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The Great Bretonnian Incursion - Special Tier 1 Community Event

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The Great Bretonnian Incursion - Special Tier 1 Community Event

Post#1 » Tue Feb 06, 2024 12:30 pm

Community Event Announcement
Good Day Everyone

We would like to forward a special message to you all in regards to a Huge Event organized by some of the biggest French Content Creators on many Platforms happening tonight on the 6th February 20:00 Server Time!

This event will be held in the Tier 1 Zones of Return of Reckoning, and we expect a massive influx of new players who will be battling against each other and experience WAAAGH! for the first time!


Join the Battle!

We would like to invite you all to join this event, help out and guide our new players to have a fantastic first experience of RoR and encourage them for a more permanent stay, while also re-experiencing the chaotic nature of Tier 1 RvR yourselves!

Event Twitch Drops!

The RoR Team has also assembled a special Twitch Drops Event just for this occasion where you can earn special goodies for watching our white-listed creators, make sure to check out our announcement about it here:

French Community Discord!

For our new French players we also cannot recommend enough to join The Lion's Tavern, our un-official French Community Discord where you can receive the most up-to-date support in your native language from several experienced veterans of Return of Reckoning!

You can join The Lion's Tavern here:

Discord de la communauté française !

Pour nos nouveaux joueurs français, nous ne saurions trop recommander de rejoindre la Taverne du Lion, notre Discord communautaire français non officiel, où vous pourrez recevoir l'aide la plus récente dans votre langue maternelle de la part de plusieurs vétérans expérimentés de Return of Reckoning !

Vous pouvez rejoindre la Taverne du Lion ici :

Special Thanks!

We would also like to take the time to give special thanks to our community member Troma, for working hard at organizing a special event such as this one, that we can all be happy about!

We ask you to look forward to it and show everyone the true meaning of WAAAGH!


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