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mara or choppa to trio with BO and Sham

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mara or choppa to trio with BO and Sham

Post#1 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:16 am

Im gonna be playing with a BO and Sham which is best for the trio mara or choppa give reasons please

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Re: mara or choppa to trio with BO and Sham

Post#2 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:23 am

It really should be DOK/Zealot instead of Shaman, I don't think choppa and mara synergizes well with Shaman.

For Choppa and Mara, DOK (DPS Covenants) and zealot (Armor buff) are really helpful for melee.

The best thing to pair with Shaman is probably Tank/Havoc Magus because Magus AND IT'S PET, specially the blue pet which deals a lot of damage if you place it correcly, can actually make use of elemental resist debuff. Not to mention, with the BO reducing Magus cds meaning you can use AoE DOTS more often and etc for example, Magus is easily the best pick to synergize with BO and Shaman. But then again if the Shaman knows how to charge passive, then those 1.5 second group heals are really insane no matter which class Shaman is with. Sad not many Shaman sees the openings to charge heals with class mechanics.

On topic: If you are looking for small scale, go Marauder because Marauder can actually 1v1 better than Choppa (And that monstro regen is ACTUALLY really nice in small scale), but in large scale go Choppa. I'd say Magus/Mara life is easier than Choppa.

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Re: mara or choppa to trio with BO and Sham

Post#3 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:14 pm

My honest response would be pick which you like more: playstyle, look or feel...

Marauder is very fun solo or in small groups, but less so and less to do in larger war bands. Overall I think they require less support to be viable- you have mutations and things to keep yourself alive a bit longer

Choppa is more useful in larger warbands for the pull. Requires a bit more support in small groups as their class mechanic will result in taking more dmg at the cost of dealing more dmg.

The normal issues of solo’ing Choppa won’t be an problem for you since your playing with a group.. both can be very fun but I’d pick Choppa to keep the green skin theme going with your group.

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Re: mara or choppa to trio with BO and Sham

Post#4 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:55 pm

All can work. For a trio, you need a very high level choppa to be effective, since it will die a fair bit. That's probably true for all characters though.

If you go choppa, all three of you could join Freebootas Guild who run very nice six mans, but single target Mara would probably be the more natural choice if you want to do some ganking.

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