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Patch Notes 24/06/2021

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Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#1 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 1:59 pm


Ranked Season 2 has started on Monday! With all the rewards revamped and prepared, you will be able to keep on battling your way to the top of the leaderboard until Monday September 13th. Once the season ends, the winners will be announced and the rewards will be sent out. It is important to note that we've made sure many people have a chance to win, not only the first teams/players. We've already teased some rewards, so let's dig deeper into them.

Season Rewards

All of these rewards will be available for both the winners of Ranked Solo and Ranked Group. Which means that both playstyles have been taken care of.

At the end of the season you will receive Triumphant Emblems based on your total ranking on the scoreboard, but also additional ones if you are among the top four players within your class.

The top players will receive additional Triumphant Emblems based on their leaderboard placement at the end of the season:

#1: 1000 Triumphant Emblems
#2: 950 Triumphant Emblems
#3: 900 Triumphant Emblems
#4: 850 Triumphant Emblems
#5: 800 Triumphant Emblems
#6: 750 Triumphant Emblems
#7: 700 Triumphant Emblems
#8: 650 Triumphant Emblems
#9: 600 Triumphant Emblems
#10: 550 Triumphant Emblems
#11: 500 Triumphant Emblems
#12: 495 Triumphant Emblems
#13: 490 Triumphant Emblems
# ...
#100: 55 Triumphant Emblems

The top players of each class will also receive additional Triumphant Emblems:

#1: 1000 Triumphant Emblems
#2: 750 Triumphant Emblems
#3: 500 Triumphant Emblems
#4: 250 Triumphant Emblems

There is also a new vendor in Altdorf and the Inevitable City that will sell unique mounts, unique trophies and unique new titles! As for the top players, who ranked between 1st and 10th position within each class, more rewards will be available for them. Some of these rewards are unique to those who placed 1st within their class.

New Purchasable Armor

The Triumphant armor set and Victorious armor set now have a new jewelry piece added. This is a slot 3 Jewelry piece that is able to harness stalwart talismans, just like the Sentinel jewelry. This means these sets will now have eight pieces in total, however they will only have set bonuses up to seven pieces. That being said, you can pick which pieces you want to use.

Each of these two rings will cost 2000 Triumphant Emblems and 50 Triumphant Insignias (new).

Triumphant Insignias is a new currency, you will receive one of them for winning a match in the following situations:
- Win a Ranked Group match
- Have an MMR of 1000 or more and win a Ranked Solo match

New Purchasable Reward Items

Ranked Quartermasters have been added in Altdorf and the Inevitable City. They sell trophies, new unique cloaks, mounts and more for Triumphant Emblems & Triumphant Insignias.

Some of the trophies and cloaks are unique and will be only available after the season if you place 1st to 3rd of your class in either Ranked Solo or Ranked Group.

They also sell 90 day mounts for 500 Triumphant Emblems & 20 Triumphant Insignias. Which mount you can buy depends on your race and class:

Greenskin: Wyvern
Dwarf: Rhinox
Empire: Imperial Heroes Warhorse
Chaos: Juggernaut of Khorne or Nurgle Warhorse
Magus: Midnight Arabian disc
Dark Elf: Dark Steed
High Elf: Unicorn or Strawberry Roan Charger

New User Interface

The ranked leaderboard interface has gotten a facelift thanks to Sullemunk and Halta. Apart from looking nicer, it also has the weekly ranked live event progress and rewards in the same interface.

The search functionality has also been improved to match on partial character names.

Improved Matchmaking

To get more fair and competitive matches the system will no longer match double SM or BO as such setups are lacking a single target knockback.

It will also avoid two DPS classes without access to incoming heal debuff on the same team.

However, it will allow 2 x mDPS vs 1 mDPS + 1 rDPS combinations now. It will still prefer games with same amount of rDPS & mDPS on both sides though. And any combination with 2 x rDPS on a team is blocked.

So the combinations it will create matches for are:
- 1 mdps + 1 rdps vs 1 mdps + 1 rdps
- 2 mdps vs 2 mdps
- 2 mdps vs 1 mdps + 1 rdps

Item changes

The 6pc bonus on the tank Victorious sets have changed from +5% Critical Damage to +12% Critical Damage.

The 4pc and 5pc bonuses on rDPS Triumphant sets have been swapped to match the order they are in on the Vanquisher sets.

In case you missed it

We've been steadily forging Season 2 for many months, while some of its mechanics have been already released in Season 1 and Pre-Season 2, here are the most notable changes:

- A new rating system
- Purchasable Stalwart Soulstones
- Purchasable Event Slot items
- Revamped weekly rewards with visible progress in the Tome of Knowledge
- New potions purchasable for ranked currency

Live Q&A - Saturday 3 July
Submit your questions

From June 24th till June 28th, you can share the questions that you have in your mind on this specific thread. You may submit more than one question, but please keep your questions clear and without any discussions.

On the 29th of June, the thread will be closed and the questions will be filtered to cover as many questions as possible within a logical amount of time. Lastly, on the 3rd of July, you will be able to hop-in and watch the team answer tens of questions, clarify several stuff and possibly tease upcoming content.

Weekend Warfront: Blood Basin


The blackened environs of Black Fire Pass are home to one of the bloodiest battles yet seen. The clash of steel on steel does little to drown out the screams of the wounded as Order and Destruction forces struggle for dominance in the blood-mired snow.

This weekend the Blood Basin will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 Friday to 12:00 Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Black Fire Basin scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

Realm versus Realm

- The amount of drops of Invader Shards & Royal Shards has been increased.


- Cow pies are back on the menu bois. You can find them as a rare surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Right where you would most expect them.


Due to some players having difficulty securing all the pieces of Beastlord Set Gear required for the new Vale-Walker set, we've updated the repeatable failsafe quest and associated rewards.

Be advised, each of the normal storyline quests will provide the gear and tokens you need for the set. This failsafe is only intended for players who have lost their gear or bugged out the storyline quests somehow.

As a reminder, the questgivers and vendors for these tokens are

Destruction - Druchii Beastmaster (21k 31.7k) in The Inevitable City at the Stables near mount vendors
Order - Ellyrion Herdmaster (19.5k 48.3k) in Altdorf in the War Quarter near mount vendors

Beastlord Hunt: Eternal
- This repeatable quest now rewards two tokens for killing all 5 of the current Beastlord Lair bosses.
- The cost for each piece of gear, along with the Beastlord Hunting Guide has been reduced to 3 tokens, down from 5.
- There is an additional 50g cost for replacing a piece of the set gear.
- The Beastlord Hunting Guide has no additional cost.

At worst, if you (for some desperate reason) needed to purchase all 6 pieces of Beastlord gear, you would need to kill all 5 lair bosses 9 times and spend 250 gold. So I suppose you would get pretty good at that by the time you finish. The vast majority of people affected are likely only missing one piece accidentally yeeted into the aether, which would be two rounds of lair boss killin' and 50g.


[19176] The Shadowclaw Terrors are once again attackable
[19191] Spirit of The Vale is now unattackable
[19192] This final PQ boss is once again attackable
[19152] Jewels can no longer be dyed using the option "Apply color scheme to all items" at the vendor
[18988] Bolster/de-bolster happening when entering/exiting BO/keep areas, which was causing a lag spike for players
[18547] Tooltip values of abilities for high level characters in T1 zones fixed


- Fixed issue causing far less ranked pops than it should create
- Fixed issue causing item boxes to not open
- Disabled pathing in Black Fire Basin for now due to issues on that map.

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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#2 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:15 pm

I hope you guys like the new designs, a lot of effort went into them!

Also if for any reason your Ranked UI seems a bit blurry, you can reset its scale to default with this command:
/script WindowSetScale("RoR_RankedLeaderboard",1)
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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#3 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:17 pm

Will there be rewards based on the current pre-season?
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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#4 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:20 pm

Thank you for everything you do! You are appreciated!
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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#5 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:23 pm

it seems items descriptions are not working

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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#6 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:23 pm

Bah, no nerfed button back
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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#7 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:42 pm

Nice patch.. Long life to Ranked matches

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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#8 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:47 pm

5 sovereign, 4 triumphant, 2 genesis is now BiS for most classes

if you don't play NA and can get more than one ranked match a month
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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#9 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:48 pm

Thank you for giving a horse to Dark Elves, and I guess the other ranked stuff is cool too.

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Re: Patch Notes 24/06/2021

Post#10 » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:56 pm

mogt wrote:
Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:42 pm
lol kpi, what is your problem? you can learn to play without NB or why you want a cheat mod back?
I can play well with all my characters without problem, but i only want the population back until the numbers before the nb block
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