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New Player Experience Feedback Megathread

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New Player Experience Feedback Megathread

Post#1 » Sun May 12, 2024 6:58 am

New Player Experience Feedback Thread
Welcome to Return of Reckoning

New Player Experience is something Developers constantly wish to improve, not only to show the wonderful potential of Warhammer Online to our newcomers and keep you around for the long-run, but also to smoothen the experience and ensure that getting into Return of Reckoning is a fun and engaging experience, not something you wish you could skip and just get to the end.

This is where this Megathread and You come in!


We are looking for all Feedback about how is the New Player Experience in Return of Reckoning and how it feels to be a new player on our server. To this end, if there is anything you can or would like to share with us that you disliked or wished to improve, or just to share parts that you greatly enjoyed, please do so in this megathread.

This section is regularly read and maintained and will be vital for us to make changes to the on-boarding process, changes to how new players would experience the beginning hours of Return of Reckoning.


Don't know where or how to start? Let us give a few pointers about which parts of your experience could greatly help us gather valuable feedback:

- Early PvE Experience
"Is Questing fun and straight-forward at the beginning? Do you find the rewards satisfying? Are the Quests clear on what to do?"

- Early PvP Experience
"Do you know how to begin PvP? Are Scenarios fun? Do you find Early PvP enjoyable?

- Tutorials
"Do you find the in-game Tutorials useful? Is there any particular part where you think it could be better or where you are stuck?

- Equipment System
"Do you understand our Equipment System? Do you think you got a good grasp why Talismans are so important?"

- Core Game Mechanics
"Did you understand how to play your class? Are mechanics easy to understand like what is Guard, Morales, Tactics or Detaunt, or how and why to spend Renown Points?"

- Travelling
"How did you find travelling? Could you find where to go easily or do you usually get lost?"

- Playing in a Group
"Was it easy to find groups or guilds to play with? Did you understand how to make a group for PvP for example?"

- Getting into Realm vs. Realm
"Did you try out RvR? Did you find the War Report? Was it clear how to join and how Realm vs. Realm works?

- Experience after Level 15
"How did you find experience after level 15 in PvE, Scenarios are Realm vs Realm?"

- Default User Interface
"Is the default Interface currently for RoR satisfying? What would you change? Which parts did you wish immediately, that they could be better?"

Share Your Experience
Thank you for your Support!

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Re: New Player Experience Feedback Megathread

Post#2 » Tue May 14, 2024 11:08 am

I think there should be more open world pve group content, world bosses for example.

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Re: New Player Experience Feedback Megathread

Post#3 » Tue May 14, 2024 7:24 pm

Shides wrote: Tue May 14, 2024 11:08 am I think there should be more open world pve group content, world bosses for example.
You want new players doing world bosses?
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Re: New Player Experience Feedback Megathread

Post#4 » Wed May 15, 2024 2:36 am

Tier one is an excellent laboratory to test out some wacky mechanics. There no real reason why a PvP pairing couldn't be turned into a big public quest.

You could even associate a proximal pve public quest. Namely you would have the stage three lord of a particular pq wander from the pve PQ onto the PVP battlefield. The Lord would then proceed to cap BOs and attempt to flip the zone.

T1 is the best place to spice up the gameplay. Then this could easily translate to PvP in zones like Ostland.
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Re: New Player Experience Feedback Megathread

Post#5 » Wed May 15, 2024 10:08 am

The least I could really ask for when it comes to t1 is to renovate elf. Over the weekend I've seen so many warbands break up when it came time to do it because it's a miserable experience that nobody likes. Something needs to be done to make it more tolerable.

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Re: New Player Experience Feedback Megathread

Post#6 » Wed May 15, 2024 10:53 am

So, as new player who joined last week, here is a bit of feedback.

I would say overall I'm very happy that I discovered this game :) I find it unique and fun, and the community is just wonderful! Big shout out to devs and veterans who managed to built such a friendly, helpful community.

As for the game itself, I think what new player experience lacks the most is good tutorials. The current tutorials are very good for ranks 1-5, but they don't explain many important core mechanics. For example, there are block, parry, disrupt and dodge. What is the difference? Should you choose one of those or more toughness? How does crit work? Just taking built-in in-game tutorials and adding extra text can go a long way.

If it is really as simple as adding more text, then it has great value. I found this guide to game mechanics super useful. It goes deep into specifics, with (approximate) formulas, but just saying something general like "There are 4 types of attacks: ... . Parry, disrupt and dodge help to avoid *this and that* attack, and block ..." is already helpful.

Even in a big game like EVE-O they had to pivot sharp into educating players in-game. And that's a game where every patch comes with dozens of youtubers reviewing each change. In a game with a small community, where most guides are out of date for years, player-retention can be achieved with better dev-made tutorials. Also, when you reach rank 16 the game throws you at people who know those things for years. I imagine a lot of people feel like they are hitting the wall, have no idea how to play and quit at this point.

A quest that teaches tanks to guard and heals to heal would be ideal, but even just text + screenshots distilled from the guide I linked above would be super-helpful.

Also, community-made guides always assume you know these core game mechanics. So it could help bridge the gap for newbies to end-game and help them join other players, most of whom are playing in T2+.

Some tooltips could surely be better. It is not obvious that Detaunt works on players and is actually your main (self-)save CD. What toughness do was also obscure before I read about it online. From current tooltips, it is not even obvious if say parry has 20% chance to avoid 100% of damage from an attack, or 100% chance to reduce incoming damage by 20%. They don't mention that block and parry only work in 180 degree cone in front of you. Does "Speed 3.4" mean 3.4 attacks per 1 second, or 3.4 seconds per 1 attack?

Also default interface doesn't show how much AP you have in terms of numbers. So you percieve your AP as % (by looking at a bar), but all abilities are given by numbers N. If there is a way to see numbers without addons, I didn't find it :)

One other thing that confused me was that most AOE heal / buff abilities work on your party only. In tooltips it says "group", but it wasn't obvious if it means "party" or "warband". And when tooltip says "allies", does it consider only my party / warband as allies? Or everyone in my realm?

I really really liked the game. People in /advice helped me a lot in understand the game. They are a big reason why I stayed. So I wanted to contribute back by giving this feedback :D I hope it helps.

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