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Guide: Character Restoration

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Guide: Character Restoration

Post#1 » Sat Jun 01, 2024 3:56 pm

We have had the ability to restore characters for some time now. Our initial need for this function was in restoring characters that had suddenly disappeared as the result of a severe bug. That bug has long since been fixed, and we retained the ability to restore characters under specific situations.

As players have realized restorations are possible we have had many new requests, but our internal guidelines had not yet been made public. As such the following is a formalized process and requirement for the public to follow.

WHO can request a character restoration?
- Deleted Characters that have reached Rank 40
- Players that have no serious offenses on their permanent record.

WHY can I request a character restoration?
- You've accidentally deleted your character despite walking through the confirmation steps preventing this
- Someone else has maliciously deleted your character and you've taken precautions to prevent this in the future
- Your character has gone suddenly missing and you have a bugreport open for it

WHEN can I request a character restoration?
- Within 7 days of the character being deleted

HOW MANY characters can I request to be restored?
- One. If you need more than one character restored, pick the highest priority character and list it first.

HOW can I request a character restoration?

- Look up your character on the Armory. Find the numbers at the end of the URL (example: //armory/character/9037575 <- we need the 9037575)
-- if your character does not exist on the armory, we CAN NOT restore it.

- Send an email to [email protected]
-- This must be sent FROM the email that has control of the account.

- Explain WHO, WHEN, and WHY your character needs to be restored.
Provide the Character Name and ID number from the Armory.
Be explicit about WHEN the character was deleted.
If you have multiple characters, list the MOST IMPORTANT character and ID on the first line.

to: [email protected]
from: [email protected]

Hello GM Team!

Please restore my character Somegirl R40 - ID 9037575
and also Somedude R40 - ID 9037578

I accidentally deleted them last night when I meant to delete Someguy and Somegal
[email protected] for exploits and cheaters. Some old WAR blog


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