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Swift Assist Guide + Enemy integration

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Swift Assist Guide + Enemy integration

Post#1 » Sat May 12, 2018 3:28 pm

Some may realise Swift Assist is a powerful addon, but most people that I`ve noticed have no clue that addon exist, dont know how to use it or even dont see a point and dont even bother to understand meaning of /assist command.

1. What is /assist

Its simple ingame command to show your current Friendly`s Target target (u see what someone else is attacking).
The role of that is focus two or more people dps on same target to kill it quickly and move on to the next. I think I dont have to explain why its better to attack same target with few friends instead of attacking different targets separetely.

2. Advantage Swift Assist over simple /assist macro.

Besically to use /assist you need to click someone, press that macro and if need change assist click someone else.
What Swift Assist change is that you can also mouseover anyone in Warband/Party UI frame or even mouseover someone around you and its name shows on your screen. Optionally you can pronounce who you assist via /party /scenario or /warband channel.

3. Downloading and installation

and paste zip file into

Code: Select all

XXX\Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning\Interface\AddOns\
Open RoR client and ingame press escape and pick Customize Interface, tab Interface, click Mods/Addons,
find Swift Assist on a list of addons and tick it and close window.


Now again press escape, press macros:


Addon created 3 macros, ignore totally 1st icon from left,
2nd icon - hold click and drag on a skill bar and use it whenever you want to choose someone to assist.
Pick someone you want to assist, whatever its someone next to you, someone in a party or warband (you can even just mouseover that person - you dont need to see him)
This will show up:


You can move that element around your screen by opening esc/Castomize Interface/Interface and click edit layout.
3rd icon - also hold click and drag on skill bar in a very convinient place because you gonna spam it. Use it to see Enemy Target of person you choose with 2nd icon to assist. Sometimes you need to spam it to see how quickly assisted person switch targets. You will see current assisted person target only if you click 3rd icon, so do it very often:) Remember, his target will show as yours only if that target is within your range.

4. Pronouncing assisted person in channel.

You can use

Code: Select all

/swiftassist announcesetassist warband
(it will use party channel if you are not in warband)

Code: Select all

/swiftassist announcesetassist scenario
to pronounce who you assist in channel chat.
Also you can choose what channel chat is saying by editing SwiftAssist.lua.
You can find that file in/Warhammer online/Interface/Addons/Swift-Assist/
Find line:

Code: Select all

if serverCmd then SendChatText(L"<icon193> ",serverCmd) end
and type what you want to see in channel replacing XXX.

Code: Select all

if serverCmd then SendChatText(L"<icon193> XXX",serverCmd) end
Its not nessesary, but more handy instead of pronouncing only Swift Assist icon and someones name:)

5. Swift Assist + Enemy Mark

Even if u see name of person you assist sometimes its hard to find him around you.
We can fix that combining both macros into one.

2nd icon uses

Code: Select all

/script SwiftAssist.SetAssist()
Enemy Marks

Code: Select all

/script Enemy.MarksToggle(X)
where X is a number of mark you want to use. Lets use 1st one.

We need to create new macro, use esc/macro and pick icon, name it and paste into macro text window:

Code: Select all

/script SwiftAssist.SetAssist();

Now, replace Swift Assist 2nd icon on your skill bar with just created macro,
edit Enemy Mark right clicking it/edit and make sure option "unique" is ticked, rest is up to you.
Everytime you pick someone to assist coloured arrow will show above its head.

I hope it will help a bit.
Good luck and happy hunting:)
Edit: Remember to restart game or use /rel command after all setup to save that you did, if u crash settings wont save and you have to start over again.
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Re: Swift Assist Guide + Enemy integration

Post#2 » Sat May 12, 2018 6:20 pm

Thanks a lot. Combining both is a great boon.

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Re: Swift Assist Guide + Enemy integration

Post#3 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:25 pm

Thanks a ton, been trying to avoid enemy intercoms and still having a lable. Perfect solution right here.

Edit: Doesn't actually do what I needed foremost, which is mark the actual target. Marking the assisted is a nice-to-have as well, though.
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Re: Swift Assist Guide + Enemy integration

Post#4 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:55 pm

Gawd I do love an excellent write-up. Well done.

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