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Posting Guidelines - Suggestions & Feedback Section

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas.
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In this section you can give feedback and share your opinions on what should be changed for the Return of Reckoning Project. Before posting please make sure you read the Rules and Posting Guidelines to increase the efficiency of this forum.
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Posting Guidelines - Suggestions & Feedback Section

Post#1 » Tue Apr 23, 2024 7:24 pm

Suggestions & Feedback Section Posting Guidelines
Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Suggestions & Feedback Section of the Return of Reckoning Forums, where we intend to focus on discussions related to the design and balance of the server, and give you an opportunity to contribute or otherwise share feedback with us that we can incorporate in our work.

To be able to provide such platform to the community, the Suggestions & Feedback Forums will be closely and regularly tracked for feedback but also moderated with stricter rules, in order to offer a hospitable and safe space for everyone to be able to share their thoughts and exchange information with the rest of the community and the developers.

We encourage everyone to participate in this section, share your experience and jump into any conversation or create any topic you feel is important for the betterment of the project - but first we would also like to clear the guidelines that all users will be subject to in this section next to the general project rules and our current Code of Conduct.

Moderation Policy

Below this section we'll provide guidelines that represent our philosophy around gathering feedback and the environment we'd like to create and maintain on this forum. It is by no means a complete list, but it should represent the main points around which we'll moderate threads and posts in the future. Please keep in mind that each post or incident will be treated on a case-by-case basis and as a result moderator actions might vary, from comment deletion, warnings or suspension of forum privileges.
Each case will be left at the full discretion of the moderator present to judge according to the best of their abilities, regardless if the behavior is listed below or whether you may personally define such content differently.

If you feel feedback threads are going off-topic or break the guidelines we list here, we appreciate all reports to help our moderators assist.

Guidelines & Examples

Here's the list of our basic rules and guidelines of the types of behavior that will result in moderation:

- Proper Creation of Thread Titles
- Trolling / Off-Topic / Spamming / Derailing / Non-Constructive Comments
- Duplicate Threads / Cross Posting
- Debating Moderator Actions or Attacking RoR Staff
- Personal Attacks / Harassment / Naming and Shaming
- Circumventing Guidelines or Account Suspension

Clarification of Guidelines

Proper Creation of Thread Titles:

Please create Threads with clear and concise Titles regarding a Suggestion or Topic you wish to discuss with the community. This title should be precise and to the point, not vague or including an excessively broad topic.

Off-topic / Spamming / Trolling / Derailing / Non-Constructive can include:

- Conspiracy theories
- Off-Topic from the Thread Creator's original suggestion
- Excessive arguing and debating
- Non-constructive comment
- Low-effort comments such as "This^", "+1", "Facts", "lol" etc.
- Derail from topic
- Aggressive or antagonistic behavior
- Thread Necromancy
- Goodbye Posts
- Causing forum unrest or forum member discomfort

Duplicate Threads / Cross Posting:

- Avoid repeating existing topics or issues that are present in the forums this includes topics RoR Staff already confirmed to be working on.
- Do not repost a thread about the same topic that might have been locked.

Debating Moderator Actions or Attacking RoR Staff:

- Please do not debate Moderator Actions in the Forums, you are free to send Private Message or E-mail to us directly at [email protected].
- Do not attack or otherwise harass RoR Staff Members* and their work. You are free to criticize in a constructive, non-accusatory manner.
- Do not excessively antagonize the community towards RoR Staff*.

*In this context RoR Staff also involves players assisting the project's development.

Personal Attacks / Harassment / Naming and Shaming:

- Avoid personal attacks, insults, harassment or even ridicule directed towards other members of the community, players, guilds or any groups of people including RoR Staff.
- Do not engage in excessive one on one arguments if opinions clearly differ. Respect each other's feedback and do not attempt to diminish,invalidate or ridicule another player's feedback*.
- Do not share player names or any kind of media with the aim to expose other users.

*In case of incorrect feedback or data representation, it is important to provide proof as counter-argument.

Circumventing Guidelines or Account Suspension:

- Do not use an alternate account for posting
- Do not ask others to post instead of you
- Do not manipulate threads by asking friends to post on your behalf

Posting Templates & Examples

We have also been asked before that it would be helpful if we were to provide certain Templates or Examples of feedback that are recieved very positively internally and help us process information faster and in a constructive way, so we'll share a couple of previous Commuinty Feedback Posts that are structured very well and provide us with sufficient amount of information.

Gondor's Ironbreaker Post: viewtopic.php?t=52703
CyunUnderis's Procs Post: viewtopic.php?t=52566
Omegus's Stat Post: viewtopic.php?t=52411
Bombling's RvR Post: viewtopic.php?t=52603

There are many other examples of excellent feedback posts from the community, these are merely some of them we wanted to share that represent an easy to read feedback post - regardless of the contents of the feedback - based on a number of points:

- Brief description of the problem or condition.
Make it to the point and clear

- Short description of the proposal or feedback.
Give a Suggestion, don't just say something is bad.

- What is the rationale for the feedback.
Have Experience, Objective Reasons, not just based on dislike

- Suggestions for solutions & implementation.
The Main Point of the Post

- Inquiry about the technical/design barriers of implementation.
Duration, Importance, Feasibility

- Are there existing elements in-game that could help?
Share Positive Aspects?

- General questions on unclear points.
Ask for help where you are uncertain

- Asking for further Community Feedback
Try to be open, and avoid being aggressive

Please remember, how you say something is just as crucial as what you're saying. Your best ideas could get lost if you don't provide enough detail, come across too strong or unfriendly to others, or bury them in long walls-of-text.


These Guidelines were last updated: 31st March, 2024.

Repeated violations of this Forum Section's Guidelines or the general Code of Conduct will result in moderation actions, warnings or termination of forum privileges. If you need to contact a moderator or a member of the team regarding the rules or to appeal a moderation, please contact us on our official Discord Server for live assistance or e-mail us at: [email protected].

Thank you for taking the time, reading our new guidelines for this section, and we hope they will further assist and help in providing a positive environment where you can freely share your feedback with us and be involved with the development of the project!



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