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Patch Notes 17/03/2023

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Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#1 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 7:39 am

Live Event: Wild Hunt

Every year Orion's rebirth in the Wood Elf realm of Athel Loren marks the start of Spring. With Orion's rebirth the Wild Hunt begins, as elves across Athel Loren join the King in the Woods in riding forth and purging the forest of its enemies. This is all done as an offering to the elven God of the Hunt, Kurnous. Enemies of Kurnous beware, for you may become an offering during the Wild Hunt.

Travel to Ellyrion, the kingdom beloved by Kurnous, and find the Vale Vines to his inner sanctum, the Hunter's Vale. During the Wild Hunt, some may be lucky enough to catch sight of the White Stag as it wanders along the southern coast and ranges of Ulthuan. Join the Wild Hunt in honour of Kurnous and prove to the Lord of the Hunt if you are worthy of being a hunter, or the prey.

This event will run between noon March 17th and noon March 27th Altdorf (Server) time.

Basic: [Stag Skull Trophy]
Advanced: [Bleeding Hart Charm] (Check the armoury for other variants)
Elite: [Blessed Hide of Kurnous] Preview here, or the Deepwood Cloak at the top of the gallery here

Quest Rewards: The Stag of Kurnous or the Stag of Isha (or the Daemonwood Disc for the Magus), live-event themed limited time mounts. You can preview the Mounts here and Magus Disc here. ( Note: The Magus disc is temporarily bugged and its appearance will be fixed soon!)

We would like to thank our artists for their continued contributions to RoR. Thanks to their efforts we were able to introduce a new magus disc designed around the live event theme, a new Stag of Isha mount along with its saddle, a newly textured trophy for Order (based on an untextured asset), a new cloak, and new icons.

Dungeon: Hunter's Vale

The time of year has come when all the young hunters of Ulthuan travel to the Annulii Mountains to prove their worth in the eyes of Kurnous, the Lord of the Hunt. As the High Elves prepare to slay mighty beasts in offering to Kurnous, the Dark Elves begin their own hunt. The druchii do so not to please Kurnous, but to show who reigns as the top predator in Ulthuan.

In response to player feedback, the RoR team wanted to use the Wild Hunt as an opportunity to give a slight update to the Hunter's Vale dungeon, or rather the Vale-Walker set in particular.

- Vale-Walker Gear can now be acquired in 4 runs of the Dungeon, instead of the previous 7-step timed quest. If you have the old quest chain, please abandon it and take the new quests.

- Vale-Walker Gear quests are now repeatable, just in case you destroy or lose your existing pieces. Quests are located outside the dungeon entrance.

- Vale-Walker Gear has had stats and set bonuses improved for a number of classes. Click Spoiler tag for more details:
- Tank sets have had Block changed into Parry/Dodge/Disrupt on pieces, and Block changed into Parry on the Set Bonus
- Tank gloves have slightly less stats than before, Tank belt has +2 toughness (balanced these with the other classes)
- Tank 7-piece armor shred has increased (Note: We might adjust this armor shred value down a bit, it's pretty high)

- MDPS has had the Parry Stikethrough changed into Melee Crit
- MDPS and WP/DoK 7-piece bonus is now: On Defense, 25% chance to increase parry, dodge, disrupt by 10% for 10s

- RDPS has had the Dodge strikethrough changed into Ranged Crit

- Magic RDPS 6-piece bonus is now: On Hit: 25% chance to reduce targets Willpower by 118 while increasing your Intelligence by 118 for 10s

- All: The HP regen on the ring has been removed, the ring now has 1% crit reduction for all classes, and the ring can now be placed into any slot

- The Vale-Walker accessory item no longer has HP Regen, but it can now be placed in any accessory slot, and has no restriction.

Live Event Quests

This year's Wild Hunt includes new quests to acquire your sacred-stag mounts. These quests are broken up into four brackets based on your character level and have different tasks accordingly. Make sure to read any text in all-caps. Additionally, there is a repeatable quest requiring players to beat the Hunter's Vale, with unique limited-time prizes. All quests are available from Live-Event related NPCs: Hethoac Evertrue in the Altdorf Market Square, or Karalith Raemari in the Inevitable City Apex.

Live Event Shoppe & New Dyes

Ah beautiful colors, what would the world be without beautiful colors? Better without blinding yellow no doubt. This Wild Hunt we are happy to introduce 32 new colors to RoR, two of which are spec-tacular dyes which may make a leprechaun out of a dwarf. Ten of these new dyes are added permanently in the game as drops from the Hunter's Vale bosses; four new optional heroes have been added to Hunter's Vale for those seeking to expand their dye pursuits. The remaining dyes, along with some unique items, are available at the live event vendor. Trophies are displayed in this link for your convenience. In the spirit of the Wood Elves, all good things are fleeting, cherish them while you can. Order players can find Thealyn Rosethorn in the Altdorf Market. Destruction players can find Rakaan Savageblood in the Inevitable City Apex.

Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor, but please note it may take a few days before the add-on is updated. These colors were inspired largely from official publications, such as the Wood Elf 8th Ed. army book.

Weekend Warfront: Isha's Sorrow


The once tranquil grounds of the Temple of Isha are soaked in the blood of WAR. Once again the armies of Malekith have amassed upon the Lost Temple of Isha. In years long past two brothers, Tyrion and Teclis, forced their enemies from the temple. Tyrion it was who slew Poisonblade, the Witch King's champion, while Teclis accomplished a feat matched by no hero then or since.

The Lost Temple of Isha scenario is open again for characters of all levels! Should the forces of Destruction complete all of their tasks and successfully desecrate the Temple of Isha they will be awarded with the title of "Sorrowmonger" while those amongst the armies of Order who manage to successfully defend the temple and complete their tasks will find themselves dubbed as "Isha's Champion".

This weekend Isha's Sorrow will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Lost Temple of Isha scenario, and extra rewards and titles from completing the event tasks.

Twitch Drops:

The drop campaigns are scheduled for the following times:

Day One: Friday 17/03 - 11:00AM UTC to Saturday 18/03 - 11AM UTC
Day Two: Saturday 18/03 - 11:00AM UTC to Sunday 19/03 - 11AM UTC
Day Three: Sunday 19/03 - 11:00AM UTC to Monday 20/03 - 11AM UTC
Day Four: Friday 24/03 - 11:00AM UTC to Saturday 25/03 - 11AM UTC
Day Five: Saturday 25/03 - 11:00AM UTC to Sunday 26/03 - 11AM UTC
Day Six: Sunday 26/03 - 11:00AM UTC to Monday 27/03 - 11AM UTC


Everyday, you will be able to claim up to 4 rewards by watching one or more eligible streamers for a cumulative total of up to 2 hours.

If you'd like to read more about Twitch Drops and how they work, please checkout this thread.

Green Reward box - 15 Minutes Watch Time
This box will drop everyday, will contain only 1 reward based on RNG.

-10 gold
-5 Altdorf/IC guild scrolls
-10 fireworks
Blue Reward Box - 30 Minutes Watch Time
This box will drop everyday, will contain only 1 reward based on RNG.

-72h renown potion
-beastial token
-"The Vale Watcher" Title
Orange Reward Box - 60 Minutes Watch Time
This box will drop everyday, will contain only 1 reward based on RNG
-10 War Crests
-20 gold
-Crate of Fresh liniments (Contains 2 Liniments)
Day-Specific Rewards - 60 minutes watch time (120m total)
17/3 - No 4th Reward
18/3 - Bag of 50 Gold
19/3 - 60 War Crests
24/3 - 30 day Aegis
25/3 - Stalwart Soulstone
26/3 - Forgotten box of Talisman
To claim your rewards, please visit

New Survey: Night of Murder

Most players will have the opportunity to participate in a Survey regarding our recent Night of Murder Live Event as you enter your capital city.

We'll combine responses from the feedback thread and the in-game survey together, so we appreciate your thoughts on what you liked, any things you didn't like, and any other comments you'd like to share with us.


- The respawn timer of Kamilla the Decayed, Renatta Betz, and Lady Alisha have been lowered from 2 hours to 30 minutes in order to be more player-friendly for the changed Hunter-armor-set quests. Remember, kill credit goes to the party, so party up!


- Minor note from a guilty git - when the armor appearance rework was done back in 2020, someone forgot to update Hunter and include it in the appearance guide. That someone has fixed this, though Tracker now shares an appearance with T1 sets despite being a Tier 2 set. When we look into Tier 2 armor sets, this will be fixed.

Dye Vendor

- Chainmail Grey, Fortress Grey, Graveyard Earth, Bone Brown, and Bestial Brown now sell for 5 silver in the dye vendor interface. This is in response to player feedback that the lack of any cheap dye options made it hard for new players to begin their colorful journey. They may not be the prettiest colors, but looking fabulous always comes at a cost.

Tier 1 Update - Phase 1: Armor Set Rework

We've fully reworked tier 1 armor sets to improve the new player experience, and to better prepare players for fights after level 15. This process took two observations into mind: First, the T2+ PvP experience is often coupled with mixing sets for different combinations of set bonuses. To teach players earlier that they can mix sets to get multiple set bonuses, we've increased T1 sets to 3-pieces. Decimator and Braggart now have a belt, while Hunter and Carnage have gloves. The new pieces are not part of the ward system at this time.

Second, we've observed that many new players join RoR due to an interest in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, but are perhaps PvP-shy players and prefer to PvE until they feel daring enough to try PvP. Unfortunately, most PvE rewards make these players ill-suited to face better geared players using RvR sets, making their PvP experience more difficult and making it unlikely that they will continue to try PvP.

Until now, PvE rewards were vastly inferior to PvP rewards - we aim to change this going forward. We've now finished updating Tier 1 influence rewards, and have begun analyzing Tier 1 quests in order to improve their rewards, but this will take some time. For now, we've increased the item level and stats of Carnage, and fixed any item level discrepancies in Tier 1 sets (along with irregularities where some classes had more/fewer stats than others). Below are the changes:

- Decimator remains an item-level 11 set. Its boots have had their armor slightly increased, along with minor stat adjustments. The 2-piece set bonus as been increased from +14 to +18.

- Braggart remains an item-level 11 set. Its boots have had their armor slightly increased, along with minor stat adjustments. The 2-piece set bonus has been increased from +14 to +18.

- Hunter has been increased from an item-level of 8 to 10, resulting in increased stats on the boots and a decrease in stats on the chest piece, as it was far too strong for its level. The quest to acquire Hunter gear has been reworked to make this set more accessible. (More on this in the Quest section.) Hunter gear is no longer salvageable due to the nature of the new quest.

- Carnage has been increased from an item-level of 5 to 9. This has resulted in stat and armor increases. As Carnage was likely to be one of the first sets a player acquired, we have removed the 'power' stats from these sets to keep things straightforward for new players.

Analyzing and improving the Tier 1 Armor sets and Chapter Influence rewards concludes Phase 1 of our Tier-1 Update. As mentioned above, we hope to continue on to Phase 2 or 3 with our revised quest rewards, but this will take some time as there are hundreds of quests in Tier 1. Phase 2 or 3? Yes, because we have some other plans for the Tier 1 PvE experience we hope to unveil this year. We will of course carry on this work into higher tiers with time, but our database team are very sleep-deprived and need a little break.

We understand that the majority of RoR's community are here for the PvP, and we believe that to grow our population it's in everyone's best interest to improve the PvE experience, especially in the lower tiers. Players who come for the PvE and try the PvP can learn to love PvP, but PvPing in your white +3 strength chest with a +2 talisman is not the best way to be competitive.


- Quests to acquire Hunter Gear have been improved, as the low intensity of fights in some zones made these quests hard to complete. To make this set more accessible, we've made a new repeatable quest for the Hunter set pieces obtainable from NPCs in each race's Tier 1 warcamp. These quests now require killing enemies of a particular race in Tier 1 maps (including scenarios Nordenwatch, Gates of Ekrund, and Khaine's Embrace), and a Tier 1 lair boss. Details on the new quests to get Hunter Gear can be found by clicking the spoiler tag:
--- New quest "Hunters of the Blighted Isle" can be acquired from Canra Scarblade (D) in the Cynathai Span warcamp, or Sora Lightedpath (O) in the Tor Aendris warcamp in the Blighted Isle. This quest rewards the Hunter's chest piece.

--- New quest "Hunters of the Dragonback Mountains" can be acquired from Crooktoof da Wise (D) in the Screeb's Stunty Killin' Camp warcamp in Mount Bloodhorn, or Gaul Grimbeard (O) in the Grudgekeg's Guard warcamp in Ekrund. This quest rewards the Hunter's boots.

--- New T1 quest "Hunters of the Sea of Claws" can be acquired from Brada Ravenhelm (D) in the Blessed Gathering warcamp, or Quintin Hess (O) in the Arnholdt's Company warcamp in Nordland. This quest rewards the Hunter's gloves.
- The repeatable Destruction quests in Mount Gunbad ("Dat so-and-so's Threat") have had their dye rewards updated.

- The 7-step "The Hunter's Vale" questline has had its first step deactivated. You can still complete the other steps if you have them, but you can no longer start this quest.

Tier 1 Influence Re-work

Dwarf and Greenskin Chapters 1-4 Influence Rewards have been fully upgraded! You can now get both main spec and off-spec gear for Chapter influence, as well as Blue Rarity gear for Elite rewards and a new Purple Rarity Helm in Chapter 4.

Additionally, Empire and Chaos Chapter 1-4 Influence Rewards have had their stats increased slightly to match the newly updated Elf and Dwarf/Greenskin rewards.

This completes the T1 Influence Re-work which we began last year. If community feedback is positive, we may continue to upgrade further Chapter rewards down the line.

Bug Fixes

- The Night of Murder portals into Cities within T4 warcamps are now properly gone... at least until next year.

- The Hunter set has been added to the armory page in the Tome of Knowledge.

- Challenger Gear now properly requires the Recruit ward to equip.

[20722] - The Vines in the Hunter's Vale Dungeon will now properly destroy and raise again.

[20732] - The "Portal of Rage" quest in Bastion Stair now allows Order players to get the same jewelry pieces as Destruction players.

[20737] - Bandit's Pummelers for Marauder now properly appear as gloves instead of boots.

[20738] - Grim Pummelers for Marauder now properly appear as gloves instead of boots.

[20739] - Pummelers of Treachery for Marauder now properly appear as gloves instead of boots.

[20740] - Pummelers of the Wisp for Marauder now properly appear as gloves instead of boots.

[20766] - The quest "Grip of Darkness" is now properly accessible only to Order players.

[20767] - The quest "Bloom of Hope" is now properly accessible only to Order players.

[20769] - Additional guard has been added to Order Chapter 19 camp.

[20770] - Fixed out-of-map terrain issue within Bastion Stair.

[20784] - HP Potions given for the RR80 Milestone quests will now immediately stack into your inventory, instead of needing to update themselves after 30 seconds.

[20788] - Chosen's Rare Fortune Chestpiece now properly displays.

[20790] - Public Quest "Bloody Savages" in the Badlands now properly gives War Tokens, and correct crafting rewards.

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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#2 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:10 am

Huge patch, thanks for your work!
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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#3 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:56 am

Any place where we can look to new Vale-Walker Gear stats and set bonuses?)

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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#4 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:57 am

nice patch. i really like tier 1 updates, hopefully it will improve player retention.

p.s. and hope we get tier2&3 updated in the future as well :D

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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#5 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:13 am

Very impressive! I hope the team's dedication to QoL for new players helps bring more of them into this great game.
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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#6 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:24 am

ReturnOfReckoning wrote: Fri Mar 17, 2023 7:39 am - The Vale-Walker accessory item no longer has HP Regen, but it can now be placed in any accessory slot, and has no restriction.
Sounds like meta-changing thing. You can (probably) use something else instead of 2p genesis now. Interesting...

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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#7 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:26 am

Just a quick question - is deepwood cloak dyeable?

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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#8 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:30 am

Azhag wrote: Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:10 am Huge patch, thanks for your work!
yes now lets do pve slacker !

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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#9 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:40 am

Thanks for the patch, much appreciated!
I'm glad the RoR Team is Also keeping the PvE Content in mind since I joined RoR a few weeks ago mainly for the PvE Content and Warhammer lore (though I begin to enjoy the RvR as well :-)).

Would be great to see any new zones like Karaz-A-Karak in the future though I'm aware that this would taks huge efforts. Just wanted to say that there are also players out there who enjoy RoR for it's PvE content :-)

Thanks again for your outstanding work!

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Re: Patch Notes 17/03/2023

Post#10 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 10:05 am

Why so much offensive gear sets locked out in PvE even though WAR is PvP game?

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