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Chapter VII - The Crystal Deceit

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Chapter VII - The Crystal Deceit

Post#1 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:42 am


The hours had passed restlessly. Word had spread throughout the ranks the the Commander was missing; unease, suspicion, and ambitious hunger could be seen in the eyes of the troops as Ithilsyn passed through them to meet with the sisters of the Kadath Coven. Leaving the camp behind, she made her way to Poisonblade Heath where they had gathered to meet her. Sylleth, Ehlana, Vashirinth, Zharis, and her trusted second, Sildra, had come to learn more of what had come to pass.

"Greetings sisters."

"Seeress," they uttered respectfully, greeting the Coven leader in return, unspoken questions on their lips.

"I am sure that by now, word has reached you that the Commander has been taken." Rumour indeed had spread, and more than one sorceress looked at her curiously, wondering whether this feat had been of the Coven's design. A smirk played on Zharis' lips, which Ithilsyn was quick to quell with a hard stare in her direction.

"We had found a waystone close to Nimosar. Whilst undoing the wards, the Commander fell victim to some form of spell. I have grave concerns for his safety, and suspect that we have been waylaid into a trap designed to disrupt the invasion." Ithilsyn glanced at Vashirinth, Sildra, and Sylleth, before continuing. "The knowledge passed to us from those crystals. Remind me once again of what you saw?"

Not all of the Coven had been present during the discovery of a cluster of cloudy purple shards near a hidden pool. At the time they had seen to be a chance discovery; an opportunity to learn of thalken secrets, with knowledge stored in the glassy stones.

"I saw two towers, seeress. In flames", replied Vashirinth, “with a means to undo the wards guarding them. One tower appeared to be the White Tower of Hoeth. As to the other... I do not yet know.”

“I saw the power flowing through the waystones. Potential to channel their energy any way that I desired,” explained Sildra “and to shut them down at my bidding.”

Ithilsyn nodded quietly before looking at Sylleth. “I saw nothing, my lady.”

The seeress tapped her staff as she considered this, recalling the map, with the known waystones and grid charted across Ulthuan. The visions bestowed to her by the crystals were filled with portent, yet she was beginning to understand that these stones spoke to their ambition and arrogance.


“It would seem that these crystals were left there deliberately for us to find. Whilst they gifted us with a level of insight that we did not yet possess, not all of the knowledge bestowed was true. Thalken trickery!” she snarled, her brow furrowing into a frown. The sisters of the Coven murmured in surprise. “We were granted just enough knowledge to believe that we had begun to master their secrets. Leading us right into a trap.”

“So what now?” queried Ehlana.

“We must act with haste to recover the Commander. We take the risk of forfeiting our power should he grow suspicions that the Coven is working against him. A moot point, should he have perished. But we must do what we can to find him, and send a clear message to the Regiment that we work with them.”

Ithilsyn knew that there were those who would quite gladly see the leadership change hands. Treachery and intrigue were played by the Druchii as frequently as a child would play with a toy. With an Iron Writ behind him, it would be a mistake to see the orders of his Dread Highness, Malekith, compromised.

“I would bid you seek what knowledge you can. We must learn more about these stones. I shall speak with Telalis about mustering a search party.” She considered that it was likely they would be following a trail into catastrophe. There were those among the Regiment who had already suggested the Commander be left to his fate; that it was not worth risking an invading force for one Druchii. Of course, they were right. But there was more at stake here than the life of an Officer. Far more. They had to try.

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