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Please, click the button below to start downloading Warhammer Online.
Start RoRInstaller.exe(extract them first if needed) that will download all files automatically and you will be able to use
your website account in the RORLauncher.exe to login!


Alternate Installer - Alternate Link 2 - WeTransfer


- "I only have a Data folder and RoRInstaller.exe - is it wrong?" - It is 100% fine, just start the RoRInstaller.exe.

- "My launcher keeps getting stuck or button is greyed out?" - Try restartng your launcher a couple of times if it gets through.

- Make sure the Files you downloaded are not blocked or not set as read-only by windows ( Right Click - Properties )

- It is recommended to add an exception to your Firewall / Anti-virus Software
if you have trouble running or installing the game

- We recommend installing Warhammer Online in a Root Drive
such as straight to C:/ReturnofReckoning

- Looking to replace your old RoRLauncher? You can download the new version here.

- For advanced troubleshooting, please visit our detailed Windows Troubleshooting Guide.

Welcome to Return of Reckoning

Please review the Terms of Use

The GM Team is active, and their sole responsibility is upholding the rules on the server.

Sanctions on your account for breaking our rules will range from warnings verbal or written,
temporary chat or scenario bans, or removal from the game entirely.

We expect the vast majority of people will find our server a pleasant place to play.
If someone is being unpleasant, please do contact a GM via the report functions in-game,

Private Message on the forums, or in our Discord directly. They are happy to enforce the rules.

If you still haven't created an account for Return of Reckoning,
you can do so now by clicking the link below!