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PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

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PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#1 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 5:01 pm

PvE Development and Roadmap
Hi everyone,

Earlier this month, we released a Developer Update about PvP Balance, its current progress and future plans that the Balance Group will be working on to improve PvP and Careers on Return of Reckoning. In the very same thread, we have received comments that you’d also love to see a similar update about the PvE Development Progress and so we have a few things to share with you.

In this update we’d like to share the Live Event Schedule with you for the next 3 months, update you on the progress of Dungeon Restorations after the Ability Rework, give a temporary solution to Sentinel Weapons and City Dungeons and introduce you to the Tier 2 PvE Rework and how it will affect you moving forward!

There’s a lot to share, Returning Content, Reworks, Item Set Adjustments and even new Cosmetic Items!

We’ve also heard your concerns, and so we’d like to take the opportunity to reassure you that PvE Development is done completely separately from PvP Development on Return of Reckoning and does not affect the pace at which PvP content is being updated or released!

Dungeon Restoration Progress

In this Section like shown on the Roadmap above, we’d like to talk about the Progress of Development around Dungeons and what content you can expect to reappear in-game and in what particular order.

We hear you all, and know that City Dungeons and Sentinel Items are high priority for the community, and we are working hard on restoring said content to the game, if everything goes well, very soon, but until then we are also preparing temporary solutions on acquiring Sentinel Weapons that we hope will serve you well.

Read about Sentinel Weapons below!

Gunbad Restoration

Recently we have released our first batch of updates to Gunbad Dungeon, applying fixes and adjustments to restore it to its original state before the Ability Rework. The intention of this restoration is to create a Dungeon Experience that both players and developers can be proud of as representation of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe while still offering an enjoyable experience.

These modifications all affected Monster and Boss Abilities, Mechanics and Attributes that we are still looking for Feedback about, please do visit our Feedback Megathread.

In the following weeks, further updates will be applied to Gunbad, with the aims to rework some of its group content such as Influence, Quests and other Rewards, to be more in line with the current game design and offer Items that are useful or otherwise treasured by the rest of the playerbase.

This means gaining more valuable Talismans, Potions or other Currencies that are more useful than before and can help new or returning players to be battle-ready faster and contribute to their Realm.

Rumours are that the Greenskins of Gunbad have also been hoarding fancy looking treasures unknown before. Who knows what the explorers of Gunbad might reward you with if you gain their trust?

Hunter's Vale

The next Dungeon Content the community will gain access to again will be Hunter’s Vale as preparation for the coming of the Wild Hunt Live Event, and the return of Kurnous.

As mentioned earlier, the Ability Rework has destabilised a lot of content that now requires fixing and development to restore them to their prior state, and even further improve it where possible.

In the coming weeks we will contact the community just like with the re-release of Bastion Stairs to test Hunter’s Vale, fine-tune it where necessary, and launch it on the Live Server to be ready for the Wild Hunt.

City Dungeons & Sentinel Weapons

The return of City Dungeons is possibly the most recurring question we get nowadays and we are ready to share some information about them.

Restoration of these Dungeons is currently the highest priority for the PvE Team, not only because it is next in line for our development plans, but also because of player feedback about their return and specifically the return of Sentinel Weapons.

But the re-release of Simar’s Crypts, Warpblade Tunnels, the Bloodwrought Enclave, and Bilerot Burrows is currently still further away, and requires quite a bit of work to be functional again, especially Bosses, and so it is our current plan to offer a temporary solution to the playerbase for acquiring Sentinel Weapons for Careers that desperately need them!

Until City Dungeons are re-launched, players will soon be able to redeem their Sentinel Veteran Medallions, earned via the Dungeon Weekly, for Sentinel Weapons at a rate of 2 medallions per weapon.

We will share further details about this along with the Patch that they will be added with!

We’d like to stress that this is a temporary measure that will disappear once the dungeons become functional again, and so if there are players who’d prefer acquiring these weapons with this method, rather than its intended way, now will be the time to do so!

Chapter 22

Finally as shown on the Roadmap, the work will begin for restoring Chapter 22 Public Quests in order to give access to the playerbase to these fun PvE Events, but also the way to acquire the Onslaught Set once again.

As we progress further and further with the Dungeon Restoration and Development we will of course share more information and details about each content but also about our future plans for the rest of the missing dungeons!

Tier 2 Content Rework
Progress & Planned Changes

Simultaneously with the Dungeon Restorations, the Rework of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Content has also been steadily advancing.

In our last Patch Notes, you could read about all the changes, restored or even newly added content to the now finished Tier 1 Zones and its Tome of Knowledge content, and the same effort will go into updating all of Tier 2, its Tome Unlocks, Public Quests, Quests, Item Rewards and all Tier 2 PvP and PvE Armor Sets.

Most of the work around re-implementing and fixing Tome of Knowledge unlocks for Tier 2 Content is complete, along with Achievements, Bestiary Unlocks and Kill Collectors that you can already read about.

Quests & Public Quests

We have begun the process of analysing all of the Tier 2 Quests, Public Quests to add missing completion text, fix any issues with them and update rewards that are more up-to-date to what a new player requires to have the best chance possible at contributing to their Realm’s War Effort.

Most Influence Rewards, Quests Rewards, Items will be adjusted to be valuable, such as High Quality Talismans, Potions and Equipment with proper Attributes that fit their Tier, that will be now worth doing for easy upgrades, if nothing else!

Armor Sets

This also means that all Tier 2 Armor Sets, both PvP and PvE will also be adjusted and modified to be in line with their Item Level and the Tier, as before most players would choose to only acquire the Keeper Dungeon Sets, and our goal is to offer more viable alternatives by modifying the rest of the Armor Sets that you can acquire through Public Quests, Questlines or PvP.

Armor sets that will be modified include:
  • Obliterator Set
  • Challenger Set
  • Tracker Set
  • Havoc Set
  • Keeper Set

Hidden Quests

As a bonus, we haven’t forgotten about Hidden Quests either and of course Tier 2 will also include the continuation for expanding your Tier 1 Explorer’s Set, along with new surprises you can earn through thorough completion of Tier 2 and unveiling all its secrets!

Live Event Schedule
March - May

Lastly we’d like to announce and share the next three Live Events that will return this year as well to Return of Reckoning over the next three months!

This month, in March, the invasive Eastern Wyverns are returning to breed and lay their eggs all across the world, threatening the balance between the Forces of Order and Destruction. During this event, players will be able to hunt down Wyvern Eggs all over the world, both in PvE and PvP. You will have a chance at finding special event items from Dyes to Potions, and also the most unique Cosmetic Items, such as the highly coveted Aviator Goggles.

Next in mid-April, to celebrate the re-release of Hunter’s Vale, The Wild Hunt Live Event will be held. The Spirit of Kurnous returns once again to challenge all would-be “master hunters” to the hunt of their lives! Participate in the hunts, and the newly re-released Hunter’s Vale to re-earn Special Event Mounts and a Unique Cloak Cosmetic.

Finally, in mid-May, Sigmartag will be back! It is the most important celebration across the Empire, as citizens flock to Altdorf for celebrations full of spectacles and food - especially Sizzling Sausages! Elsewhere, denizens of Chaos pay tribute to their own first Champion, a sad mimicry of Sigmar’s triumph.
Support your Realm for Increased Renown Gains on the battlefield, Special Dyes, Mounts and a Cloak to celebrate the festivities!

Mark your calendars to make sure you can participate in all these Live Events coming soon!

Thank you for your Support!

That is our Developer Update for the PvE Roadmap and overall Dungeon Restoration Progress that is underway.

Please share your opinions about parts of PvE you’d like to see more of, you have trouble with, or you’d like to see otherwise expanded upon. In the meantime we will continue to keep you updated as we progress and get closer to releasing everything mentioned above.

As always we thank you for all your support you are giving us in-game, or through the Forums and our Discord Server and we will continue to read your feedback and be engaged with you all as much as possible while expanding our means to include you in assisting us in the betterment of Return of Reckoning.

Thank you, everyone, for reading all this!

The RoR Team

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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#2 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 5:40 pm

Great to see so much effort being put into this game :D
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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#3 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 5:50 pm

What about dark promise and tyrant sets?
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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#4 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 6:26 pm

Nameless wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2024 5:50 pm What about dark promise and tyrant sets?
I assume when Lost Vale and TOVL are done?
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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#5 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 6:33 pm

That puts us to 8 BS runs or 11 gunbad runs to complete what was formerly 4 city dungeon runs. I was really hoping for a sentinel soul for everyone.

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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#6 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 7:39 pm

Good to see these changes, but you know, we always have requests to make lol.

Any hint about Lost Vale and Tomb of Vulture Lord?
At same time, any chance of we have new visual stuff like armors and such? On live we used to have mixed chests, p. e., dok could wear a sorc chest visual found as a reward in the charpter near wc in Reikland. WL had a SW chest found in a chain quest in ch 11 in Troll Country, etc.

Would be nice seeing new cosmetic stuff.

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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#7 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 7:50 pm

Shima wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2024 7:39 pm Any hint about Lost Vale and Tomb of Vulture Lord?
Thats the 2-4 years roadmap haha.

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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#8 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 8:43 pm

Shima wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2024 7:39 pm Any hint about Lost Vale and Tomb of Vulture Lord?
Work has been done on them. Just restoring these other Dungeons first is a higher priority. We will release more information as we progress on.

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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#9 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 8:55 pm

the t1 pve update was a huge improvement... i replayed the chaos campaign and things simply flowed and played a lot better. however, what seemed to be absent was some of the unique appearance gear that you could find at lower levels a few years ago. i was expecting to find some of it as quest rewards. is the position of the dev team still that none of this stuff will ever return?

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Re: PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024

Post#10 » Tue Mar 19, 2024 5:41 pm

Hazmy wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2024 8:43 pm
Shima wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2024 7:39 pm Any hint about Lost Vale and Tomb of Vulture Lord?
Work has been done on them. Just restoring these other Dungeons first is a higher priority. We will release more information as we progress on.
Thx for that info.

There are weapon sellers, still waiting in the Lands of the Dead :-)
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