[DoK] shields

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Re: [DoK] shields

Post#11 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:54 pm

SnB dok/WP best healers in PvE right now.
Other than that i see no use really.
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Re: [DoK] shields

Post#12 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 1:14 pm

Grace WP/Sacrifice DoK is incredible in scenarios too.
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Re: [DoK] shields

Post#13 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:23 pm

the have fundamentals flaw, such

1-need to spec off to make dmg upon his heal are based ( first crucifex, heal based on dmg are inconsistent or broken based on the modifier/gear)
2-if spec dmg for heal enough how cna he spec survive? he cant so the dilemma between balance off/defense
3-their max tank potential is no the one of a tank, therefore they need a guard....a healer require to be guard 100% of it's time mean 1 dps looe guard on top of being retarding dangerously ( 4 sec disarm / 3-5 sec KD...etc)

so it's probably fun; but it is inconsistently as a class and in conjunction with the rest of the game.

it also keep use a dated system of heal based on dmg done which never worked not even once, instead have melee skill simply heal for fix values like any other healing spell and the heal component still going on even if you miss the target (which was tested and proved to work altought it was in conjunction with op meccani when we had ".ab test mode". Plus it cant heal in siege (which is exatly why dok/wp recived a chalice/book in first place...)

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Re: [DoK] shields

Post#14 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:35 pm

Panodil wrote:
Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:54 pm
SnB dok/WP best healers in PvE right now.
Other than that i see no use really.
You know what would make them better? If subtlety worked with lifetap heals, too many annoying times in BS are there close calls cause of aggro management from lifetap heals

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Re: [DoK] shields

Post#15 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:51 am

peterthepan3 wrote:
Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:07 pm
DPS DOK is anything but a 'weak dps', so I don't know how you're playing it, but you must be playing it wrong.

Btw haven't noticed any 'top' mDoK/mWP leaving as there were never that many in the first place.

Don´t even get me started with you Peterchen 🤦‍♂️
You did enough damage to the game and community.

Definitely not going into a debate with you. Not worth the time.
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Re: [DoK] shields

Post#16 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:02 am

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