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Regarding Global Cooldowns

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Re: Regarding Global Cooldowns

Post#131 » Mon Aug 15, 2022 7:31 pm

Haojin wrote: Mon Aug 15, 2022 11:20 am it's mind blowing that nobody gives a single **** about channels being buffed heavly.

with the new 1.5 sec gcd, every channel ticks under 1.5 seconds (most likely all of them) will be countered by %30-35 slower heals. when you prebuff your channels with abilities/morales, it's already rip for the healers.

not mentioning that how many abilities you were able to cast under certain buffs/morales before the change. many of the buffs/morales nerfed by %30 with the change, wonder if they ever going to fine tuning the stuff for the new GCD. to sum up;

-every channel tick under 1.5 seconds should be increased.
-every buff/morale duration times should be increased. (mostly the ones ≤10)
Honestly, I think if this is fixed it'll be better off.
Channels had a NASTY bug before where you could jump and get double ticks in some high ping situations due to how the channel would react to pushbacks.

It resulted in about the same throughput, but you had to bug it out. Now it's guaranteed throughput and channels can be tuned down.


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