finally killed him on the 4th try.

What we did pre hot tank on pull, pulled to platform near the port in, and tanked there, whenever someone was pulled , 1 healer and tank stayed fighting the boss, while rest went to the pulled spot and killed the dogs, then moved back to engage the boss, not a dps race, i forget the time between pulls, but seemed like 1 pull every 15 % of hp.

Right wing Group make up 1 slayer, 1 WH, 1 RP, 1 Sword master, 1 WP 5 manned it .

similar to the old Lost vale last boss fight with the different colored floating balls , except these are circles that spawn on the ground. tok us 6 trys to beat , as were experimenting with the circles, and fight mech

Pink/purple circle melee damage, Red/white circle Ranged damage , Blue circle Heal boost .

What we did Tank pulled and everyone stayed close to the tank, during the fight blood pulse will spawn a curse will appear on a random person, takes two cast to cleanse , during this time , detaunt and move away from the group/blood pulse. we had 1 healer move into the blue circle and spam boosted heals to out heal the blood pulse damage until it was cleasned ,

Lord has low hps , blood pulse damage on me with 0 % chance to be crit , was 2790 damage , with 1690 mig Boss has a stomp attack hits for over 5k damage

Bit chatoic, but fun fight , may have been easier with 2 tanks, but doable with 1 .

Cleared mid wing boss with the Staircase is similar to what he was on live .

Kaarn the Vanq

Stairs going up on both sides of the room, platform center back of room, random ground spawn curse , cleanse get out of the purple haze .

Durning the fight at the very top of the stairs a blue skull will spawn on a pike, depending on what phase he is in, he has three stages , the icon of rage skull , in this phase his agro is dropped, and he randomanly agros on people , the icon of fury phase , he recieves a buff to his damage , the longer the skull is up , ive seen him with a 175% damage buff, the icon of blood , randomanly spawns purple blood curse pools on the ground .
Can have 1 person be on the stairs and when the skulls spawn, go up and kill the blue skull each phase then back to dps on boss.

Fight boss on the platform, fighting him anywhere else he cant be damaged, and enrages .

What we used to do on live was place ranged on the sides on the litle rail along the stairs , like on the stair bannister railing , and had melee fight him on the platform.

Main Boss Mid wing Skull Lord Varlthik

Everyone go in the fire ring, try to spread out around inside , 25 ft or so away from each other ,
most of your single target heals will not work, every now and then they will but its mostly just group heal spam .
Every so often he will punt someone out of the circle, stop dps, allow tank to get agro back, and then continue, took us a lot of trys but finally got him .

Finally cleared Bastion stairs tonight , was fun been ages since we did BS . Good luck everyone .
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#4 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:14 pm

Very important : make sure you have Center screen message enabled

Main menu / user setting / interface / center screen message

It will display several tips on screen
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#5 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:00 pm

Okay done full Mid race. Sry for my not a perfect english.
First boss.
Pritty simple one, Tank him in center of the room or he will enrage, he will call ads to him so just melt them down(they die like from 1-2 hits). Dont let the ads come close.End.

Second boss.
There is 2 boses. You shoud keep the % difference not more than 10%(like 67%main boss 76%dog) or he start to hit hard. Tanked them together. Crossguard and tank and spank.

Third boss.
The boss have just 2 spells, burning aoe(he drops it under) and something like flame breath(keep healers and dps away from it). Starting to tank him from right wall and moving out from AOE under him. Pretty simple boss.

Fourth boss.
Location is like BE. We just pressed think in the mid and zerged him. Time after time he spawn blood aoe. Pull him out. Tank him only at center platform.

Last boss.
This one was complicated boss. So when the MT agro him, he will pull all party into the circle. Let the MT and OT get very good aggro and only after start dps. After that healers can get out of the circle. Tanks and dps stay in. He will put Dot on 1 person in circle(icon is like BW spell.) How the dot works - you autoatack boss and people aroud get 20% more dmg. To feid it you should get out of circle.(Be sure you are not taking boss at this moment or he will just pull all party in). Boss spawn red AOE - just try to dance around inside circle to minimize the dmg.
Sooo now the most retarded think - boss will knock you tank away(fare away), when tank leave circle hes agro automatically is 0, so its very important to have both tanks with max aggro as i told before. DPS can non stop use detaunt.
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#6 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:55 pm

We managed to kill endboss middle wing but had some issues. I think there is still something we did wrong. Aggro was a huge issue when 1 tank got kicked and the other one was kicked before and was not back to second place in aggro that fast. DDs had to take care of it (mid fight we even get the dd kicked to lose aggro but then healer starting getting aggro even with detaunt on cd. Our squig and magus both had issues that their pet mostly died. So they had to fight without or replace it on cd.

Setup was 2 def chosen, 1 magus, 1sh, 1 dok, 1 shaman.

everyone was inside fire ring. we tried with healer outside and inside. (while running in for detaunt)
Was not a nice kill but at least a kill :P

bosses before were easy and we killed the minibosses first try.
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#7 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:26 pm

Helmet boss - End of middle wing feedback 04-06-2019 after first set of hotfixes

2 defensive Kotbs
1 dps BW
1 slayer
2 Runepriest healers

Everyone stack in the Ring of fire, but spread out to not affect eachother with pulsing damage debuff and to not take too much damage from the Red mist spawning under players.
Everyone running PvE aggro tactics.
Constantly watching aggro addon more than actually gameplay, because having two tanks on top of the aggrolist is 90% of the fight it seems.

When maintank got punted away he completly disappears from the aggrotable and has to spend time fleeing + running back to attempt on building aggro asap. However because of the traveltime, runtime and time between the punts the 2nd tank barely and more often than not doesnt manage to get on 2nd spot of aggro list before next aggroreset punt. EVEN with all healers and dps holding on dps output and just detauning while standing there.

Suggestion for changes: increase time between punts, or punting distance so offtank + maintank has better time to manage their aggro.

We did 10+ attempts from going in blind, spotting deffirent mechancs adapting to them and trying stuff out. 6 of the attempts were running our strategy according to all spotted mechanics and running a 2-2-2 setup with everyone having pve tactics slotted.

in the end boss despawned and only the ring of fire was left, so we gave up.

Total ammount of hours spend on virgin run week1:
Leftwing 2hours roughly all doable coming in blind
Rightwing, 3 hours, skipped first bugged miniboss who now should be hotfixed. And had the Giant miniboss disapear.
Middlewing, 3 hours blind first run upto lastboss prehotfixes. incomplet and close to 5hours spend total with hotfixes.
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#8 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:47 pm

Some additional notes about the final midboss after failing. He hits 4.5kish aoe hits before mitigation from time to time, don't know if it can be interrupted. That attack plus some other aoe at the same time was one shotting our light armor dps that had their guard punted away. As a 3.5k armor dok it was only hitting me for 2.4k without detaunt. So more armor seems to help a lot and I could even tank the boss detaunted for a very long time if i pulled aggro.

Definitely doable and not even that hard on paper, but the pulsing player damage thing could have a better visual because the red mist just covers so much over the circle its actually hitting.
Also you can kinda ignore the red mist. It just does like 1k dmg every 3 secs for 15 secs so not much.
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#9 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:13 pm

I've had the same problem with Skull Lord Ivar'Throk (Mid wing last boss) aswell.

The boss tactic in itself is pretty clear. No problem whatsoever with his dot or his debuffs or his damage. The punt and aggro drop is incredibly difficult tho.

In all the tries i did as a tank, both me and the other tank had an incredibly hard time getting aggro back. The only way i can describe it is as if the tank that gets punted has a debuff to threat generation that lasts a very long time, with my taunt (And the other tank's too) only generating around 3/4% aggro and Clobber generating close to nothing, according to Aggrometer. This resulted in the healers or dps having to tank the boss for 30-40s sometimes, as none of us could get the aggro back faster than that.

The best tactic we've found so far is making the dps run tactics and gear that increases their survivability and not care about damage whatsoever, while the healers also prioritized survivability as much as possible.

There's no reason to bring DPS classes to this boss, as the issue is aggro and survivability, not dps. The best setup would be 2 healers and 4 tanks, 1 with a more damage oriented build while the others are just there to farm aggro. Taking a Choppa or Slayer in that fight is simply insane as Khorne Affliction ticks for stupid amounts of damage on them and end up just being a huge healing sponge. Also, With Infectious Rage increasing damage DEALT by 20% a single semi-dps (Like a 2h BO) is more than enough
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Re: [Bastion Stair] Tactics and Feedback.

Post#10 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:50 pm

kryss wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:38 pm
So i completed all the 3 wings and got 4k credit, quest completed as well. Is that right or is there 1k more hidden somewhere?

It's right.

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