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Remove 160 stat tactics

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Re: Remove 160 stat tactics

Post#31 » Sun Mar 03, 2024 1:45 am

bw10 wrote: Thu Feb 29, 2024 4:47 pm Either bake them into natural stat growth or remove them completely. The existance of +160 stat tactics leaves most classes with 3 tactic slots to play around. Build / tactic diversity should be encouraged. There are enough "mandatory" tactics as it is.

I look at my 32 choppa with 160 str tactic, 120 ws/120 str tactic and a (orc exclusive) 160 wounds tactic (which i think would be a cool exception for a racial tactic) and weep.

Raw stats are too good in most cases to give up for more fun/gimmicky tactics (my fav is smoldering embers on bw).

Things like 160 dps mainstat and 160 toughness tactic for tanks end up effectively cancelling out each other anyway.
160 wp for free would be nice ngl but on other hand there is nothing else more interesting for dok to slot, maybe ap pump. Right now there is this proc meta and its eating 2 of my tactic slots and it would be nicer if i did not had to slot it in order to be compelling enough.
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