Patch Notes 20/04/2023

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Patch Notes 20/04/2023

Post#1 » Thu Apr 20, 2023 12:38 pm

Weekend Warfront: Talabec Massacre


The forces of Destruction have struck deep into the heartland of the Empire, and in doing so they also threaten the autumn harvest. Some battles are won through bloodshed, others are won through starvation. The Empire has rallied its troops, and sent a plea for aid to its allies, in order to repel the invaders from Talabecland.

The Raven Host and its allies are threatening not only the harvest in Talabecland, but also the trade along the Talabec River. Control over the Talabec Dam is crucial to ensure that commerce and communication along the river remain undisrupted. Join your realm in the struggle over the Talabec Dam!

This weekend Talabec Massacre will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Talabec Dam scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

Realm versus Realm


- Joining a Scenario while in a friendly keep will no longer keep you unflagged for RvR when returning to the lake. This was never intended in the first place, so for the very few people who were abusing this to spy / gank afk players: only death awaits you now.

Combat and Careers
General Changes and Fixes

- Pets abilties will now show correctly if they have been toggled off.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with some Magus Disc not appearing.


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