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10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

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10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#1 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 9:26 am

10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule
10th Anniversary Celebration

Has it really been 10 years of Reckoning already? It's rare for a fan project to outlast its game's live counterpart by such a significant margin, but here we are and we're proud of it. It is the combined effort of both the developers and you, the dedicated and loving fans of Warhammer Online and the Warhammer Fantasy universe. We are incredibly grateful to all of you for being a core part of all this and supporting us over the years, keeping WAR alive and choosing it as your home. But do not think this is all, as the best is yet to come!

So with that said, let's celebrate this anniversary with a bang! We have prepared several fun rewards and events for you all to commemorate this special occasion. Sounds good? Then spread the news, rally your friends and get in the WAAAGH!

The Return of Reckoning 10th Anniversary Event will be held from 10th June until 17th June, featuring unique In-Game Rewards, special Twitch Drops, Renown and War Crests Boosts and many more!


- [Anniversary Goodie Bag] as one-time login reward.
- [Anniversary Companions]
- [Anniversary Fun Box]
- [Anniversary Capes] - Preview here.
- 10th June to 17th June - x2 [Renown] Boost and x2 [War Crests] from player kills.
- 14th June to 17th June - On the Weekend, x3 [War Crests] from player kills.

Twitch Drops

Special Anniversary Twitch Drops will be held for this occasion and if you've participated in previous Twitch Drops, it will be familiar. Each day 3 Tiers of Fix Daily Rewards will be attainable as you accumulate your Watch Time at our approved RoR Streamers, while the Unique Tier 4 Rewards will change every single day.

If you miss a Tier 4 Reward of a specific day, you will not be able to go back and claim them.
For more information on how our Twitch Drops work, please visit here!


- Daily Tier 1 Reward - [20 Gold]
- Daily Tier 2 Reward - [Potion of Acclaim]
- Daily Tier 3 Reward - [20 War Crests]

Unique Day-to-Day Tier 4 Rewards:

- 10th June - [200 War Crests]
- 11th June - [Exotic Mount Token]
- 12th June - [WAR Double Aegis]
- 13th June - [Box of Otherworldly Talismans]
- 14th June - [100 Gold]
- 15th June - [Anniversary Fun Box]
- 16th June - [Anniversary Companion Box]

[Anniversary Fun Box]
- [1x Halfling Pie (10 day)]
- [10x Twisting Tentacle Pies]
- [100x Profound Fireworks]
- [10x Potion of Feral Aspect]
- [Celebratory Horn]

[Anniversary Companion Box]
- [Small Pack Mule] for the Forces of Order
- [Small Enslaved Pack Mule] for the Forces of Destruction

These two companions are completely new!


The Feast of Shoika


The summer sun has reached its zenith and Dazh smiles down upon his worshippers below. All throughout Kislev pyres are lit, from the smallest village to the largest cities, in honor of Dazh who gave the world the gift of sunlight and fire. These pyres are fueled by sacrifices of mighty beasts, and small scraps of paper upon which the faithful write their prayers, hoping the flames will carry them to the heavens and reach the generous hands of Dazh. The summer season in Kislev is not only the celebration of Dazh, for it also honors Shoika, the powerful Tsarina who established Kislev. It is a time of celebrating in a manner most fitting of the Old World, with fire and blood.

As our next Live Event, The Feast of Shoika will be returning to celebrate the founding of Kislev and the start of the Kislevite New Year.

The Feast of Shoika Live Event will be held between June 28th and July 8th.

Join the festivities in the city of Altdorf to earn the Blessings of the Gods and celebrate together with Kislevite Boyars, Priests of Dazh and mysterious hag mothers. Meanwhile, Dolgans and goblins from the east join the Raven Host as the forces of Chaos seek to raze Kislev and turn its lands into one massive pyre honoring the Lord of Change.

Re-experience the unique Quests and Public Quests of this Live Event and have a chance to earn its limited time rewards again.

Provisional Rewards

- Event Cosmetics: [Kossar's Helm] or [Feast of Shoika Alcohol Sampler]
- Event Pets: [Oblast Elk Fawn] or [Lynsk Bear Cub]
- Event Mounts: [Oblast Elk Saddle] or [Lynsk Bear Saddle] or [Bound Ice Daemon]
- Event Cloaks: [Druzhina's Korzna] or [Kislevite Kozhukhi] or [Pulkowa Palatka]
- [Event Dyes]
- ...and more!


Twilight's Tide


The dreaded time of year has come once again when Sariour na Yenlui thins the veil between the Realm of Chaos, and the known world. Archmages strengthen wards on ancient menhirs, while Asur hosts assemble to face the daemonic onslaught. Only superior elven craftsmanship will see Ulthuan through another Twilight’s Tide.

We would also like to announce ahead of time the return of Twilight's Tide, our most requested Live Event from players. We are happy to announce it will be held again this year.

This year's Twilight's Tide will be held between July 26th through August 16th, get ready to craft!

Twilight’s Tide marks the time of year when Morrslieb is closest to the known world, a dangerous time of year when the daemons of Chaos flood into the known world, with a particular focus on Ulthuan and the ancestors of Aenarion. Meanwhile, the dreaded Druchii are never ones to miss an opportunity to strike at a distracted foe.

Twilight's Tide Rings

The main element of this live event is the ability for players to craft their own rings, tailored to their needs. 40 combinations of rings exist, which across four tiers (levels 11, 21, 31, and 40) and four rarity brackets (green, blue, purple, red) equals 440 rings. Upon being crafted rings will have a talisman slot intended for unique live-event talismans, though the rings will decay after 30 days and turn into a permanent ring without a talisman slot. The talismans only work on these event rings for balance purposes.

Provisional Rewards

- [Twilight's Tide Event Rings]
- Event Professions: [Ore Refiner's Writ] or [Jewelsmith's Writ] or [Artificer's Writ]
- Event Mounts: [Sapherian Unicorn] or [Dark Unicorn] or [Twilight's Ascent Disc]
- Event Cloaks: [Cloak of Twilight] or [Cloak of Shadowy Tendrils]
- [Event Dyes]
- ...and more!


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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#3 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 10:14 am

Very exciting, will be a good summer on RoR!
Thanks for the events, headsup and time put into this!
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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#4 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 10:46 am

Cheers for providing the Twilight's Tide dates, marking it in my calendar to take a two weeks break from RoR RvR, like i did last year and will continue to do so for every subsequent Twilight's Tide Event (The decision to introduce new so called "BIS" Rings and timegate them on top, will never stop making me scratch my head)

Anyway, onto the positive things.

Exotic Mount Token via Twitch Drop is huge, Piggymount is best mount.

New kind of pet is also nice, kudos to the people working on it.

Looking forward to Feast of Shoika and it's various unique consumables (ALL the spirits and food!)

Hard to imagine it has been 10 years already, cheers to everyone working on the game and to the Ror Community (well, at least parts of it :P) as well, for keeping the WWWAAAGGGHHH going o7

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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#5 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 11:01 am

Will you consider giving away that anniversary back that was distributed last year? I did not have the chance to get it from the drops.

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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#6 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 12:26 pm

Friggin Fantastic. From an early player, (T1 cap) until today, i love this game!

-= Agony =-

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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#7 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 5:47 pm

Congratulations on 10 years! Incredible work, effort and dedication!

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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#8 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 8:27 pm

Would you believe it? Great, just great guys and girls !
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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#9 » Sun Jun 09, 2024 11:47 pm

3 weeks to farm the BiS jewelry and 49 weeks to wait again. It'd be like if sov or triumphant armor was only available 1 month of the year, everyone else gets stuck with vanq and invader.

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Re: 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule

Post#10 » Mon Jun 10, 2024 2:13 am

We love this game.

If the ring event comes back every year I don't find it to be a big deal. Every eighteen months would even be acceptable. I myself didn't know the status of it, so I have a weapon skill + armor pen ring just sitting in my inventory. I didn't know if the opportunity would ever come back, so now I can actually slot it on my Squig without feeling like I wasted it on an inferior toon.

Also it gives some clout to the crafting community. As an avid crafter it is often overlooked, and actively maligned even. Like forming a group it is a substantial reward for a modicum of effort.

Congratulations on ten years, here's to ten more.
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