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[Submit your idea] - New scenarios & mechanics

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Re: [Submit your idea] - New scenarios & mechanics

Post#61 » Fri Jul 29, 2022 4:05 pm

a flat open plain with a single mid point that everyone fights over. no flags

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Re: [Submit your idea] - New scenarios & mechanics

Post#62 » Sat Jul 30, 2022 12:19 pm

Just a little poke about the weekend sc. It not been working great with updates, information about coming event sc. This weekend is also a total flop with no information at all about weekends sc. The weekend sc came, could not join in a bigger grp than 3. Then there is no 2x xp/rr as said in the tome book. At least I see no buff, and experience no 2x rr so I skip doing scs this weekend since its not worth it.

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Re: [Submit your idea] - New scenarios & mechanics

Post#63 » Sat Dec 31, 2022 3:20 am

  • RR brackets to somewhat mirror T2-T4 brackets (rr>40, rr41-60, rr61-80, rr80+)
This might create a much better balance in the matches, even if it's pug vs premade.

  • Ranking up a keep would create solid impassible barricades across sections of the map to funnel the fighting to a focal point on your side.
This might give players more incentive to help work together in an area to increase the rank of the keep. It should help prevent 'zerging', ambushes and create a tug-of-war battle front!

  • At rank 5, your keep should allow a single siege tower to be spawned outside it, and the tower could be dragged to the enemy keep to allow attackers to actually attack the keep).
  • Defenders should be given means to slow or temporarily disable siege equipment with traps.
A trap could be something you buy and place by dragging from your keep and setting up, where it becomes invisible to enemy players

  • Cuz it's fun!

  • It would be nice if the ork city sold squig versions of the potions :) I don't like swillin dat elfy n' ummie crud...

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Re: [Submit your idea] - New scenarios & mechanics

Post#64 » Wed Jan 25, 2023 9:42 am

Scenario: Karak Dum

Setting: Indoor like Pyramid of Settra but theme like a dark Logrins Forge, K8P and KaK with tunnels and ways to play tactical. So you can try to avoid direct fights or try to find them.

Mechanic: some mixture of Battle for Praag, Dragons Bane and City Siege Stage 3 - you can capture different spots (3 or 5). BOs do not lock and can be taken back by the enemy. In one central spot there are fighting one dwarfen High King and a Deamon that you can dps. Or summon as support to fight. Points granted for holding BOs, kill enemys and dps on enemy Hero. Maybe introduce PvE Patrols of Dwarfs and Beastmen like in Lotd to try more balance and nerve winning site when it is kind of 200 - 0 before surrender.

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Re: [Submit your idea] - New scenarios & mechanics

Post#65 » Wed Jan 25, 2023 9:52 am

afaik we do not have any SC yet with a mechanic like city stage 2: defending an nps that is moving. i can imagine something like a sled with supplies that moves through an area and needs to be defended. or something like counterstrike, one side has to free hostages and the other side needs to plant a bomb.

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